Up and Down and All Around

Per usual, I’ve been gone the last few days because I’ve been a mess busy.  On Weds. I stayed late at school working on a reward for the not emotionally disturbed to the point of need a vest good kids with the newbies, and then we all went out to dinner 🙂  And Thursday I just sort of hated life needed a break.

And today has had it’s shares of ups and downs.  I’ll state the downers now, to get them out of the way, and move on to the ups.  Downage in short: by the time I left school today I was sobbing because my kids were so frickin crazy and I feel like a terrible teacher.  I know that I am a good teacher (fun/effective ideas, good handouts, nice breakdown of materials, I care, etc), but if you can’t actually teach your lesson it kind of doesn’t matter. Blah.

Anywoo, this morning for breakfast I packed a go cup (I totes rinse out Starbucks cups whenever I get them) of Cappuccino Lowfat Kefir.


I left for school before A today and while I was walking to my train, I had up numero uno – I came upon a tiny little polar bear toy/x-mas decoration laying on the sidewalk.  My nickname for A is Bear (he calls me mouse).  A speaks German, and teaches me random bits, and now I call him Ice-Bear (pronounced eyes bar), German for Polar Bear.


Um, I was so frickin excited when I saw that toy!  I actually sprinted back to the apartment (with my drink, in a dress) so I could set him up on the steps to greet A.


(A was super excited when he found him, and now Ulrick lives on our mantle)

Amid stupidness at school, I tried a new product for lunch.


I’ve been eying the Rachael’s products for a while, but I decided to try a cottage cheese first.  Delish!  I would love to try more but they are a little pricey for me right now.  It was nice and filling for today though, and fit great with the rest of my lunch.


A chocolate soy milkbox and a minneola.

I headed promptly home from school (of course!) and my sweet husband surprised me with a smooshed cupcake from Sugar, Sweet, Sunshine because he knew how much I enjoyed my last one.


Devoured it.  We don’t “do” Valentine’s Day, so this will be it for the lovey-doveyness.  I made him a homemade card (my family does not do storebought) stating that he can buy the cactus he’s been eyeing at the grocery store for the last month.  Woot.

As I organized some stuff and printed our tickets (we are going to Boston tomorrow!) I snacked on about 1/3 of this thing of grapes.


Later on I drank a big mug of Folgers Creme Brulee.


I needed coffee while I set up this guy!


My parents bought me a new i-pod (mine old one has been broken for months) for Hanukkah, but I couldn’t decide between regular and nano and then I wanted it engraved so it’s taken a while.  Did you have your i-pod engraved?  What does it say?  Mine is -it goes on- from this Robert Frost quote: “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.”

Now that my 1439 songs have uploaded, we are heading to dinner.  I have a coupon from a local restaurant and we only have one meals worth of food here (which we want to save for when we get back from Boston so we don’t have to shop right away).  Be back later!

What songs are you currently rocking repeat on?  For me it’s “Paper Planes,” M.I.A; “Heartbreaker,” Kanye West; and “New Slang,” The Shins.

11 Responses to Up and Down and All Around

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Cute toy!!

    Ahh, PLEASE hang in there with your job – I wish it could be less-stressful for you!!

  2. Emily says:

    I’m sorry you had a rough week – it seems like one of those for a lot of people! I hope you enjoy your weekend here (in Boston). What are your plans??

  3. Sarah says:

    love the ipod! mine is NOT engraved. i got overwhelmed by the serious commitment an engraving required, haha.

    your bear story is so cute. it’s amazing how little “ups” like that appear when we need them most!

    enjoy your well-deserved vacation and the trip to boston 🙂

  4. sue says:

    the ulrick story is too cute! i’ve never seen rachel’s cottage cheese before- i need to find that. have fun in boston!

  5. Sharon says:

    Keep your chin up girlie!!!
    And delicious eats! Soy on the Go? SOUNDS TASTY!!

  6. Erin says:

    Thanks for the comment! I’m glad I found your blog!
    Love the bear, so cute.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. biz319 says:

    You are too cute about the polar bear! My daughter would do the same tbing!

    And she takes German – the bottom of her V-day card to me and her Dad read:

    ich liebe dich!

  8. Emily says:

    Thanks so much for all the support kids! I’ll tell Ulrick you all say hi! I’m having a great time in Boston and I’ll be posting when I get back 🙂

  9. Kath says:

    Hahhahaah – the bear is so cute!!

  10. […] you know that Ulrick moved all the way from Brooklyn with us?  Unfortunately the tea didn’t really rock my […]

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