Now It’s Saturday

Fabulous, work-freeday!  It’s kind of sad that I gave myself a “three day weekend” and I will still be slammed with work on Sunday, but so be it.  The plan for now is to wake up early so I can get some things done before the blogger meet up.

Today finally felt like Spring and A and I took advantage of it by taking a long stroll around our neighborhood.  We hit up the farmers’ market, a new lunch spot, and stopped in several local stores.  We even bought some wine 🙂

At the farmers’ market we bought some cider to share,


but before I could take a sip I spotted the Monster promotional truck so I drank half of that instead.


Our final destination was Pizza Plus, a local spot we heard of recently that offers vegan pizza (in addition to some regular pies that look fabulous!).  We ordered a small soy cheese with artichokes and black olives.


I ate two small slices.



While A and I agreed that regular cheese would be better than soy, this pizza was still pretty fabulous.  They had an awesome variety of toppings and even though we have mad love for the pizza spot on the corner, we will definitely try Pizza Plus again.

After pizza we hit up Hancos, a new bubble tea spot in our neighborhood.  I frickin love bubble tea so I was quite excited to read about this spot from Sarah.  Not only is it bubble tea, but they allow you to sub soy or skim in milk teas and to order drinks unsweetened, score!


This was a small original milk tea, with soymilk, unsweetened.


Poor A will never hear the end of me whining to go here!

We stopped into Barnes and Nobel on the way home (I currently have 5 unread health/fitness magazines, is that a problem?) and then I hurried to Crunch for a 45minutes Pilates class.  When I got home A and I watched “In Pursuit of Happyness.”  This movie was supercute, I think Will Smith is such a great actor and his son did a really great job.  I was also smitten with the big bowl of ‘corn A popped for me!


Later in the movie I ate dinner, a repeat of last night.


Sauce, vegan meat, veggie cheese, ww pasta, and roasted veggies.  I drank some unsweetened vanilla almond milk with cinnamon on the side.


And as I post I’m eating a bowl of PB Puffins with fat free soymilk.


It’s also possible I ate 3Newman’s O’s today without photographing them.  As depressing as it is that I basically finished the bag on my own this week I am glad to have them out of the house!

Sorry for such a quick post, but A set up his x-box with Sonic for me and I’m pretty psyched!  Can’t wait to see some of you tomorrow!

  1. Sonic or Mario?
  2. NYC bloggies – are you coming to brunch tomorrow?

P.S. Christine and Vani – I picked you for an interview, check your e-mail!


14 Responses to Now It’s Saturday

  1. marafaye says:

    OMG you just reminded me that I havent had a bubble tea in almost 2 years!

  2. carolinebee says:

    cute pics! Ha i love your veggie kraft single on your pasta

  3. Sarah says:

    you were SO in my hood today! i love the whole wheat crust at pizza plus … and next time you go for the balls, LET ME KNOW!! i will meet you there in like 30 seconds 😀

  4. Melissa says:

    You are so cute. I’ve never had bubble tea, but maybe it’s time to try!

  5. VeggieGirl says:

    PB PUFFINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Amelia says:

    What a fun day! The bubble tea looks yummy.

    I’ll be at brunch! See ya soon!

  7. Mom says:

    Where are we going for brunch?

  8. Sharon says:

    Oh yes, yummyyy!!!

  9. Mel says:

    I’m intrigued about this bubble tea, I seriously have never heard of it. I wish that we had something like that around here, I would try it!

  10. Hangry Pants says:

    Where did you find ff soy milk/what brand?

    It was lovely to meet you today!

  11. Jordan says:

    Your weekend looks so fun! I blogger meet up would be awesome. Maybe next time 🙂

  12. OMG OMG OMG Pizza Plus is absolutely the number one thing I miss about Park Slope! Venue for a Brooklyn blogger meet-up perhaps??? 🙂

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