Miracle, n a. the place of my last ny meal before heading to boston; b. the fact that I managed to get a photo of all my vacay meals; c. the fact that a and i didn’t pop after all we ate anddrank this weekend

I’m back from Boston!  A and I had fabulous times enjoying the food, scenery, and company.  In addition to seeing some of our college friends, we got to spend quality time with two high school friends (Nikki and Ian) who were also in our wedding party just about a year ago!


This will be a (long) long weekend post, so I’ll be less detailed than usual.

On Friday night, A and I went to Miracle Grill for dinner before getting ready for our trip.  I had a 15% off coupon, and the food there is great.  I started with a huge bowl of corn chowder which was delish!


And for my meal I ordered a 1/2 veggie quesadilla.


I ate 3 of 4 pieces as well as 1 of A’s chicken quesadilla slices.


The next day, early Saturday morning, we boarded the bus to Boston.  We pretty much slept the whole way, but got breakfast when the bus did a rest stop towards the end.  I had a few sips of A’s hot chocolate.


And 3/4 of this bar, which was gross frankly.


When we got to Boston Ian picked us up and after a stop at his house we met up with all the St. Thomian crew for a lunch at The Other Side, a spot in Boston with a great selection of booze, vegan options, raw options, and “normal” food. 


Disclaimer: we pretty much drank all day.  I started with an Original Sin apple cider.


And for lunch I had the Buffalo Tempeh Sandwich.


I ate everything but the bread.  I’ve decided tempeh is my least favorite vegan option, but I still enjoyed it.

From there, Saturday afternoon, we headed to Jillians.  With 1Guinness I definitelydid the least drinking in our party!   I also had a Jager Bomb, but not of my own volition!


We played some games of bowling and pool and pretty much had a blast.  Even though I sucked beyond belief the 2nd game, I came in 2nd in the first!





Once we were all played out, Saturday evening, we headed to Sunset Tap and Grille, a Boston place that has an INSANE beer selection.  Look at the great decor!




I had an Ipswitch Blueberry Ale, with real blueberries!


Yes, that is A passed out across the table.  He honest to God wasn’t the drunk, he just didn’t sleep at all the night before because he stayed up packing.  He slept through most of the meal, and then in true A fashion, snagged someone else’s chicken fingers as we left the bar!!!  I nibbled on the ginourmous nachos we ordered as a table.


And ordered a Shrimp ‘Po Boy for my meal.


I ate all of the sweet potato fries and maybe 1/3 of the shrimp – the portions were ridiculous here, we easily could have shared 2plates as a whole table!

From Sunset, late Saturday evening, we met up with one of my close guy friends from Miami.  He lived about a 25minute walk from the bar (I love to trek, and my friends loved me, so I somehow convinced everyone this walk was a good idea!) so we went to his house to meet his roommates and play some serious rounds of beer pong!  I don’t know how much I drank (although not very much) because I sipped on random Corona Lights.


Not surprisingly, we had a late start Sunday morning.  Ian declined brunch, but dropped us off at Nikki’s and we all headed to Pops.


I had a Bellini with breakfast!  Bellinis are one of my favorite drinks, this was what we served at my bridal shower, so Nikki and I reminisced about the wedding over brunch 🙂


I ordered the French Toast Monte Cristo (with no ham).


Um, Yum!  I ate most of the salad and 1/2 of the giganto sandwich.

From brunch, Sunday early afternoon, Nikki’s boyfriend dropped us at The Freedom Trail, and we started our 2.5ish mile walk around Boston.  The “trail” is a tour of Boston’s key historical sites; 1st school, 1st church, graveyard where famous revolutionaries were buried, etc.  It was funtabulous!  Basically you follow a red line around the town:


The high point for N and I was bubble tea from Quincy Market.


But we were also pretty excited about this donkey.


We ended the trail at Quincy Market because showers and naps were becoming pretty crucial at that point.  A doesn’t have a Playstation, so playing Rock Bandwith the boys this weekend was pretty much his favorite part of the trip!  I drank a Heinekin Light as I covered my ears.


For dinner, Sunday night, Ian met up with us and we went to Elephant Walk, a French Cambodian place in my friend’s neighborhood.


The food was beyond fabulous! I ordered the Amok RoyalA Cambodian signature dish – a spicy, custard-like preparation of fresh crab, bay scallops, grouper and shrimp with coconut milk and complex Khmer seasonings; steamed in a banana leaf cup and garnished with cilantro and red bell pepper.


I was super hungry, and I pretty much licked the plate clean!  The food was delish, and the server was sweet, but it was soooooo slow!  We actually asked for bread at one point (more than an hour in) and were told “it is still baking”!!!  To thank us for being so patient our waiter actually comped dessert for all of us.  I had a few bites of A’s Le Mocha Délice – A delicate chocolate cake layered with mocha mousse, topped with chocolate ganache and garnished with coffee crème Anglaise.  


And I ordered the Marjolaine – A Parisian classic; almond d’acquoise layered with coffee praline buttercream, chocolate chiffon cake and chantilly cream topped with ganache; served with coffee creme Anglaise.  


I ate about 2/3 of my dessert along with a pot of chai tea.


Look at how cute the sugar packets were.


Here is the stuffed St. Thomas crew.


We hit up a bar close to the restaurant (I had a coffee) and ended up going back to the apartment for a session of Rock Band.

Monday morning, Nikki and her boyfriend had to go to work so we went to a goodbye breakfast at the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse.


