Shout Outs All About

Hello again!  I know it’s silly to do a block post when I am on a day off but I was experiencing blogger burn out after my megapost earlier today.

I will start with some Shout Outs:

A)  My amazing, awesome, fantastic friend Ian, who is far cooler than I’ll ever be, made a music website you should check out –

B) I’ve set up a What I Like page,  it features my Amazon store Eating, Reading, and Living Chalk.  I’m also placing my blogroll there.  Please check it out!

Onto the food.  While doing my online duties I munched on 1C of Kashi Heart to Heart Blueberry with some Nonfat Plain Kefir.


Delish!  I enjoyed eating it, but when I was done the dirty bowl smelled so good I had to take it away because it was making me hungry again!  I had found the flavored Kefir to be a little sour for my tastes but this was perfect.


One post and hours later it was time for lunch.  I made Cambell’s Select Harvest soup as my main dish.


Alongside a microwave quesadilla of 2oz of smoked gouda in a whole wheat tortilla.


I know it’s kind of gross, but I love how bread products get chewy when you microwave them.  I also finished off the last of the grapes.


All together. (on a side plate)


Later on I headed up to Manhattan for the 10billionth doctor’s appointment to deal with my plantars wort 😦  Before I headed home I bought a 130calorie hummus and cucumber pack from Au Bon Pain.


Back in the Slope, I finally got in a workout!  This week I have to get myself back into the habit.  I did 25minutes on the eliptical on a resistance of 7.  I ended up going 2.75miles.  I also did 5minutes of abs/stretching at the end.  I can’t help but think that my 25minute Gym Playlist on my new i-pod helped to keep me going –

    1. “New Slang” – The Shins
    2. “Whatever You Like” – T.I.
    3. “When I Grow Up” – The Pussycat Dolls
    4. “Alive with the Glory of Love” – Say Anything
    5. “Where We Gonna Go from Here” – Mat Kearney
    6. “Calabria” – Enur

I ran some errands after the gym and then came home to more tasks online.  While I was working A made a big batch of (slice and bake) chocolate chip cookies.


I may have had 2.

For dinner we cooked this Annie’s,


and added in 10oz of peas near the end of cooking,


and stirred in 2 cans of tuna.


A and I split this (3/5 and 2/5)  for a yummy, protein packed meal.



A is watching “Robin Hood Men in Tights,” and I will most likely have another cookie when I join him!  I’ve got a beyond packed day tomorrow, see you then.

What is your favorite mix in for mac-n-cheese?


7 Responses to Shout Outs All About

  1. Olga says:

    I LOVE Say Anything! Soooo goood. I love broc and cauliflower in mac n cheese. Yum, I should make some!

  2. Sharon says:

    I never thought to microwave bread products. Neat idea! And tasty tasty tasty eats!!

  3. snackface says:

    Just caught up on the last post-looks like an amazing weekend! I liked the drinking disclaimer, haha! Peas are definitely my fave add-in to mac n cheese!

  4. VeggieGirl says:

    Grapes!! Cookies!! Holy yum.

  5. Sarah says:

    i love chewy bread, too!! see you tomorrow 🙂

  6. […] gym, I actually enjoy it more than the average person!  I did 25minutes on the elliptical (with my playlist) at level 8 and then did 22minutes on the treadmill (2min warm up, 18minute run, 2minute cool down […]

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