The Best Kind of School Day…

…one where I’m not actually at school!  Whenever I used to dream of living in NY I pictured prowling Manhattan and drinking Starbucks on the way to work, so any pd that takes me out of East New York is good in my book!  The pd was a Read180 training and it took place at the Scholastic center, so that was fun.

This morning I got to head to work on the same train as A for the first time in two years 🙂  I was so excited I was dancing around like a little kid for the first half of the ride.  I had to ride a few stops further than A and when I got off the logical breakfast spot was…..Starbucks!

I got a fruit and cheese plate for breakfast.



And coffee.


My favorite Starbucks order is grande iced Americano with room + skim milk I add on my own.  I am one of the few who enjoys the taste of Starbucks but today I thought it tasted burnt.  I ended up adding two packets of raw sugar before I left.  I ate all of my fruits and cheese (brie!) but left the crackers because they seemed odd that early in the morning.

The pd was pretty boring – I don’t actually run a Read180 program! – but I did have fun talking to my coworker who came with me.  We were the bad kids, when we were supposed to be doing silent reading we chatted instead!  We both agreed that it is sad how exciting it was to have a work day where no one cursed at us!

For lunch I hit up the cafeteria inside the Scholastic building.


I did the salad bar, with a cookie bar and a cherry coke zero.  My salad was a spring lettuce base with some raw veggies and a dab of oil and vinegar.  I also plopped in a small blob of chicken salad.


I saved the cookie to eat during the second half of the pd.


The other amazing thing about pds is that they often let out early – I was home by three o’clock!  I took advantage of the “found time” by catching up on all the food blogs.   I also made a snack because my lunch was pretty light.


The last small serving (this is a mini plate) of fried rice, spiffed up with some Chipolte Tabasco.

On the agenda for this evening?

  • tons, tons, tons of school work
  • making dinner
  • new episode of Scrubs!

My aunt and one of my cousins are coming to visit me this weekend so I have to do a lot of my “weekend work” in advance.  I realized during a freak out yesterday that I shouldn’t even attempt to go to the gym until next week.  On the note of being busy, I should go!  Be back this evening.

What is your standard order at coffee shops?

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4 Responses to The Best Kind of School Day…

  1. Mel says:

    Oh that sounds like a great work day! Your eats definitely looked yummy!

    My standard coffee shop order is a nonfat latte. I like the foam! 🙂

  2. Sharon says:

    Mmmmmm delicious!!!

  3. I never let myself go to Starbucks anymore, but that said I’m pretty predictable – tall skim one-pump mocha! Sounds dirty, haha…

  4. sarahsnacks says:

    I looooove those days!!

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