Am I Fakin’ Bacon???

Question for my readers – Is it still considered “pigging out” if you are only eating vegan things?  Well, pigging out or tofuing up, my belly was kept very satisfied today!  It’s been a foodie lovefest over here at EatingChalk.

Things started very well with my train breakfast this morning.


These Bumble Bars are so frickin’ amazing!  This is another item I ate occasionally in college but have found too pricey as of late, however, I splurged yesterday while at the neighborhood “hippie store.”  The bars are vegan, organic, and gluten-free.  I had Mixed Nuts, which had sesame seeds as one of the first ingredients on the list.  OhMyGoodness they had the best sesame flavor.  I think this is an item I will have to splurge on more often.


I also had a piece of TJ’s fruit leather.

School was interesting, not really good or bad.  I have to toot my own horn (especially because I’ve been so terrible at my 30arm reps a day challenge) – I broke up a fight today in class and my boys class was super impressed at how strong I am.  Woot!

Without meaning to, I packed a lot of sweet components in today’s lunch, all wonderful though, be forewarned, more raving is coming!  I ate the little bit of leftver tofu from last night.


A TJ’s chocolate soymilk box.


1/2C of blackberries with two small plums.


And a Stoneyfield Farms ‘O Soy Chocolate Yogurt.


Um, WOW!  Wow, wow, wow, this yogurt was beyond fabulous.  I always say no wimpy yogurts can stack up to plain nonfat Greek but this was a contender tastewise; I love the combo of tangy with chocolate.  I wouldn’t eat this as often as Greek yogurt (even though it only had 160calories it had 22grams of sugar!) but it will be my go-to item when I want something sweet from now on.

I stayed after school to work on my TAN.  While I plugged away I ate a Chocolate Chip Cosmocrisp Jam Frakas Bar.


Again, holy crap this was good!  The flavor was deliciously honeyed (consequently, after checking I realized the bar contained honey and was Not vegan, I shouldn’t have made the assumption just because it was from Lara).

Once I got home I actually met up with A for a walk.  He found a patch of fresh cement that he carved our initials into so we had to go take a looksie.  We extended our walk to loop around the neighborhood.  During our travels we stopped in at ‘Snice, which I’ve been obsessed with since my blogger meet up.  A and I each got a Milk-less Shake.


He had cappuccino and I had malted – soooooo good!  Again, this is an item I would choose vegan over regular for; I don’t eat much fullfat dairy so milkshakes I can’t order with skim milk make me sort of sick.  (not that that stops me from eating them, something in my brain refuses to accept that I can’t eat certain foods.  When we were in college there was a TGIFridays near campus and we ate their regularly.  At the time I was having a lot of weird food allergies <I still really don’t know what the deal is but I know that Hawaiian fruit gummies and frozen pot pies make me very very sick> and after eating their pecan crusted chicken salad I threw up, a lot.  However, that salad was really really tasty.  So the next three times we went I ordered the same damn meal and threw up when I got home.  If A hadn’t seriously threatened to leave me I’d probably still be ordering it!)

Enjoying our shakes while we walked, we stopped in to the grocery store to buy to veggie cheddar cheese.


Check those nutritional stats.


I need to be honest though, we bought the cheese so I could make vegan bacon cheese fries (that’s right, say that dish a few times and try not to salivate).


I enjoyed the first batch of oven baked fries I made so much that the small potato in the pantry has been taunting me ever since.  I used one small potato to make the “fries” and topped it with 1 slice of veggie cheese and 1 slice of fakin bacon.



After doing a bit of school work it was time to make dinner (I realize I probably could have stopped eating, but dinner was actually started last night, and I’m a fatty).  This dish was inspired by a recipe from THE BINDER.


I have torn recipes out of magazines most of my life.  Since I’m nerdy as hell, I organized them into a binder, by category.  After a few years of being mocked, my mommy found me a binder made just for such a purpose, legitimizing my lameness.


It’s pretty and I greatly enjoy organizing my finds.  I actually also have a workout binder, and a “good ideas” binder, but I’ll discuss them more in a later post.

Dinner was inspired by the recipe binder but I put my own delicious spin on it.

Coco Loco Tofu, serves 2

  • 1package firm tofu, drained and pressed
  • 3/4C unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 3/4 of a can of unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1/2C rice vinegar
  1. Mix coconut milk and rice vinegar in a shallow tupperware.
  2. Take the prepared tofu and cut it into 6 slices (I did 7, but only because I’m clumsy).
  3. Place the tofu into the marinade and leave it for at least 2hours or over night.
  4. (After marination is done) Preheat the oven to 450*, and prep a baking sheet with foil and baking spray.
  5. Place the coconut flakes in a shallow bowl and drudge the tofu slices through.
  6. Lightly spray the slices with baking spray and cook for 25minutes.




I used the leftover coconut milk by stirring it into leftover rice before I reheated it.


And I also prepared some oven roasted veggies, brussels sprouts and colored cauliflower.


Oven roasted brussels sprouts are seriously my favorite food, I like them even better than broad rice noodles.

All together.


I realize I’ve said every item today was “the best thing ever” but this truly was.  If you are a tofu newbie I beg you to make this recipe so you too can become an addict.

This was a long post, so it’s time for me to hit the hay!  Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

What is your favorite way to eat veggies?  I think everything is better oven roasted.


9 Responses to Am I Fakin’ Bacon???

  1. snackface says:

    Ahh! I want to eat everything from this post! Those fries look divine. My fave way to eat most veggies is raw, but if it’s a tater, I’m makin’ it into oven-baked fries.

  2. marafaye says:

    That tofu looks amazing!!! I love your question about “pigging out” 🙂

  3. VeggieGirl says:

    Lovin’ the shakes!!

    I loooove my vegetables lightly steamed.

  4. Sharon says:

    Awesome tofu spin on it!!!

  5. fitforfree says:

    What amazing food! So glad the vegan challenge has inspired you! I actually have one of those chocolate soy yogurts sitting in my fridge waiting for me!

    We need to go back to ‘Snice so I can get a blondie—I’ve been craving one ever since you got one . . .

  6. Lori says:

    I guess a pigout is a pigout, no matter what the food! LOL

    I love roasted veggies. It just adds so much flavor!

  7. Sarah says:

    wow, that coco loco tofu sounds good. and i’ve got tofu in my fridge now, yay!

    i love reading about all your new vegan products. they always look so good, but packaged foods generally can’t make it into my budget. i am enjoying living vicariously through you!

    and i, too, would so be up for a return trip to ‘snice … this time for desserts!

  8. Betsy says:

    You’re not a nerd, I do the same thing with my recipes! And that tofu looks so good…

  9. […] once I start! I combined two recipes to prepare the other half of my tofu block: the coco loco tofu Emily made earlier this week and soy-lime tofu from Eating Well. I soaked the tofu slices for two hours […]

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