Monday Night – Wednesday Morning

This is my final vacation post 😦  Actually, I don’t get a sad face yet, I have four days left of vacation from school when I get back to the city!  I hate to cut island time short but I know school will seriously overwhelm me if I don’t have several days to get back into the swing of things.  Plus, maybe I’ll get to the goshdarn gym!!!

Monday, wedding remembering

Before I left the library for dinner I snacked on some Ritz Bits that were there for the kids in the after-school program.


My mom and dad run the program and we’ve argued for years over the fact that they have snacks for the kids with transfat (not the Ritz).

Then we headed out with both sets of parents to relive our wedding rehersal dinner.


I started with a roll with olive oil for dipping (x2).


And a 1/2 Ceasar salad.


And for my entree I ordered a spinach stuffed portabello.


It was tasty but too cheesy.  I ate everything but the salad underneath.

In spite of the cheese overload I still made room for dessert, chocolate mint meltdown cake.


I shared this with A and then went home and fell into a food coma.

Tuesday, too much sun day

I woke up very well rested on Monday!  And I even felt well enough that I ate a Lindt truffle for breakfast!


A’s mom set out a big bowl of these for me but I felt too sick to eat them this vacation.  I love Lindt truffles so much one Christmas A’s mom actually had to tell me to stop eating them!

Then A’s dad took us down to Beach-Comber to get in some early morning beach time.


My mommy met us there and we headed to Havensite to do a little shopping!  We stopped in at my favorite restaurant (second only to Lotus) Barefoot Buddha.  I got the Bigfoot Bagel Sandwich.


Frittata, smoked turkey, turkey bacon, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, chipolte aioli & tomato coulis & spinach.  Holy frickin’ yum!!!

I also split a passionfruit smoothie with A.


After some shopping my mommy went off to run some errands and A and I walked on Waterfront into town.  When we first started dating I would drag A on that walk all the time so we had a great time!  Plus we got tons of goodies once we got into town.

I started with a chicken patty.


A patty (pronounced like liver pate) is fried dough filled with seasoned meat; chicken, beef, conch, saltfish, etc.

Then we got some beer.


In St. Thomas there are no open container laws so you can walk around with your drinks.  (Sidenote: the first few times I drank in college I would forget that I was stateside and walk out of bars with my “beverages,” made for some interesting conversations with bouncers/cops!). 

I drank half my Greenie Light and handed it to A in favor of a passionfruit guava fracco!


Fraccos are basically shaved ice, but back home you can buy them from trucks on the side of the road.  This one was way too sweet so I only had half.

After town A and I headed down to Megans for a final beach visit around 3.  I layed out, but I got A building a sandcastle as my view.




We also took a loooong walk down the beach to laugh at all the sunburnt tourists.  I got mine though, I realized at the end of the day that my forearms got burned on my walk downtown!

On the drive home from the beach we stopped in at the famous stt dairy spot, Udder Delight!



I got a Bailey’s Delight Milkshake – rum raisin ice-cream, eggnog, egg(?), and lots of rum!


I’ve eyed this flavor for years so I’m glad I got it, but it was only good in small doses so I ate about half.

My snacking went further “vacation-style” when I got home, with a minibag of Cheetos.


And half a mini bagel with pb.


My mom made dinner for A that I wasn’t very excited about so I only ate small plates.  Cucumber and tomato salad,


spinach sauteed in sesame oil,


and a teeny taste of chicken and dumplings.


All together.


After dinner we hit dessert hard!  My parents got me raspberry cordials, in an adorable box, for Easter so I ate one of those.



And my mom made a key lime pie with creme fresh.




We spent the rest of the evening playing Taboo.  We get pretty excited about board games.  At some point in the evening my dad made me a small bowl of air popped popcorn.


A is the bestest that he makes me popcorn on the stove but I can’t wait until we have room for our wedding stuff and I can make air-popped!

Wednesday, goodbye

Fun fact – today is 100 days until I turn 24 on July 24th!

I wanted to start my morning healthy (100days and all and I have a long travel day), but I also wanted to appreciate my mom’s yummy pie, so I compromised.


I took a small slice of pie and a nonfat plain Greek Gods Greek yogurt and mashed them together in a coffee cup.



A and I are at school with my mommy right now and around 11 his dad is coming to pick us up.  After lunch with his parents we have at 4:30 flight to Atlanta, a short layover, and a final flight to NY.  We don’t get in until late late so I won’t be posting again until tomorrow.  I’m sad to see this part of vacation end, but I am excited to get back to my little box!

What is your favorite board game?  Mine is probably Pictionary.  I like Monopoly, but only if I get Boardwalk!


7 Responses to Monday Night – Wednesday Morning

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    I love Monopoly!! 🙂

  2. Sharon says:

    yum yum yum!
    Everything looks so good!!!!!
    Favorite board game? Ummmm.. Checkers. LOL

  3. Vani says:

    I love pictionary too! Your trip looks like so much fun. So jealous.

  4. Just catching up on your vacay posts right now and it looks so awesome! Can’t be torture to be from St. Thomas. 🙂

  5. Danielle says:

    Hmm my favorite board game is probably mad gab, that is a really fun game!

  6. Mariposa says:

    looks like you are having a BLAST! i love board games too- but my favorite I think is Pig Mania.. dont knwo if anyone else has EVER heard of that or played it!

  7. Hangry Pants says:

    At the after school program where I work they eat some not so great stuff. The ritz crackers are considered a healthy snack.

    I like the grey t-shirt!

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