What an amazing, amazing day!  My aunt and cousin came in to NYC for a visit last night (through Sunday) and we have been having so much fun.  A and I played tourist/tour guide today, taking them all over the city.  We did so much walking.


 My cousin slept with us at our box last night, so this morning we began the first walk (1+mile) to my aunt’s hotel.  A and G made a couple pit stops for breakfast along the way.  A and I were splitting a granita (like a Frappacino but 10x better),


 but I was eating more than my fair share so I got myself a coconut water instead.


 We had a great time walking through Park Slope to get to the hotel, I love my ‘hood so much! 




Our first excursion was taking the train to DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) to explore.



From there we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge into the city.



 Our visitors don’t walk as much as we do, so they needed a rest when we were done.  We replinished our energy with Nuts for Nuts.



The four of us split almonds and cashews.


Next we headed to SoHo and we found an old-school diner to sit down in.



I ordered an egg cream to drink, I know some people don’t like the chocolate/seltzer combo, but I think it is great.


For lunch I ordered blueberry blintzes.


They were good, but much richer than what I was expecting; I grew up eating blintzes and had never had them fried before.  I ate 2 out of 3.  I did eat a small handful of A’s fries though.


 We walked around SoHo, hitting up all of the fun places.  We made a stop in to Economy Candy and A and I have to take all visitors to Sugar, Sweet, Sunshine.  They were out of pistachio, so I made a mature decision and did not eat a cupcake.  I did eat a piece of A’s candy while we shopped.



 Yum!  So much fun.


On the way home we actually stopped and walked back to the Slope from Cobble Hill.  During our trekking I spotted a girl with bubble tea and I had to take my family to try their first bobba!  The spot was actually another Hanco’s!  I had an unsweetened black milk tea.



 My aunt and cousin both loved the tapioca balls, I think I have more converts!


 After we walked them back to the hotel A and I made the long walk home and hurried to shower as quickly as possible so we could head back out for dinner.  My aunt is the nicest lady on Earth, so she booked us dinner reservations at Del Posto – one of Mario Batali’s restaurants.


 We had a great time walking through the Meat Packing district to get there, check out the window display at Stella McCartney!


Del Posto was amazing.  I know from Iron Chef (who else adores this show?) that Batali is all about mixing textures and this was very apparent.  Every part of every dish, texture and flavor, was meant to fit together perfectly.  The four of us decided to do the 5course meal; we are a family that shares so it seemed perfect.  The lighting was dim and my photos do not even begin to do justice.  For every picture that I show you can assume I ate ¾ of the dish, shared the rest, and had some bites from everyone else.


 The bread basket was wonderful.  I what’s shown x3, with butter.


 To drink I ordered a cocktail with Makers Mark, grapefruit juice, honey, and some other liquor I can’t remember.


 This was very tasty; I love whiskey!


 For my first course I ordered the sunchoke carpaccio.


 The sunchoke was sliced super thin and drizzled with a little bit of cheese and nuts.


 The 2nd/3rdcourses at Del Posto involve pasta that the whole table must choose together.  Our first choice was Rigatoni with cauliflower and a sauce made from white wine and anchovy pasta.


 The sauce was wonderful and the homemade pasta was cooked perfectly al dente. 

 The table’s 2nd pasta choice had meat in it so I sat and nibbled on bread while the rest of them enjoyed.

 For my fourth course I ordered the chicken.  It was cooked with skin and came on a bed of almost scrambled eggs and was sprinkled with gold dust!


 The eggs were interesting (in a good way!) and the chicken was seasoned impeccably.  It was amazing how deeply into the meat the flavors penetrated.  I don’t ever eat chicken with skin so I only ate about half of it and then I gave the rest to my cousin.


For dessert I ordered the highlight of my meal:  Olive Oil Roasted DATES with Yogurt, Almonds & Sea Salt.


 Holy frick!  The dates were unbelievable and the sal de fleur added a whole new dimension of flavor.  The gelato was plain yogurt flavored and it rocked my socks.


 All in all, it was an amazing evening and A and I are so thankful to my aunt!


Tomorrow morning we have plans to explore Park Slope a bit before we head up to an exciting lunch in Manhattan.  Sadly, I did zero work on Friday so I am beyond a little stressed about when/how I am going to prepare for the upcoming week!  I will see you tomorrow evening for another exciting recap!


2 Responses to Touristing

  1. sara says:

    Ahhhh Del posto! My favorite restaurant in nyc!!! amayyyyzinggggg! If you haven’t been go to Lupa. Ridic 🙂

  2. Sharon says:

    Oh wow, what a blast!!! So much good food!
    And hahaha that sign about the flowers is hiliarious!

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