Going back to school after a day of hooky went pretty smoothly.  I even managed to wake up on time this morning without too much pain 🙂  I’ve been reading rave blog reviews of Balance Bars Cookie Dough so I tried one out for my train breakfast this morning.


My thoughts?  Holy frick this is the best thing ever!  I know I’ve raved about the Balance Honey Yogurt Peanut flavor before but this kicked that one’s butt!  This is still not something I would eat super regularly (4grams saturated fat) but if I’m ever craving cookie dough I know where to go.

I don’t have a photo, but for honesty’s sake I have to mention that when I went to the vending machine to buy a diet coke on my prep I totally got suckered in by a bag of Core Crazy Skittles.  Thoughts?  I drink too much diet coke AND eat too much candy!

For lunch I packed a bit more healthily – a medium apple,


1serving of Doctor Krackers Cherry Seminola,


and a Stonyfield Farms Pom Berry fatfree yogurt.


It’s a good thing lunch was good, because my mixed class was ca-razy this afternoon.  We had researchers from Stanford sitting in the back and while they were in the room I counted 20+ n-words, more than 40+ curse words, and at least 8incidences of violence.  Mind you, 90% of this was one student!  There was no security on the floor, and security wouldn’t come, so disrupt he did.

The nice thing about deciding to take a year off is that now I can be totally zen through these situations.  That is not to say, however, that I don’t have soul-crushing guilt about the fact that kids who come to my class to learn are often impacted by the kids I can’t control!!!

I stayed a little bit after school to set up for tomorrow and call some parents (a student read a sex novel through 90minutes of poetry work and screamed at me when I asked her to put it away) and then I headed home.  A and I ran some quick errands in the gorgeous weather, but first I snacked on a serving of the Quakes Rice Snacks my aunt left at my house this weekend.



I like that a reasonable serving size was only 70calories, and the flavor was nice and cheesy, but I’ll take Popchips over these any day!

I also ate a small serving of baby carrots.


And it’s possible I felt the need to mash these Rochers into my Jelly Belly Butter Popcorn Pudding for a third snack.


I also did mass amounts of random noshing every time I entered the kitchen.  Amid all the eating I did manage to grade a test and get my materials together for tomorrow.

My food choices went even further downhill for dinner – grilled cheese sandwich with oven baked yam fries.


I used a medium yam for the oven fries and for my grilled cheese I did 2slices of ww bread, sharp cheddar, a little bit of fatfree mayo, and a big dollop of pickle relish.  I usually cook my grilleds in a dab of SmartBalance but apparently we are all out, so I used 1t evoo. (Actually, I prefer to make them in a toaster oven, but that appliance obviously isn’t going to reside in my studio-size kitchen.)


After dinner I took a walk with A to pick up the aformentioned missing SmartBalance.  It wasn’t the healthiest day.  In fact, the healthiest thing I’m going to do is head to bed now, good night!


What extras do you put on your grilled cheese sandwiches?

Have kids (or eat off the kids’ menu)?  Read this.

Has everyone seen the Flogg that Tina is giving away?  I need this!


10 Responses to EatingJunk

  1. verbalriot says:

    honestly, I have always thought about being a teacher, but reading about your experiences in NYC schools makes me reconsider…hahah

  2. Sharon says:

    Grilled cheese looks so good. Adding spinach, tomatoes, broccoli.. anything goes! =D

  3. sue says:

    seriously! you are amazing dealing with all that in the classroom…i’d be alternating between crying and eating cheetos everyday.

  4. Hangry Pants says:

    That bar made me so sick, I can still feel it. I am glad you enjoyed it though! And I totally agree that it tastes just like cookie dough – I think it’s the butter.

    Are pop chips like the quakes?

    Grilled cheese and tomatoes is my favorite combo!!!

  5. Mom says:

    Em – YOU WON! You used the “M” (and so quickly!); a flogg journal is on it’s way to you now. I chose black rather than white, in case it got icky in your purse.

  6. Danielle says:

    Wow thanks for that article about kid’s meals I don’t eat kid’s meals or have a kid but I am shocked about the amount of calories in things! Especially the turkey burgers!
    I love grilled cheese with sliced deli chicken breast!

  7. Jordan says:

    i love the cookie dough balance bars too. they are my favorite! i tried the peanut butter one the other day also and it was really good.

  8. Sarah says:

    core crazy skittles sound exciting! are they fancy flavors?
    rochers smashed into popcorn jelly belly pudding? emily, you’re a genius! thinking of exciting food combos is always what gets me into trouble, too, haha.

    and really, i think the grilled cheese with yam fries is the nutritional (and flavor) winner of the day! that sounds so perfect, mmm. (the only other thing that goes on my grilled cheeses is tomato)

  9. I don’t make grilled cheese enough to say what I would add in! I need to change that. Although I’d probably just stick with super sharp cheddar, and grill it in a little butter, since that’s how Mom made it.

    Congratulations on your big decision! We will have to discuss this tonight. 😉 I have thoughts of my own.

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