What a long and crazy day it’s been!  Astonishingly, most of my kids were calm today so it was actually a great school day 🙂

To back up, I have been excited about bagels with cream cheese all week so I bought these yummy items at the grocery store last weekend –


I topped an everything bagel with spinach and artichoke cream cheese (tasted just like the dip if any of you ever make it!) and ate in on the way to the train.



For lunch I brought my usual; apple and yogurt (with an unphotographed coke zero).


The apple was a sliced Pink Lady,


and the yogurt was one of the Target brand’s “thick and creamy fat free versions,” i.e. nonfat Greek!


I worked all day long and then stayed after school to do more work!  I can accomplish the most if I go straight to the city from school.  Two students stayed with me until 5pm working on papers, which meant I got less done then I could have, but I did manage to finish everything I needed to.  While they were there I bought them pb cheddar crackers so they could have “healthy brain food” (I manage to squeeze a nutrition lesson in whenever I can!).

I am trying to rid the house of non-vegan food so I ate marshellows as a 100calorie sugar boost!


Sadly, even though my doctor’s appointment was at 6:30 I didn’t leave the office until 8pm!!!  I was getting hungry by the time I left so I bought a bag of these PopChips I’ve been seeing all over bloggerland.


Popchips are “popped” instead of baked or fried and have 100calories per bag.  I tried the bbq flavor and honestly can say I would choose it over bbq chips (my favorite flavor).  I would love to try more of the flavors, I am an official Popchips fan!

By the time I got home I was beat, so I made a simple dinner of leftovers.  The rest of my broccoli marinara pasta topped with part-skim mozzarella.


As soon as I hit Publish I’m going to scurry to bed.  Night!

YES or NO – do you ever call “soda” “pop?”


6 Responses to PoP

  1. verbalriot says:

    YES. I call it POP. But I try not to drink it. 🙂

  2. Sharon says:

    LOVE IT! And I love cream cheese. I used to never eat it, until my sister made a bagel for me with some. And that changed me… hahaha!

  3. Emily says:

    Yes, I still call it pop! 🙂 I think it’s related to geographical location or something…

  4. Sarah says:

    never pop! only soda 🙂

    that target yogurt does look good!

  5. fitforfree says:

    mmm an ET bagel sounds awesome right now!

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