Take Me Out to the Ball Game….

….take me out to the crowd; buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks, I don’t care if I ever come back!  Fun fact– my grandpa was a popular baseball coach and when I was a kid one of his friends wrote a book that mentioned him.  While writing, I was visiting my grandparents in Ohio and met their friend.  My grandma had me sing “my ballgame song” to him.  Apparently I was so cute (spastic?) singing it in one long breathe that he actually included the episode in the book.  Woot!

I woke up this morning and cracked into my Peanut Butter Company stash for a train breakfast.  I smeared the bees’ knees on a whole wheat mini bagel.



It was a tasty change of pace from my usual granola/protein bar.

When I came in this morning a student offered me a piece of chocolate (she had a box of caramels for some reason) and I totally ate it.  In retrospect I felt like I wasn’t setting the best nutritional example.  My students all eat chips/candy for breakfast and I talk about how that isn’t brain food in the morning, and there I am eating a piece of candy.  However – after seeing me eat healthy (normal for people who know better) food all the time – my kids think I’m on a diet, and also think I’m too skinny, so it’s good to show them that you can eat healthy and not be uptight about it.

Fun fact#2 – I screamed so loudly (pretty much the only way anyone is teaching at this point is over the din) this morning that it felt like I was straining my hip muscles.  Frustrating, but we did get through the entire lesson in every class, with 95% of kids getting the notes, and having intelligent discussions.  An embarrassing amount of kids failed my class 2nd quarter (grades don’t go out for another 2 weeks) so I’m working my butt off to “set the tone” for 3rd quarter.

For lunch I packed my usual diet soda, 2clementines, and a yogurt.


This yogurt was one of my new finds – YoCrunch 100Calorie Nonfat Cheesecake Yogurt with Graham Topping.


I often shy away from “100calorie” items, but this seemed exciting so I bought a pack last week.  Not even close to Greek yogurt, but pretty good as a cheaper buy.

We had a faculty meeting after school and I drank this juice from Ralph and Charlie’s.


It was 200calories per bottle (my lunch was pretty low-calorie, which is why I packed this juice) and packed with fruits.

I had to stay after the meeting for a meeting about a meeting tomorrow!!! and then I went to a coffee shop in the Slope to work with two coworkers.  I drank a small skim latte while I worked.  I didn’t get home until after 8! (On the lines of unphotographed items, I scarfed a mini cupcake the second I got in the door!)

After working on revamping my resume (since we have no idea where we’ll be living next year – and I have no idea if I will go back to school or not – I have lots of applying to do) it was finally time for dinner.



This recipe was modified from a pretzel chicken recipe in an old SelfBall Park Tofu.  For 4servings we used –

  • 12oz of pre-pressed extra firm tofu, cut into 7 slices; and 2 medium chicken breasts (I made A chicken because he’s not too keen on the tofu but you could easily do this all meat or all veggie)
  • 3T yellow mustard
  • 2shakes paprika
  • 1/4C skim milk
  • 2big handfuls, eyeball it, crushed pretzels
  1. Preheat oven to 400*.
  2. Pour pretzle crumbs into a low, wide bowl.  Mix wet ingredients into a bowl and create a dipping assembly line.
  3. Dredge tofu/chicken pieces through the mustard mixture and then the pretzles, turning to coat.
  4. Cook for 45minutes.

This was the first time I tried tofu instead of chicken and I was very pleased with the results.  I ate 4 of the smaller slices.


While the main dish was cooking I pulled out my new frozen veggie find.


I steamed the collard greens and then topped my serving with 3sliced figs and a sprinkle of blue cheese.


All together –


I have another busy day tomorrow (a school project I’m still working on and a doctor’s apt at 7pm) so I’ve got to scurry to bed.  Hope everyone had a great day!  What recipes have you modified for tofu?  Have you been sucessful?

P.S. As you know, I submitted my Strawberry Gobbler to the V-Day contest over at OhSheGlows.  But did you know about these other fun contests?  MissyMaintains is giving away some popchips.  And HangryPants is giving away almond butter.  The generosity is alive and well in the blogosphere!  Do you ever participate in bsi’s, contests, etc online?


8 Responses to Take Me Out to the Ball Game….

  1. caitlin says:

    i dont think i actually did any of my assignments in college, but so far the book sounds good 🙂 its basically the 1st time i’ve read it!

    i only participate in contests when i only have to give my time – like running the athleta contest or onlineshoes.com contests i did before. i dont have money to spare, and it can get expensiveeeee! but i love the blogging community.

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    Love that sample-sized PB&Co. peanut butter that you got at their restaurant 😀

    As Caitlin said (above), I too only participate in some contests when I have the time.

  3. Sharon says:

    Awh, that is so awesome! Tasty tasty eats! =)

  4. Olga says:

    I won the butternut squash BSI! It was ballin I got hooked up with mad free oatmeal from Quaker Oats.

    That yogurt’s an interesting find. Does the 100 cals include the topping it came with? It reminds me YoCrunch yogurts with weird toppings, like crumbled cookies and stuff

  5. Emily says:

    Your tofu looks great – I’m definitely going to try that! I’ve baked tofu with a fajita marinade and its amazing! I also just saw Kath’s recipe for tofu quiche – so different and yummy looking! 🙂

  6. Sarah says:

    pretzel tofu sounds so creative! there needs to be a bsi: pretzel next so you can enter this recipe 🙂

  7. Hangry Pants says:

    I love the pretzel covering! I need to get on that. 😀

  8. Jennifer says:

    I’ve never seen that kind of yogurt that’s only 100 calories. I love cheesecake. And I like the way you prepared the tofu. I’ve used a pretzel crust before on baked chicken tenders, so I like the taste of that. I may have to try your version!

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