Sorry for the late post, it’s been a long day!  It ended well, but had a poor start, this was my breakfast:


I also had an unphotographed slice of cheese pizza for lunch.  I almost never buy lunch so it’s a major inconvenience to be doing it twice in the first week of my Thanksgiving challenge!

I stayed at school until 6 working, and I’m pretty happy with everything I got done.  I walked with Ms. N to the train, which was good because daylight savings has made things very dark!  When I got home I made a small bowl of leftover pasta topped with a little parm cheese.


I had a pretty small serving, so I knew I’d need a snack later on.  Unfortunatly I didn’t get any school work done – I was reading my book on the way home on the train and I could not stop!  I read it as I walked the blocks home, sat outside my stoop reading for 10minutes, then came in and finished it up.  I was reading What the Dickens, by Gregory Maguire, one of my favorite authors.  This was my least favorite of his books and it was still great!

A and I also did our grocery run for the next week.  We also bought some on-sale items ahead of time.  For $36 (with coupons!) this was our haul, new york prices, Ouch!


Including our random purchases, that pushes us up to almost $50 this first week!  I also realized while I was unpacking the grocery that we have waaaay less chicken in our freezer than I previously thought.  I’m becoming worried about how successful we will be.  If nothing else, I’m vowing to carry my Sigg everywhere for the next 3 weeks so I don’t have to pay for drinks.

I was ravenous, so I ate a Mission Figlet while I unpacked the groceries.


Followed by a new variety of Greek Gods Greek yogurt; lowfat vanilla orange cinnamon.


And finally a 1/2C of Kashi Go Lean with skim milk topped with a sprinkle each chocolate chips and unsweetened frozen coconut. 


I’m still a bit hungry but it’s time for bed.  I will see you snoozers super early in the morning!


2 Responses to Uh-Oh

  1. Sharon says:

    I love grocery shopping! Great eats, btw.

    And yes, I hate how it’s so dark, so early. Good to have a walking buddy!

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