Parent Teacher Conferences

I was at school today from 7:40am – 8:00pm straight!  However, we had a half day of school, woot!  We had students for the morning and then parent teacher conferences were from 1-3:00 and 5:30-8.  I was in a rush this morning so I ate a Kashi bar on the train for breakfast.


I also ate an unphotographed fun sized Hersheys special dark bar!

I had my post-observation meeting with my principal today; it went well.  She really loved my lesson.  It’s always nice to get some positive feedback.  For lunch I went with trusty old museli.


This was 5oz of nonfat plain Chiobani, 1/4C of oats, a sliced Brauburn apple, and a dash of cinnamon.

During the break I ate a mini-dinner: a mini roll spread with natural peanut butter and some homemade strawberry jelly (A’s mom gave it to us this weekend!).


I had 34 parents come today!  I know that doesn’t seem like a lot (I have 85students), but last year I got less than 20.  I really enjoyed meeting all the parents; I’ve called every house at least twice this year but that’s different than in person.  There was one low point – a mother punched her son in the face in front of me.  I don’t really feel comfortable with any more details, but please tell me how would you have dealt with this?

When I finally got back to the Slope I had to stop in at Barnes and Nobel.  I needed to buy a condolences card and I set up two students with a special projects and I had to buy the books.


Once home I found a package from my mommy!  I am giving every student a book for Christmas this year and she sent me some freebies to get me started.


She also sent this awesome shower gel.


And this adorable mini stuffed turkey!


When I finally got down to dinner I had a bowl of leftover chili (a bit less than 1C) topped with dried coconut and pepitas for crunch.


I have an early day tomorrow so I’ve got to head off to bed.  Happy cuddling all!


6 Responses to Parent Teacher Conferences

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m really speechless about the mother and the child – it actually shocked me when I read that. Physically punch someone? o_0;

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    YIKES!!! So sorry that you had to be at the school for that long; and that’s quite scary about the mother and her child – and devastating 😦

    On a brighter note, that stuffed turkey is too cute 😀

  3. Erin says:

    Awwh mom! Care pkgs are the best. I need to remind my mom of that.
    Ugh, that’s frightening. I think I’d be so shocked I wouldn’t know how to respond.

  4. HeatherBakes says:

    83 parents??? You must be exhausted!

    Yea for care packages- especially from mom! I love the idea of giving books to your students for Christmas.

  5. Hangry Pants says:

    I’ve heard A Child Called It is an amazing book! Glad the meeting with the principal went well.

    Yay for presents from mom. 😀

  6. Emily says:

    Thanks for all of the support!

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