Pit Stop

This won’t be a long post, quick a quick pit stop to refuel between school and the gym.  I fueled this morning with more  new vegan items –


A Chocolate Brownie Gnu Bar and a TJ’s strawberry fruit leather.  Both were great.  The fruit leather gave a lot of chew for just 50calories.  I wasn’t expecting to like the Gnu bar, but I loved it!  It provided 12grams of fiber for just 140calories.  The texture was wonderful and the chocolate had a nice aftertaste.  I wish I had bought some other flavors!

For lunch I packed 2minneolas with yogurt and a chocolate milk box.  I sampled some new items here as well.


The yogurt was Whole Soy and Co strawberry.  For being not Greek, this was pretty good – I liked the chunks of strawberry. 


I also had a TJ’s Soy Chocolate Milk.


We had a faculty meeting after school and I planned on leaving post-haste but I realized I forgot to cover my room 😦  The kids have their math state exam tomorrow so I have to cover every piece of writing in my room (can any other teacher explain the sense in this to me?!?!?).  I didn’t leave school until 5 which meant I missed the abs and stretch class I was planning on.  I will prevail though, I came home to refuel and as soon as this post is done I’m heading to Crunch for some treadmill intervals.

For my snack I did another PB & J Bowl, this time with cereal.


1C PB Puffins with fresh blackberries.  These Puffins were a new buy as well – holy yum!  These rocked my foodie mind, I had a really hard time not going back for a second bowl!

I’ve got to run (literally), but I’ll be back with a dinner post!

Are there any cereals that YOU just can’t stop eating?


8 Responses to Pit Stop

  1. Sharon says:

    All cereals I cannot seem to stop eating. I miss my sister’s chocolate lucky charms, I need to get a box when I go to the grocery store this week. LOL!

  2. VeggieGirl says:


  3. Emily says:

    I haven’t tried Gnu bars yet, but it sounds like they are really good! (12 g fiber?! yes, please!)

  4. marafaye says:

    UGH STATE TESTING!!! We had it last week… there were certain things that had to be covered (formulas, etc) but some things that could be left up for language arts tests. I know in IL, there are rules about things that have been up all year can stay up, but nothing new can GO up…
    If you can find them, you have got to try the cinnamon raisin Gnu bars!

    • Emily says:

      marafaye – that’s interesting about the IL rule, makes a lot more sense than what we do in NYC! Cinnamon raisin Gnu bars would probably rock my world, I will be on the look out!

  5. fitforfree says:

    I can’t keep frosted mini wheats in the house!!

    I love whole soy yogurt—beware of Silk yogurt, though (even though Silk soymilk is awesome, for some reason their soy yogurt is awful!!)

  6. verbalriot says:

    I LOVE PB Puffins and can eat them nonstop. Also those damn Quaker Oatmeal Squares…SO GOOD

  7. Hangry Pants says:

    I would say that most cereal I cannot stop eating and therefore, try not to start.

    The other gnu flavors are even better. 😀

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