Crossed Off

Busy, busy, busy, busy!  Today has been packed!  I realize it would have been better to have spread my work out throughout the week, but honestly, I really enjoyed the free time!  I felt so relaxed that I didn’t even mind how hectic today was.  By the end of the day, here was my to do list:




I made the executive decision to move a few things to later this week (and A added some of his own items!) but every single thing is crossed off!


When I woke up (late!) I made a similar “breakfast stoup” to yesterday’s.




3/4C Kashi Go Lean, 3 chopped strawberries, 1.5T butterscotch chips, and some plain, nonfat Kefir.




So good!


I worked on planning all morning and for lunch I made myself a batch of turkey cheese crisps.




I topped 5 slices of turkey with a sprinkle of part skim mozzarella and a bit of paprika.  Then I put them on an oiled baking sheet in a 450* oven for 7minutes.  With some baby carrots,




All together.




And later, while I was still working, I ate a package of tropical fruit chews.




We headed to Staples around 5:30 for $63!!worth of photo-copying.  On the way home I stopped in at Starbucks to finish all of my grading.  I got “dinner” using a gift card while I was there.  I am always happy with the nutritional stats on their grab and go meals.




I had pesto chicken pasta and a black tea skim latte.




I forgot to tell the barista not to add sweetener (I think that’s silly, you should have to tell them to add the sweetener, not leave it out) to my drink so it wasn’t all that enjoyable, but I still finished it.


Once home I finished all of my materials for the week.  Yays!


And now I am more than ready for bed.  Sweet dreams!


When you are at Starbucks do you – a) get your drinks sweetened;  b) get your drinks sweetened and then add your own sweetener;  c) ask for no sweetening and add your own sweetener;  or d) ask for no sweetening and leave the drink au natural?   I do (d) but A does (b)!


4 Responses to Crossed Off

  1. Sharon says:

    Oh wow, love your eats!!!!!

  2. Maggie says:

    I do (d). Bobby does (d) as well, but he only ever gets hot apple cider so that’s sweet to begin with. He does dump cocoa on top though. I sometimes add some cinnamon and soy milk if they have it 🙂

  3. carolinebee says:

    I’m with A!! 😀 I get sf vanilla and add splenda, probably not the best but I don’t smoke or do drugs sooo whatevs give me my vice!

  4. fitforfree says:

    I always ask for unsweetened and add a packet of sugar in the raw 🙂 (Unless I get something made with soymilk, since starbucks uses vanilla soymilk and it’s sweet anyway!)

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