It Felt Like MY Birthday

It’s been a wonderful weekend!  My sister-in-law’s 30th birthday party was great, and they sent us home with so much food it feels like we were the ones being celebrated.  To go back….

When I hurried off from my last post I packed a quick meal for the bus and was on my way.


A sliced red apple, some baby carrots, and a trail mix of sorts (1/2C Kashi Go Lean Crunch with 1/4C raisins).  I snacked on this, and shared a bit with A, throughout our travels.  We didn’t get in to PA until 10ish and I was pooped!

In the am I tried a Bagelful (cream cheese center) and headed out to help the husbands stock up on food for the partay.


I did lots of heavy lifting!  We had a fruit plate, a veggie plate, a meat and cheese plate, a cake, and chips.  And I ate more than I should of all of it!  I don’t have any lunch/dinner pics though, because it seemed inappropriate to talk blog-talk during someone else’s party.  That night all the kids (A is the youngest of three) stayed up and played Texas Hold Em!

We woke up bright and early this morning and A’s parents drove us home.  I got an english toffee cappacino to share with A when we stopped for gas.


And once back in New York we stopped at a dinner for breakfast.  I ordered a poached egg with hash browns, wheat toast and turkey bacon.


However, the egg was surrounded with water and I split it trying to scoop it out so that went straight in the trash.  I did eat 1 slice of bread and all of the bacon and hash browns.

A and I had to unpack our masses of food when we got home (mini buns, fruit, veggies, meat and cheese, soda) along with gifts from A’s mom, including this handmade Native American cup she bought us in New Mexico.


We did some school work and then watched Family Guy dvds while we lunched.  I had a bagelful and some leftover fruit.


And then another bagelful.


And then veggies with blue cheese dressing.


I didn’t eat the tomatos, but A put them to use anyways……mouse dumbells!


I was still hungry for some reason, I just could not get full, so I ate a disgusting amount of mints while I continued to work.  And work and work and work.  Up until we walked to Staples to make some copies, and stopped in at Ozzies to do grading.  I drank a iced black tea while I worked.


On the way home we stopped at got the groceries we’d need for the week ($14).


Then came home and had dinner.  I heated up leftovers from a while ago, 3/4C of chili from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan.


Topped with a slice of cheese, a splash of chipolte Tabasco, and a dollop of plain nonfat Chiobani.

Now it’s almost midnight and my alarm is set for 4:45 – gotta run, err sleep!  Hope everyone else had a good wekend as well!


3 Responses to It Felt Like MY Birthday

  1. Lara says:

    The mouse dumbells are hilarious 😉

  2. Erin says:

    That cup is beautiful!
    Mouse dumbells – ha!

  3. Emily says:

    Yeah, we’re cool like that!

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