In case you haven’t noticed ……. I officially have been added to the Foodbuzz Foodie Blogroll!  I realize that probably anyone can be added but it still felt like a big blogger moment 😉

Additionally, I’m sorry I’ve been a flake since Sunday, I couldn’t take my camera into the courtroom (so no pictures Tuesday/Wednesday) and I felt like a needed a little time offline.  The court case was a total bust – they actually settled during our lunch break so I didn’t get to do anything exciting.  2 days off from school is always nice though!

Today was my first day back to the grind (I could get used to a workweek that starts on Thursday!) and it’s been a little crazy.  A was like a giant fuzzy heater this morning; there was no way I could get out of bed today until the last possible minute!  Embarrassingly, we actually miss each other when we are away for the day at work.  I ate a train breakfast while I read a new magazine.


Lunas used to be my favorite bars in college, and the Chocolate Pecan Pie flavor did not disappoint.

I didn’t pack lunch because I knew today would be crazy busy.  I had to administer the last book of the state test in the morning and then spend the rest of the day setting my room back up.  I actually have to go in early tomorrow because I am still not done hanging posters! 

My students were all so sweet (other than a few), they were so excited to have me back.  I proctored my all girls class during the test and they made me so proud – as I walked around the room their answers were so GOOD!  I was literally beaming with glee.  I heard that my crazy class didn’t do very well either day, but I’m thrilled the class I looped with seems to have done well.  It seems sort of silly, NY is a very “date driven instruction” state but the test-scores won’t be given back until June.

I hightailed it out of school at the end of the day to catch a ride home with some coworkers.  I packed this mini bag of Bare Naked granola since I couldn’t eat lunch,


but my coworkers hadn’t eaten lunch either so I ended up sharing most of it.

I was still hungry from sharing when I got home so I made this lovely bowl.


A nonfat plain Chiobani topped with a small sliced banana and a shredded Kashi dark chocolate coconut bar.


Yummy!  And it’s a damn good thing it was yummy because this ended up being dinner!  I was actually so busy I didn’t have time to eat again.  I did, however, write plans for tomorrow, make materials, map out the next 5 weeks for the 8th grade English department, create some of the materials, and hurry to Staples to copy it all off.

I need to hurry off now so I can make it to bed before midnight.  Tomorrow is an early morning and the students are going to be crazy because this will be their first day of “normal” school this week.  I have something to look forward to though – A and I are doing another theme/date night tomorrow!  Get excited!


5 Responses to BZZZZZZZZZZ

  1. Sharon says:

    Awh, have a wonderful time at school tomorrow with your students! Tasty eats, as always!

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    Hooray for being added to the Foodie Blogroll!!

    Have fun today!!

  3. Sarah says:

    mmmm, that shredded dark chocolate kashi bar! enjoy friiiiiiiiiiday 🙂

  4. dailygoods says:

    yay congrats on being added to the foodie blogroll ! that IS exciting 🙂

  5. Meg says:

    Congrats on being added to Foodbuzz! You will absolutely love it!

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