Feeling Groovy

Apparently my positive attitude really worked – what a fantastic day!  I got good news, great news, and I even went to the gym!  I’ll start at the beginning…..

A actually flew to Miami for an interview yesterday morning (more on that later) so I woke up all alone today.  In spite my mateless sleeping arrangements I did manage to get up and out the door early enough to do some major cleaning around the classroom.  On the train ride I ate a package of Crispy Apples and a pistachio Lara bar.


This was a new Lara for me and it is now one of my favorite flavors!

My actually school day was still ridiculous (true to form, my principal is barely punishing the student who threatened me last week), but I manged to keep a good mind-frame throughout the day.  For lunch I packed yogurt, a fruit and nut Kashi bar, 2 clementines, and a diet rootbeer.


While Greek yogurt is always a fav, I do enjoy these Thick and Creamy Light yogurts.

After school I ran the tutoring program, which I am very excited to be almost done with.  Then I made the call at 5pm and confirmed that I have jury duty tomorrow!  I know that doesn’t usually excite people but for me it means a paid day away from work.  Plus I’ve never done it before so I’m curious to see what it’s all about. 

Next I got my great news.  I have made a point of not giving much info about A on the blog, but you all do know that he is currently finishing his 2nd year of TFA (Teach for America).  A does not plan on becoming a teacher, but was recruited to the program because of his college profile and wanted to take advantage of it.  The plan, however, is to go into a medical career post-tfa.  A applied to several med. schools, but over the last year his focus has shifted to podiatry.  Well, this week we found out that A was admitted to (and offered big scholarships from) both of the Podiatric Med Schools he applied to – in NYC and Miami!  We are super super excited about moving to Miami so getting the news today was excitement/relief all rolled up in one.  While nothing is a definite (especially because I’m still not sure what career path I am going to take) we are very excited to have Miami on the table.

After my giddiness subsided over the good news(es) I stayed at school to get my classroom set up for my absence tomorrow.  When I finally did get home I microwaved myself a small sweet potato.


I topped this with SmartBalance Light.  I also ate this piece of 50% Reduced Cabot Sharp Cheddar.


I didn’t want to eat too much because tonight I finally ventured back to the gym!  I took a yoga class and I’m still swooning over how much fun it was!  The class I took was “Hippe Yoga,” which Crunch describes as an hour long session to “Release strain in your lower back with yoga moves focusing on opening the hips to leave you feeling restored and renewed.”

After the class I took the long way home from Crunch and picked up a few things at Duane Reade and Key Foods.  When I got home I made myself a bowl of 1C Kashi Go Lean topped with 1/2C blueberries and skim milk.


I am so pleased that today turned out the way it did!  I’ll probably be up pretty late, I’m going to wait up for A to get home, but I do plan on posting in the morning before I head off to do my civic duty.  Have you ever done jury duty?  What was your experience like?


4 Responses to Feeling Groovy

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Congratulations on the great news and positivity!!! Keep it up!! 😀

  2. dailygoods says:

    congrats on the great news! how exciting!!

  3. Mel says:

    Congrats to A! That is awesome news!

    I’ve never done jury duty before, but I’ve heard the first day is just a lot of sitting around.

  4. Rachel says:

    Can’t offer anything on the jury duty, but I’m about to move too and I’m definite excited about heading to a new city!

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