I was so tired last night that I flopped into bed without even a thought of blogging.  I’m feeling much more energized today, but I’ll get to that later.

Yesterday morning, I ate a Key Lime Larabar for my train breakfast.


Lunch was a yummy assortment:  coconut water with passion fruit,


four slices of fakin’ bacon,


and leftover roasted veggies.


I headed straight home from school, stopping to wander aimlessly around Barnes and Nobel.

For dinner I tried some new things as well, including these squash from Trader Joes.


This is where the real flopping began.  They are cute, and healthy, but sort of squishy and unpleasing.


I ate them, and I’ll eat the leftovers today, but I’m not happy about it.  I dipped them into some sweet and sour sauce but it didn’t really help.


The other item on the place is a tofu scramble with sliced baby portabellas.  You’ll notice I’m not giving a recipe.  Yeah.  I ate one bite and then passed my plate to A who inexplicably loved it.  They just felt too unhealthy, a much better choice of dinner was Newman’s Os 2×3,


and a big bowl of popcorn.


I topped the ‘corn with melted SmartBalance because I realized it was vegan and that was exciting.  I’m sure the future RD in me (hopefully, someday) should cringe at this dinner, but it made me really happy 🙂

Saturday morning got a much healthier start.  I put my name on a list for a free Pilates reformer demo a while ago and I finally got my e-mail this week.  So I started my morning with a 30minute private session.  The moves are very similar to floor work, but using the machine really made me focus on the alignment of my body.  I really enjoyed it and if I somehow come across some $$ I’m thinking of signing up for a few sessions.  I ended my workout with 5minutes of hills walking on the treadmill.

When I got home I made a tasty, tasty bowl of cereal.


1C PB Puffins with a few blackberries and small sliced plum.

I am (super excited about) going to the blogger meet up tonight so I’ve got a busy day ahead of me.  Hopefully I will be back here for lunch though, Happy Saturdaying!

Have you ever taken a Pilates class (mat OR reformer)?  If you’ve tried both, which did you prefer.


7 Responses to Flop

  1. VeggieGirl says:


    Have fun at the meet-up tonight!!

    I’ve taken pilates reformer AND mat classes – both are fun, but the reformer is a little complex with all the contraptions/equipment.

  2. Sharon says:

    Oh wow, the baby squash is too cute. I haven’t had squash in ages!

  3. Sarah says:

    have fun tonight! are you going to the brunch next weekend, too, or just tonight?

    i’ve only taken pilates mat, but i’ve always been intrigued by the reformer! i’m glad it was good. now i’m going to have to keep my eyes out for free trials 🙂

  4. marafaye says:

    Have fun tonight!! I took one pilates mat class years ago… it was very intimidating being the only heavy girl in a class full of thin fit people!

    • Emily says:

      marafaye – forget that, don’t be intimidated, be proud! All the classes I’ve been to this year (2, 3?!) have been pretty hard just because I’ve gotten so out of shape, and during one yoga class I felt like a tool flopping all over the place while everyone else looked like statues. Then I realized that I was probably burning more calories than all the legit-yogis because I was working harder, so I won, ha!

  5. verbalriot says:

    oh PB Puffins…my love for you is endless!

    I’ve taken a Pilates class once and it kicked my ass. A lot of people are intimidated by it, but my cousin does it regularly and she’s fit as hell.

  6. snackface says:

    omg. At first glance at the cereal bowl, I thought the plum skin was jello. I swear. I had to stare at the picture for a while to see that, no it’s not jello, it’s a plum.

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