it’S NICE here

I finally get to reveal my foodie surprise – a Park Slope bloggers’ meet up!  We went to ‘Snice, a mostly vegan spot in the Slope.  I meet up with two fabulous ladies – Vani of Fit for Free and Sarah of Tales of Expansion.


We met at 6:30 and stayed until 9 talking, I had a really great time.  Since we were a table of food bloggers we had the cameras out for food runways and ended up playing around with different settings, Portrait mode:


For eats I got the Sesame “Chicken” Wrap.


And I also drank a Boylan diet cola.


Everything was delish, but I only could eat half of my wrap so I have a pre-made lunch for manana.  On the way out Vani pointed out that they had vegan blondies (you know how I said I had work to do today?  A and I spent 2hours walking around in fruitless search of a blondie instead) so I had to get one to go.


Yums!  Huge, but I somehow convinced myself that since it’s vegan it’s ok for me to eat the whole thing while I blog 🙂


Tomorrow starts a “normal” weekend before I head back to work so I’ve got to get up early and sieze the day – Carpe Diem!

Pick your favorite – a) blondies; b) brownies; c)greenies!


8 Responses to it’S NICE here

  1. carolinebee says:

    soo fun! Love those candids 😀

  2. Sharon says:

    Oh my gosh, that is so cool!!!

  3. snackface says:

    Haha that’s how I think of vegan goods too- I figure it’s just a lotta lovin’ in there! I haven’t had a blondie in…forever? So I’m going with brownies- and oh how I love them!

  4. VeggieGirl says:

    SUCH a fun meet-up!!

    I just posted about blondies 😀

  5. foodsthatfit says:

    What a fun meet-up! My favorite is brownies!

  6. Emily says:

    Yay for a blogger meet-up!

    I’m definitely a brownie girl, but am very interested in what greenies are!? 🙂

  7. Sarah says:

    i pick greenies!!
    love that you ate the whole blondie last night! i feel better about my jordan almond fest now, hahah

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