Snow Day

What a day, what a day!  Having grown up in the Virgin Islands this was my first snow day ever, and man did I enjoy it.  I had slept in, had fun, and did some much needed school work.

After getting our relax on, A and I headed out in search of lunch.  We had 8+ inches of snow and blustery weather so I bundled up x3, and wore my purple rainboots.


Look at our front steps!


I had to run some quick errands (although more like crawl, because A can barely walk) and then we ended up at Corner Burger on 5th Ave.


We’ve never been but were interested because you have the option of meaty, turkey, or veggie burgers.  Plus the decor is cute.


I started with the shake of the month; Peanut Butter Banana.


Yumlicious!  A helped a bit, but I easily could have polished it off alone.

For lunch I got the Texas Burger, turkey style.  It was topped with a fried egg and pepperjack cheese.


I ate everything but the bun.  I liked it, but only ok, the only way we will be trying this spot again is if we end up with some sort of coupon.

After lunch A headed home and I stopped at Ozzies to work on grading.  <Actually, I walked to 4 different coffee shops before I found a spot that wasn’t packed, and was practically in tears because my feet were so cold>  I drank a latte machiato, steamed skim with a shot of espresso, to warm up.


From there I walked straight to Crunch for a 30minutes abs and stretching class.  I love these types of classes!  However, my arms hurt so badly I could barely keep up – you’ll be hearing more about this later.  I knew as soon as I was bundling back up that I wasn’t going to be hungry for dinner so I stopped into the grocery store to replenish my electrolytes with one of these.


This juice/tea is vegan (duh!) and raw and totes several health benefits.  I’m not sure how I felt about the taste.

When I got home I finished my grading and also took the time to reformat my week – missing Monday means everything has to be pushed back, not that I’m complaining!  I drank a mug of Candy Cane Lane while I worked.


Now I’m heading to the shower and keeping my fingers crossed that I have time to read some magazines before I go to bed.  What a day!  Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment in the city so I won’t be posting until late evening.  Have a great 24hours everyone!

Before I go, however, I will let you in on some of the General Excitement:

  1. Due in part to my arms hurting during an abs class (!!!), I’ve decided to make my fitness goal for March upper body strength.  My plan is to do 30reps of arm exercises everyday.  If I do not mention my reps by my dinner post, Please remind me!
  2. On March 14th I am attending a NYC blogger dinner,
  3. and on March 22nd I am attending an NYC blogger brunch.  Thank you so much to Melissa for organizing it all!
  4. I am officially a Feature Publisher at Foodbuzz!
  5. from March 8th – March 21st A and I will be doing a 2week run of veganism

8 Responses to Snow Day

  1. carolinebee says:

    how fun, minus the freezing weather! My TFA friends were rrreally happy about the snow day too 😀

  2. marafaye says:

    Good for you not being a complete bump on a log on a snow day! I tend to not even get dressed!

  3. verbalriot says:

    that burger looks good! O0o I am also hoping to attend that blogger meet up! 🙂

  4. Emily says:

    love the rainboots!

  5. VeggieGirl says:

    Amaaazing shake!!

  6. fitforfree says:

    can’t wait to hear about your run w/ veganism! I need to rsvp for one of those meet-ups…

  7. Sarah says:

    what a great day!
    i was scrolling through google reader and missed your header, but i knew it was you because i was like, “wait a minute! that’s MY neighborhood!!!”

  8. Emily says:

    Fellow NYC bloggers – puh-leez come to one of the blogger meet ups! I would love to (re)meet all of you!

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