What a Pain

I hope no one took my to do list seriously in the last post – a migraine knocked me back in bed for most of the day.  I’ve suffered from migraines since I was a kid and though it’s gotten much better they still suck 😦  I feel a bit off still so this will be quick.

I ate this clementine for a late lunch.


With this stuffed baked potato.


I topped this small tater with 1T Smart Balance Light, 1T shredded parmesan, and 2 slices of turkey bacon. 


The toppings were good, but I left this “shell” behind.


We always microwave sweet potatoes, but it’s been a long time since I ate a regular potato; I think they definitely need to be done in the oven.

A little bit later I ate this yogurt.


I always think that the Weight Watchers flavors sound good, and I’m always disappointed.  This was way more cherry than cheesecake and it had added sugar.

All of our dinner plans kept getting glitches so we ended up at a cheap Thai place in our ‘hood.  I ordered the Pad Sen Eiw.


I adore broad rice noodles.  This was good, but drunken noodles are much better.


Even though I’m feeling off still, A offered to make me stovetop popcorn with butter (Smart Balance), no way I’m turning that action down!  Have a great night folks!

Do you suffer from migraines?  What have you found works?


4 Responses to What a Pain

  1. Sharon says:

    Wow, I’m really sorry to hear about your migraine. Does sleeping it off help?

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    Yikes, get well soon!!

  3. biz319 says:

    Sorry about your migrane. I think that I have had a head ache maybe five times in my life, but I worked with someone who had to take SHOTS to get rid of hers.

    Hope you feel better!

  4. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, I was so excited! I’m sorry you have those awful migraines. My friend gets them a lot, and she jst sleeps them off. She’s been seeing a doctor to try and figure out how to help with hers because there are days she can’t even go to work because of them. If I find out any information I will definately help!

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