Cous Cous Gobble Gobble

The title is the childish moniker which I dubbed our dinner, but first, a clue to how I’m feeling.  This was my most exciting purchase of the week:


I feel pretty awful.  It is fabulous timing for a short week!  For breakfast I packed a pumpkin bar to much on the train.


I did a preliminary activity with the RAN (procedure I went to the pd for last week) today.  The RAN – researching and analyzing nonfiction – is a technique to organize your notes and thoughts about a topic.  For our whole class practice we did sharks.  The pictures show the basic idea, but please feel free to ask for more explanation.










And for lunch I finally brought in my last tuna to go packet.


By the time I got home after afterschool I was so hungry a pumpkin bar made it to my mouth way too fast to photograph!  I also snacked on some tropical fruits.


Last handful of dried pineapple.


Remainder of the canned guava.

For dinner we used this cous cous as our base,


to make this huge pot of yumminess.


We cooked the cous cous, cooked 16oz of turkey sausage seperatly, then mixed the two together with 2T of Smart Balance.  Simplist meal ever, and the added bonus of a silly name – Cous Cous Gobble Gobble!  Here’s my portion.


I will probably have some of my eggnog’n tea later.  Today was pretty stressful, so I’m watching some TV and heading to bed early, my grading can be done tommorw.  I hope everyone else has an easy, relaxing evening!


3 Responses to Cous Cous Gobble Gobble

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Fun project!!

    Get enough rest!!

  2. Hangry Pants says:

    I used a RAN chart with 2nd graders last year. Thetyy loved it and I felt it really helped show them what they were learning.

  3. Sharon says:

    Wow, teaching sounds so much fun! =)
    Delicious eats! And take it easy girlie!

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