Sick, Stressed, SPRING!

As the title implies, my ongoing illness (and/or stress over the fact that I’ve been busy from 7am-midnight straight) is far outweighed by my joy over the upcoming spring break!  However, I am sick, and it is midnight, so this will be a quick post.

I know I almost never eat full-fat dairy, but who could resist this?!


These are probiotic kefir pouches intended for children, but fully enjoyable for nerdy adults!


I’ve been eyeing these for months and finally bought them other day while I was at the store without A!  The flavor was very pleasing and even though they were full-fat they didn’t make my stomach feel yucky.

I packed a cinnamon raisin Gnu bar alongside.


One of my Whole Foods purchases the other day was a small box of these, I was worried about taking a flavor jump, but this did not disappoint.


For lunch I had a final serving of pumpkin pesto  pasta to tackle.


I spruced it up with 2Babybell cheddar minis and 1T pine nuts.



With my usual two clementines.


It was a busy day at school, and it culminated with an hour long teachers meeting at which we were threatened/yelled at for our various “offenses.”  People at my school are big on talking about “covering yourself.”  I’m not there to cover myself, I’m there to teach.  All of us newbie teachers feel like there is too much concern with appearances, and not enough focus on the actual students.

After school I hurried to the city for a doctor’s appointment (yes, I still have a wort on my foot, and yes, I do feel disgusting).  I popped into Duane Reade on the way home to grab some cough drops and I bought a bag of Pop Chips to snack on during the ride home.



Once back in the Slope I met up with Mr. C at Starbucks to do some major school work.  I knew I was in for an extra-busy night so I threw together a pretty nice meal out of the fridge cases at Starbucks!  A turkey pesto sandwich.


A small Naked Green Goodness juice.


And a Starbucks brand dark chocolate bar.


All total, here are my school accomplishments post 6pm –

  • graded student work
  • bubbled in the scantron sheet for last quarter’s final grades
  • revamped my plans for the rest of the week
  • made a “scavenger hunt” for my students to find key details in the novel we are finishing
  • printed off awards for last quarter’s high grades

I ate a serving of Mary’s Gone Crackers while I worked.


Sorry to rush off, but tomorrow is looking to be an equally busy day!  xoxoxo

Are there any “kiddie” products you still enjoy as an adult? 

Do you like Fage giveawaysSerious?  I need to win this!


4 Responses to Sick, Stressed, SPRING!

  1. Becca A says:

    Pumpkin pesto sounds like such a yummy food!

  2. eatinnyc says:

    I LOVE gnu bars. They taste like delish cookies. I hope you feel better 😦

  3. Sharon says:

    Awh, I love gnu bars too! but I can’t seem to find them in Canada, so I have to savor my limited supply. LOL!

    Hope you feel better soon! ❤

  4. Sarah says:

    ahh i hope you get back to perfect health in time for your trip home! i love how food nerdy you are because, otherwise, i would not have been able to giggle over those fun little kefir packs you got.

    and sorry about the scolding you all got at work. i don’t know why administrators think yelling at a bunch of overworked people for “not doing enough” is effective. it’s the most discouraging thing ever and is bound to backfire. you know that you’re working hard and doing what you need to do to be a good teacher, so hang in there!

    this health-imposed exercise underabundance is killer, isn’t it? i feel like i’m expanding by the second. i’m just trying to stay confident that i WILL heal and be able to get back to normal. and you WILL get better, too! and sooner rather than later because you’ve got lots of rest coming up!

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