Doctor Kracker

The Doctor Kracker company was generous enough to send me several flavors to try and I didn’t want to write a review until I tasted them all, which is why you are getting this bulk review post.  This company makes my favorite crackers on Earth so I was so excited when I got this Huge box from them!


I put the reviews in order of favorite to least favorite, enjoy.

Pumpkin Seed Cheddar –


This is my favorite of the Doctor Kracker products by far!  This was actually the first one I tried, way back in college at the University of Miami.  It’s cheesy without being too cheesy and the pumpkin seeds add a great texture/taste.  Definitely start with this variety if you are trying these products.

Fire Roasted Crisp –


This kind was my second favorite, it had a great fire kick that was on your tastebuds before you even bit into the crisp.  I loved the taste of sundried tomato in these.

Cherry Seminola –


This cracker had a nice earthy taste of seminola and then the chewy bits of dried cherry cut through with a sweetness from time to time.  I preferred this to the other fruity offering (apple) because the cherry was more of a flavor compliment than a main flavor.

Apple Crisp –


The flavor and overall texture of these was very nice; I really liked the sesame seeds on top.  All in all they had a pleasing crunch.  Over all, they tasted like cracker and apple flavors came through in small bits, which was perfect in my opinion.

Hummus Maximus –


I’m running out of ways to describe these crackers!  That is not to say, however, that they are not all delicious in their own way.  I did not taste hummus in these at all but they had a great kick of heat to them.  I loved the seeds pressed into the tops, especially the peppercorns which I’m sure added to the tasty “kick.”


2 Responses to Doctor Kracker

  1. Sharon says:

    Oh wow, those crackers sound neat!

  2. MaryBe says:

    Hummus Maximus! Ha that slays me!
    We don’t have these available near me
    Thanks for the review!

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