Dancing with Excitement

This will be a quick post because I’ve got to get dressed to head off to The Nutcracker Ballet!!!!!  I’m so excited, it should be a really fun date night!

Not as exciting, was this morning, when I overslept and had to sprint to school to make it to my classroom before the bell!  I snacked on this Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna bar on the train ride there.


I used to have a love affair with Luna bars in college but they are not my favorite anymore.  I’m not sure what is turning me off, I think the texture.  I’d like to retry some of the flavors but I don’t want to spend the money if I end up disliking them.

I obviously couldn’t pack lunch this morning so I ended up eating an unphotographed slice of cheese pizza (and an Emergen-C).  I also had a sour patch kid – my girls’ class is so cute, they bring me a piece of candy every day!  I had a pretty good day today.  My kids were calm and they got really into our reading lesson.  We are on a journalistic article unit so I brought in magazines for them to analyze.  And during our writing period (we are writing articles about the 1920’s) I blasted some Dizzy Gilepse for theme music!

When I got home I found this wonderful Christmas box from my grandma:


A and I each got an ornament (mine is a kitchen mitt and A’s is the leg lamp from “A Christmas Story”)


and I got some TJ’s $$ and my Nana knitted A a homemade stocking!  So sweet.


For dinner I topped my chicken chili leftovers with a Tbsp TJ’s light Mexican cheese and a dollop of nonfat plain Greek yogurt.


Chili is always good leftover, this was even better than in the restaurant!

I’m still a bit hungry so I’ll probably have a snack at some point.  I’m so excited about tonight!  What is your favorite dance/musical production?


7 Responses to Dancing with Excitement

  1. carolinebee says:

    that leg lamp ornament is awesome!! I looove the Nutcracker the most- I used to dance in it every year, but second fave is Swan Lake! Have funnn!

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    Lovely package from Grandma!!

    ***Favorite dance/musical production = THE NUTCRACKER!!! 😀 Enjoy it tonight!!

  3. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onDancing with Excitement « Super Caloric Chalk DustHere’s a quick excerptWhen I got home I found this wonderful Christmas box from my grandma:. hpim12341. A and I each got an ornament (mine is a kitchen mitt and A’s is the leg lamp from “A Christmas Story”). hpim12352 … […]

  4. Maggie says:

    I LOVE leftover chili. So much better than when it’s first made.

    Enjoy the Nutcracker!

    I like pretty much all musicals, but I did get really into Rent for a while.

  5. Julz says:

    Either Lucia di Lammermoor or La Traviata. They’re both Operas. Oh and Mahler’s Symphony No.8, aka Symphony of a Thousand was SPECTACULAR! Def a toss=up btw the three though 🙂

  6. Julz says:

    I know those aren’t musicals, but I think they are BEYOND 🙂

  7. Sharon says:

    That kitchen mitt is too adorable! Enjoy the Nutcracker!

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