A Worktastic Recap

I need to start this morning off by going back to yesterday morning (but it needs to be quick, I’ve still got work to do).

I had to start the day with a pecan pie chocolate!


Then A and I decided to use our free meal for the week because we will be in PA this weekend, we went to Stone Park Cafe for breakfast!


There was a 30minute wait so we walked around 5th for a while, even stopping by this new farmers’ market!


We also shared this tea.


Stone Park Cafe had a great sounding menu, we want to go back soon to try the other choices, but I settled on the Pan Seared Bluefish Cake.



I didn’t eat the slaw, but I shared with A and we devoured it!  The toast was sourdough, my favorite.

A and I split up and I headed over to Ozzies to work on my grading.  I had a medium skim cappuccino and a spice cookie while I worked.


I went home around 5 for more work.  Things were going well, and I was even going to go to the gym, until I realized Staples closed an hour earlier than I thought and I had to run around like a chicken with my head cut off to get my copies done!

We made Mexican Rice Bowls for dinner.  It’s really not a “recipe,” but they’re yummy.


  • stew four portions of chicken, I added apple cider vinegar to the boiling water
  • cook four portions of brown rice according to the directions
  • roast 2 red peppers and 3/4 of a pint of cherry tomatoes(we did 20minutes at 425* with a little Pam and salt)
  • Mix veggies, rice, and chicken together with a can of low-sodium black beans
  • I topped mine with a few shakes of Chipotle Tabasco, an ounce of New York sharp cheddar, and a dollop of nonfat plain Chiobani




Dinner was awesome (which I told A about 8 times during dinner!), but I was still hungry.  I was craving peanut butter, but we are out of bread, so I melted about 2Tbsps of natural peanut butter and mixed it with about a 1/4 C of Kashi Go Lean.



I also snacked on these mints while I planned.


Now THIS morning, blogging took longer that I thought and I have to run!  I’ll post dinner after school!


2 Responses to A Worktastic Recap

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Fantastic weekend!! I’m all over that pecan pie chocolate square and the spice cookie 😉

    Happy Monday!!

  2. Sharon says:

    Enjoy your monday, everything looks delicious! Breakfast looks scrumptious!!

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