Holy Soybean, Batman!

So so so so so much more relaxed feeling than when I last posted! I want to deeply thank my readers for putting up with my foul moods, as others have said – Teaching in NYC sucks the soul. But, I’ve had good eats, my classes went well, and I’ve been productive, so I’m feeling fine!

To back it up, I actually did NOT go straight to bed last night, but actually stayed up to finish some stuff for school. While I worked I drank a glass of chocolate soymilk.


I woke up this morning feeling tired but accomplished. From there I ate a Pistachio Larabar on the train.


We had the 2nd day of the math state exams today, which means I spent my morning proctoring in silence. The tests should have eliminated most of my schedule today, but due to coverages I ended up teaching all of my classes. Thankfully the kids were pretty calm. In general they seem to expect to do nothing the rest of the day after a test, because they are “tired,” but my students are just coming to expect that I’m going to do a lesson no matter what.

For lunch I knew I had to eat black bean burger leftovers (since I didn’t eat dinner last night), so I decided to make this the star of the show –


I broke 2 patties into dipable pieces and paired them with some tasty hot pepper peach preserves.


Yum! I also packed a yummy fruit salad.


Backstage {1Fuji apple, 1minneola, 1small banana, 1/2C blackberries}. I mixed the chopped fruit (only half the minneola though – it was a slippy little devil and it bounded across the floor when I attempted to peel it) with 1T maple syrup and 1t sesame seeds for a yummy salad.


As soon as I got the room back to normal (non-testing) conditions I left school in a hurry. One my way home I stopped in at a hippie-dippy store in my neighborhood and got very very excited purchasing vegan goods. I am majorly looking forward to unveiling some of these products! Starting with,


barbeque tofu! I ate this as an afterschool snack and it was Ah-maze-ing!


<I attempted to put a photo here 6times, and it’s making me cry, which is silly>

This had the great bbq tofu texture everyone always raves about, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t fried because the whole thing had 370calories and it was a generous serving. Does anyone have an idea how places are acheiving the great chewy tofu texture????

Now I’ve got to hurry off to do some laundry. I know I said I was a stress-free zone this week (i.e. nixing the gym until Saturday), but I find not having clean bras for work to be more stressful than doing the laundry! I have to admit though, I usually don’t do the laundry, A does mine for me! And he does the dishes!!! Who else thinks it’s lucky I’m such a good cook?!  See you later for dinner!

What ridiculously sweet thing(s) does your honey do for you?

Who thinks I need to win this granola?


5 Responses to Holy Soybean, Batman!

  1. Maggie says:

    What an awesome idea for a fruit salad. Thanks 🙂

    My honey puts up with me being a nutcase. He’s also supporting me completely (financially, emotionally, etc) as I figure out what I want to do. He brings me little presents, whether it’s a bottle of my favorite seltzer, or a cute t-shirt, or something funny like a squash (he knows I love them).

    I want that granola too!

    I am so so in awe of you being an NYC teacher. I really considered doing an inner-city program (in Oakland) and I have a friend doing it in Philly, but I decided that I’m not strong enough emotionally. You’re strong, and you’re doing great things for those kids. I tutor (online) and I actually work with a lot of kids from NYC and other inner-city places and they are DIFFICULT. And I’m not even face to face with them.

  2. Sharon says:

    Oh my gosh, totally love your fruit salad! Fruit makes me happy!

  3. Vani says:

    I love that tofu! I had it all the time in college! There’s a curry version that’s good too 🙂

    • Emily says:

      Vani – I saw the curry one, it looked so good!

      Maggie – my hubby is Awful with presents but he does put up with me being a total nutcase – and I’m even more of a nutcase now that I’m working with those kids! They are so difficult, for a variety of reasons (although it is super rewarding), I really respect your knowing yourself and that it would not have been a good fit.

  4. Allison says:

    That fruit salad looks heavenly!

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