Hello there, my one reader who hasn’t gotten bored yet!  I realize it’s been almost a week since my last post but what a week it’s been!  There was literally something insane that happened every single day.  I can’t post most of it (because it is about things at school) but I’ll leave you with Friday’s “fun” before I run away again.  I will be back tomorrow and back to normal 🙂

So, yesterday while I was riding home from school with two co-workers another car tried to merge into our lane.  (I’m going to call my coworker/friend/driver Mr. and Mrs. X) Mr. X honked, but the car didn’t stop.  We were right next to a wall so when they hit the car our car was hit on both sides.  Astonishingly, the car is pretty much ok – he got a flat and his mirror was ripped off – and no one was really hurt.  However, my neck and back hurt a LOT.  I immediately got a migraine, but thankfully Mrs. X had some medicine in her purse.

So we deal with the car,  change the flat yada yada.  After we drive away (slowly) we come upon a random police check point.  As we pull up Mr. X says “I just paid a ticket via money order, I hope that is not a problem.”  Um, it was.  Apparently he was driving with a suspended liscence, so he was arrested.  I have a valid license, so I got the fun job of driving to the police station.  Note 1 – I have a valid license, but I have not driven in the states in a year and a half, since living in Miami, and I only drove in Miami for about 6months.  The rest of my driving has been done in St. Thomas where we have no highways and drive on the left.  Note 2 – Mr. X’s car was a piece of crap before the accident, so I had no turn signals and no wipers.  Driving in the rain, at night.

The police station can’t have been more than a few miles away, but it took us a while  to get there.  Partially because we had to pull over so Mrs. X could wipe the window with a blanket and I had no turn signals to merge back onto the road.  When we finally got the the police station we sat in the waiting room for 3hours.  Fun  cast of characters there, let me tell you.  We did however make plenty of cop friends b/c Mrs. X and I sat and graded so they came to talk to us about the kids.  (Apparently NY boasts so pretty cute cops!)

When Mr. X finally got out, I got to drive again, this time home.  Thankfully he was able to fix the wipers and turn signals for me this time!  So, leaving school around 4 I limped back to my house around 10!  Quite a day.

Before I leave you again, I do feel the need to let all my blog readers know that this was actually NOT my worst day this week!!!  I’m feeling good now though, and I should be back and happy tomorrow.  Peace.

Have you ever been in an accident?


4 Responses to Ca-razy

  1. Emily says:

    Yikes, I’m so glad everyone is ok! I hope that you are feeling better after the accident.

    Make sure you enjoy and relax this weekend!

  2. Sharon says:

    Oh my gosh, that is intense!!!

  3. fitforfree says:

    Yikes, insanity! I’m glad nobody was seriously hurt! I hope your back and neck are feeling better. I was in a bike rickshaw that got hit by a car and totally destroyed, not fun . . . (but thankfully no bad injuries!)

  4. Sarah says:

    OMG, what a day!! glad you’re all ok. and i don’t know what i’d do if i had to drive in the city, esp after something like that. i’ve have a license, too, but i haven’t driven in years … and i’ve never driven here! annoying thing #1,000,097 about ny: everything takes wayyyyyy longer than it should.

    and yes, the cops here are ok, but have you seen the firefighters???

    hope all the drama from the rest of the week is under control now, too. try to do as close to nothing as possible this weekend!

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