I got a pulled bbq chicken sandwich, with broccoli.


I love pulled chicken!  I left the bun as usual but ate almost everything else.

I wasn’t going to drink, but I saw this on the menu –“Original Cherry Coke” icy cola with Three Olives cherry vodka, grenadine, and a handful of marischino cherries – and had to get one!


After brunch we got dessert at JP Licks, a Boston place I’ve heard about in many a blog.  Look at the cow rocking the Flava Flav.


I got a kiddie sized maple butter walnut to share with A.


After dessert we actually split with all of our friends so A could get his hair cut for an interview he has today.  Once he got them all cut, we walked around alone a bit.  Ian was going to take us back to the bus so he picked us up for dinner.

Monday late afternoon, we met up with a final college friend at Bertuccis.  I was beyond hungry for some reason.  I ate a roll x2.


And ordered the Baked Tortellin and Chicken Gratinati.


I demolished this.  A and I ordered the same thing, and he didn’t even eat 2/3 of it!

After dinner, we were sad to have Ian take us back to the bus station, we had a great trip!  We couldn’t sleep as well on the return trip so we took some quick naps but mostly chatted and read our books.  I snacked on this candy throughout the ride.


Once back in the city we went straight to bed so A would be rested for his interview this morning.

Today, I’ve got a busy day planned, but now I’m all blogged out, so I’ll be back with an update later.  I’ll leave you with 2 questions –

  1.  Do you eat the bun/bread when you order a sandwich at a restaurant?
  2. What is your favorite US city to visit?

14 Responses to Miracle

  1. Sharon says:

    Haha, love the alcohol! Haha! Yum yum! Tasty tasty eats as well. Glad you had a BLAST!!

    Um, yes, I typically eat the bread/bun when I order a sandwich. I love carbs. Eeeekkk, bad since usually it is white flour there.

    And I have only been to the Seattle airport in the states. But for some reason, I want to go there and explore the city instead of stay in the terminal.. So, hopefully I can make a trip to Seattle one day. As for now, I’m in good ol’ Canada!

  2. Emily says:

    Looks like you had an awesome time in the city! The freedom trail is the perfect way to see everything. We were in Quincy Market on Saturday and I was really tempted to try a bubble tea, oh well, next time!

    I usually do eat the bread on sandwiches when I’m out – might as well enjoy the whole experience. I think my favorite city to visit is New York – I love it in the wintertime right before Christmas. This is probably a cop out, since I live here, but Boston is always a fun time as well. 🙂

    Hope you have a good first day back!

    • Emily says:

      You sooo need to try bubble tea! My college friends gagged at me for years but when I finally got them to taste it they fell in love! I wouldn’t try my first one at quincy market though, there are much better places around Boston.

  3. luckytastebuds says:

    Hi there! Just to get this out there first, I totally have a blog crush on your blog. EVERYTHING you ordered (food-wise) was probably what i’d have gotten minus the tempeh sandwich (i’m not a big fan…kinda like you!). So many fun foods!! I love that you got THE original bubble tea (I grew up in Asia and think that the original is way under-rated in the US!) I also went to the elephant walk when i went to Boston and loved it!! 😀 Sorry i’m so excited, but Boston is at the top of my list for top cities to visit. But I’m a HUGE fan of California (for their authentic Chinese food) and Hawaii for all the outdoorsy stuff you get to do! I’m adding you to my blogroll! 🙂 Thanks for such an awesome blog!

  4. fitforfree says:

    This looks like such a fun time! I usually only eat the bun/bread if it’s whole grain.

    Fave US city to visit . . . hmmm . . . I loved Providence, RI!

  5. eatinnyc says:

    Oooh looks amazing! I have wanted to go to Boston for awhile, definitely leaning in that direction for the spring after seeing THAT post! Looks like you had such a blast! By the way, any favorite park slope eateries to suggest? My ‘rents have a place near Park Slope and i’m in bklyn a lot…I loved Bedouin (sp?) Tent last time we went there…

  6. Julz says:

    Hey girl. Thanks for the comment. I just felt the need to express something. What I am going through is not a result of “crap”… I’m not really sure what you meant by it, but I actually lost my bestest friend in the world last tuesday. She passed away, so I just wanted to clear things up. I don’t mean to sound harsh, AT ALL, I just wanted to let you know. I blogged about it a lot this past week. Thanks, have a great day

  7. Woah! What a fun trip (and long post)!! It all sounds like a blast. My favorite is the wedding picture. What fun!

  8. Olga says:

    I’ve had that bar before and it’s gross for sure.

    1. I eat the bun if it’s good. If it’s all dry and generic, I let it go.

    2. I LOVE Boston but my heart’s in NY…I guess I haven’t been to too many cities to make a judgment but so far I’ve never found myself saying this in NY: “Oh man, I wish we could do _______. Too bad we can’t do it here!”

    It’s great. Your trip looks awesome!

  9. Sarah says:

    mmmm i love miracle!!
    glad boston was a success — you certainly didn’t waste a second when you were there. that elephant walk restaurant looks soooo good.

    and GORGEOUS pic of the wedding party!

  10. Emily says:

    Thanks for the posting love! The Boston trip was great, but I’m glad to be back!

  11. N says:

    i can’t help but notice you did not post my *winning* bowling score.

  12. Hi Emily! We’re glad you liked our corn chowder – we do too. Thanks for blogging about us, we’re going to add you to our blogroll. Eat on!


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