Perks and Desserts

Today was completely work free and completely glorious!  I did some to-do’s, but nada for school.  For fun activity #1 A and I saw Role Models.  Loved it!  The overuse of the f-word in these movies thrills me 🙂  In keeping with the challenge I packed my own movie snacks.


A big baggie of carrots and small baggie of dark chocolate snowcaps.  (I also brought one of my last cans of diet coke plus)  Look at the Super Carrot A found in the bag while he packed my snacks.


Later in the afternoon I finally went to the gym!  My foot feels a teensy bit better, though I’m still trying to go to the doctor, my flu is pretty much over, and my body is craving exercise.  Gym time is going to by my number one goal this month.  I did a 45minutes pilates class followed by a quick mile on the treadmill.

I’ve seen several other ‘challengers’ enjoy free work food – soda from the break room, Kath and Jenna are at an Oatmeal conference, etc.  My job is pretty much reward-free, but I finally found my perk: I got a $taples gift card in the mail!  A and I used to buy some snacks, which felt silly but fun.


The pretzels are for A and the mints are for school but the other stuff is mine.  I’ve been eyeing that variety bag for almost a month!  I had to eat one.


For dinner I had a small bowl of pumpkin pasta leftovers while I crossed off some to-do’s.


Topped with a little parm cheese.  And then it was time for dessert!

This was A’s wedding gift certificate pick from WilliamSonoma last week.


So we made cupcakes!


I doubt I will eat any of these, I’m not really a red velvet fan, but I did make some of my own choice,


I honestly think the home mix of this is better than what you get in the restaurant (I’ve only been once though, so correct me if I’m wrong!).  I used extra ice, so it made a ton!


I’m enjoying myself immensely, and A and I are about to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall (a favorite movie) while we eat our sweets.  I’ll see you all bright and early in the am, have a sweet night all!


3 Responses to Perks and Desserts

  1. Maggie says:

    Those cupcakes!!! Yum!

    And I love that peppermint bark chocolate…. one of the best things about the holidays 🙂

  2. VeggieGirl says:


  3. Hangry Pants says:

    I went to Serendipity once when I was a little kid and got the biggest sundae i ever remember eating. It had gooey marhsmallows. Anyway, I love their forzen hot chocolate, too, but the lines there are INSANE.

    Cute cupcakes. How did you do those little dots on them?

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