No More Days Until the Weekend!

How excited am I that I have 1full week/1half week until Spring Break?  Very!

I refuse to be too tired from work to take care of myself, and am insisting on going to the gym (and back to the grocery to get what I missed yesterday) before dinner so this will be a quick post.

For breakfast, on the train, I brought  True Delights bar.


I bought a box with a coupon yesterday.  The flavor was good but it was not filling at all.  I was so hungry I wanted to chew my arm off by the time I got off the train!

I forced myself not to eat anything else but I did buy a drink at the bodega near my school.


Aloe juice with guava.  Are you kidding me, this was awesome!  The c-store at UM used to sell aloe but I’d never tried it with papaya before.  I will be stopping to for another one of these next week for sure!

Lunch was very predictable, fruit and yogurt.



A baggie of green grapes, a minneola, and a new brand of yogurt – Wallaby fat free maple.  I bought a bunch of new yogurts at the store this week for funsies so I shall be doing some branching out from my usual plain Greek.

Today I had to teach all three of my 8th grade classes what the word flattered meant.

When I got home from school I tucked into a snack pronto.


A serving of Mini Wheatabix Chocolate Chip with some chocolate soy milk.  I also had 1T of chunky pb as I started blogging but was too lazy to take a picture.

My plan for tonight is 1. gym, 2. grocery, 3. shower, 4. dinner, 5. blog, 6. cuddle up with the magazine my mommy sent me.

Have you ever tasted aloe?  What did you think?

What is the most fun thing you have planned for this weekend?

I’ll leave you with a few contests that I am really hoping I win:

  1. A ton of Newman’s Own goodies from Fitness NYC
  2. Pure bars from Carrots ‘n Cake

6 Responses to No More Days Until the Weekend!

  1. verbalriot says:

    woohoo weekend!

    What do you teach? (I’m contemplating being a teacher)

    I’m looking forward to sleeping a lot this weekend. I’ve missed it!

    • Emily says:

      Verbalriot – I teach 8th grade ELA (even though I’m a high school teacher at heart). If you are looking to be a teacher, take my descriptions of school with a grain of salt – I teach in one of the worst schools in East New York; I don’t want to scare you away from normal teaching, which is a normal job!

  2. VeggieGirl says:


  3. Sharon says:

    Oh my friend drinks aloe drinks all the time. He totally recommended me to get some, but I keep on forgetting!

  4. Erin says:

    I am so excited for spring break too! I am totally counting down the days. March is such a killer month – and my students are going crazy too (so many fights!). Any fun break plans?

    • Emily says:

      Erin – I am actually going home (St. Thomas) for the first week of break! I know what you mean about the kids getting crazy, I hope it doesn’t get too terrible for you the next two weeks!

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