New Things

I did something sporty for the 3rd day in a row, Woot Woot!  I know in advance I will not be being active tomorrow (I’m going to try to knock off my quarter grading before it is due), but that’s ok because I planned it.

After my lovely breakfast post, every meal today involved something new.  For lunch I tried this yogurt.


It is Greek yogurt by Cabot (I thought they were only a cheese company, have you seen or tried this product?).  While I didn’t like this as much as Fage, and I wouldn’t eat it regularly because it is flavored and not plain, this certainly could hold its weight against some of the other brands.  Excitingly, this is not even the fancy yogurt I mentioned the other day, and today I found another new yogurt find that you’ll be seeing later.  Yogurt, yogurt everywhere….. With my yogurt I had 2clementines and diet Squirt (another new find I’m pretty psyched about).


My students took their midterm for ELA today so it was a nice and easy day.  I had a coverage with a 6th grade class – my school doesn’t hire substitutes – so I did get to teach at least a little.  At the end of the day I stayed and did grading/hung out with some coworkers.  The boys’ class got one of my friends so upset today that she cried, and she is a rockstar, something needs to be done!

I knew I needed a pure sugar kick to get my though 5 at school so I ate a bag of Skittles.


I am all for sugar, but this just made me feel sick 😦

When I got home I ate a small chunk of cheese,


and rushed back out to Crunch for a 7:15 Pilates class.  It was an hour long and it kicked my butt, the instructor was brutal!  Even though a lot of people were struggling, I was pretty upset that I couldn’t finish every set for some of the moves, that is literally the first time that’s happened to me – all the more motivation to keep up the gym kick!  I did ok though, A came by the room to stare at my butt and he said I looked better than the slackers in the back 🙂

We got home from the gym in time for an hour of Scrubs!  Tuesdays are my new favorite day, damn I love Scrubs!  While I watched I ate my final night of the leftovers.


This was 2/3C cooked quinoa, 4oz baked tofu, veggies, and instead of cheese tonight I used a drop of this stuff.


A coworker went to St. Thomas on vacation and was nice enough to bring me a sauce from home – West Indians love the spicy stuff!  This was SPICY though!  I literally used just a drop and my mouth was on fire.

I probably should have waited to let my dinner digest, but I was feeling hungry still so I had some snacks.  My last Kashi dark chocolate coconut bar,


and a bowl of homemade popcorn topped with 1T SmartBalance Light.


This was waaaay more than I needed.  I ate it all (of course, popcorn, self-control, and I just do not mix!) but I knew about halfway through that I didn’t need to/shouldn’t.  A has stern orders to remember that I’m basically a goldfish for popcorn and will eat myself to death.  Not unnecessary, however, was the additon of melted SmartBalance.  For only 50calories it just made this snack so decadent.

I need to shower and hurry to bed if I have any chance of getting up and to school early tomorrow.  What new food item do you want to try this week?


8 Responses to New Things

  1. Sarah says:

    hmmm i didn’t know cabot had branched into yogurt, either!
    my next new food item will probably be a mystery item that materializes in front of me at work (everyone is alwas feeding me there) or flavor #2 of my quaker true delights bars samples, haha. level of cost-free-ness determines my level of food adventuring!

  2. carolinebee says:

    oo good question! I have kashi soft cereal bars in my pantry- and Annie’s mac and cheese..two new foods that i OWN and haven’t tried yet!

  3. Sharon says:

    Taste the rainbow! Love the days!
    And I never hear of Cabot brand before! Yum yum!

  4. VeggieGirl says:

    Hooray for sporty activities!! 🙂

    I want to try the Pure Bars – just ordered some, and I hope they good.

  5. Emily says:

    Hey there! So glad that you’ve been able to get some sporty-ness in. 🙂

    I really like those Cabot Greek Style yogurts – they definitely won’t replace fage or chobani for me, but once in a while they are great. I LOVE the vanilla flavor, you should try it!

  6. Olga says:

    shit, I missed scrubs again!

    I’m the same way with popcorn. It’s addictive.

  7. melissaeats says:

    You totally should do the detox too! I love it!

    MMMMMM, I love skittles! I don’t think I’ve had them for years 🙂

  8. biz319 says:

    It’s funny, when people know you like hot stuff, they go on vacation and try to find the HOTTEST stuff! But what non-spicy people don’t realize is that it has to be flavorful hot. I don’t want my mouth on fire as much as the next person!

    When I first met my now hubby, he bought me jalapeno popcorn. It was so friggin hot – the fumes out of the bag nearly made me not able to breath!

    At the time, I worked at a place that whenever I made microwave popcorn, some a-hole from down the hall would get a styrofoam cup and reach over and help himself! Pissed me off!

    So one day I bring in the hot popcorn. I had to pop it on a different floor so he wouldn’t detect the hot smell. I make my regular popcorn, replace that with the hot stuff, and like clockwork, here he comes to help himself.

    I counted 1 – 2 – 3. Holy Sh!t! He comes running to my desk and says “why didn’t you tell me it was hot??” To which I replied, “why didn’t you ask?”

    He never stole my popcorn again!

    Sorry that was so long – I am a legal secretary by day and type about 140 words a minute!

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