___________ Teacher Symposium

I’m sure everyone is beyond shocked that I didn’t gym in last night as planned!  I have a legitimate healthy excuse though – I slept from 8pm straight to 7am.  YaY.  I lay down on the bed while A was googling something for me and fell asleep is seriously less than 2minutes.  When A woke me up I was so out of it I could barely form a coherent sentence, clearly I needed the rest!

This morning I obviously wasn’t too tired to wake up on time but last minute I decided to walk A to the train, throwing off my schedule and making me late.  I was on time for my event but my exciting planned weekend breakfast ended up being another train breakfast.


Whatevs, I enjoy Gnu bars.  I thought I’d be hungry since I really didn’t eat yesterday but I could only eat half of my bar on the train and ended up finishing it a few hours later.

The Parent Teacher Symposium today was a total bust.  There were speakers (from a nearby college and the mayor’s office) on topics like teen violence, the prison pipeline, and peer pressure.  The even ran from 10-2 and included a free lunch.  Sounds great right?  At 10 we had zero parents.  40people had registered yes to this event.  By 10:30 we started calling every parent we had a contact for; 4people told me they were coming right then and never showed!  At 11:30 we had 5 parents so they ran a shortened version of the event for them.  I was so disappointed.  People want to talk a lot about teacher accountability and while I believe we have a huge responsibility politicians need to be aware of where we are starting.  Some of our parents do work weekends, but for the most part the parents of the children at my school don’t work at all (that’s part of why so many of our students qualify for free lunch).  What really upsets me though is that I spent hours calling parents a week ago and 10people promised me that they would be there.  Why lie?  How does it make them feel better or look better to lie to me?  I was pretty upset.

On a positive note – I did get paid to be there And I got a free lunch.


Sorry the quality was so poor, I did this on the sly, I was not about to explain my food blog right then!  I had about 1/4C of coleslaw, the insides from 1/2 a tuna salad wrap, and half a pickle.

The trains were running funny so I didn’t make it home until after 3 and then I had to clean up a bit (while blasting Joshua Radin and Stroke9).  A and I have dorky dorky plans tonight that I am Super excited about; I see you then!

When was the last time you were disappointed at work?


5 Responses to ___________ Teacher Symposium

  1. Sharon says:

    Awwh, sorry to hear that you were disappointed. 😦 But mmm, free lunch! LOL

  2. sue says:

    sorry the event was a bust! i hate when people say they’ll attend something when they really have no intention of going- so pointless!
    my (lack of) work disappoints me daily 😦

  3. MaryBe says:

    I am amazed at how many parents really don’t give a darn. Why bother having children??
    I’m really sorry for the let down. At least you tried!

  4. verbalriot says:

    Seriously, you are the best deterrent for me ever becoming a teacher in NYC!

    • Emily says:

      verbalriot – I seriously am in one of the worst schools in nyc (we were supposed to be shut down last year), don’t let it scare you away!

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