I Blame the Time Change

It was another lazy hazy day, complete with sleeping in, catching a movie, and cuddling!  In the spirit of not being an all or nothing party pooper, I did complete some important tasks – 1. try out some awesome vegan buys; 2. complete my key work for this week; 3. do my 30 arm reps.

I used the following new items in my yummy breakfast:



I made a PB & J Deconstructed Bowl.


1/3C of oats cooked with a small banana, topped with blackberries, dried blueberries, a splash of soymilk, and 1.5t natural chunky pb.


Yum, yum.  I really liked the way the soymilk tasted in these oats.  However, my banana was pretty green which made me sad.

A talked me into going to see “Watchmen” so lunch ended up being craptastic.  A is modeling our healthy choices here;


we split a large popcorn and diet coke.  By split I mean I consumed 90% and glared at A whenever he tried to get a bite/sip.  Whenever I do fountain soda I get a splash of cherry coke for funsies, anyone else do this?

My stomach felt funny all day so we decided to push back a “cooked” dinner until tomorrow night.  I snacked on a handful of these nuts while I decided what I wanted.


After doing work for a long stretch I finally decided to try another new buy for dinner.


I ate a serving of veggie wontons with 2stalks of celery.


These were SUPER(caloricchalkdust)!  Just as tasty as restaurant wontons and I could control the oil content.

For dessert, another new find: Zensoy Soy Pudding.


I adore these pudding cups and actually bought them in college (not vegan) just because they were so awesome.


I’ve got to shower and get to bed, but here is what’s on the agenda for tomorrow –

  1. I have a faculty meeting after school, and then
  2. I am going to rush home to make it to a 5:45 abs and stretching class at Crunch.  I am also hoping to
  3. complete another 35minute interval set on the treadmill.  After that
  4. I am making a yummy tofu dinner for A and I, and hopefully
  5. vegan cookies too.  Also, I hope I
  6. win this contest!

9 Responses to I Blame the Time Change

  1. Sharon says:

    Mmmmm, popcorn! Watchmen! I still have to read the comic. LOL. And love love the eats. I have never seen that pudding before, tasty!

  2. sue says:

    oh that pudding looks tasty- gonna have to keep an eye out for it!

  3. VeggieGirl says:

    Good luck with today’s agenda!!

  4. Emily says:

    Yeah, the time change wasn’t so nice to me either.
    I’ve never seen those puddings before, but they really look delicious.

    Thanks for linking back to me and entering the contest! 🙂

  5. verbalriot says:

    that pudding looks fantastic! I’m going to try to find it

  6. snackface says:

    Haha that’s exactly what I do when sharing popcorn and diet with the man. Eventually though, I just tell him, “please take this away from me.” I’ve always wanted to try those puddings! Glad I now know they’re good.

  7. Sarah says:

    good luck with your vegan day today. new products are so fun!

  8. […] my snack I did another PB & J Bowl, this time with […]

  9. greenbean says:

    hi! that pudding is so yummy. they have a banana flavor which i didn’t like as much as the chocolate.

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