Whole Date

Is it dorky that I’ve been planning a trip to Whole Foods for more than a week?  Either way, I was super excited!  A and I did ate dinner from the salad bar and then did our grocery shopping for the week and it rocked my socks.  New York has been unable to decide what the weather is – spring, winter, summer? – so I couldn’t decide either.


I have to give credit to my mommy for buying both the hoodie and summer dress for me – I haven’t bought clothing in almost a year and somehow I have all sorts of cute things!  Since it was a date night I even got a bit gussied.


A and I took forever getting to Whole Foods.  First we had to make an emergency stop for Visine because my allergies are making my eyes so bad, next we had to transfer trains twice, and finally A felt the need to stop for an expresso!  Salad bar was worth the wait though!


Alongside a Honey Drop drink.


This drink was tasty but an inbetweener,not really water or juice.  I tried to get a good mix of healthy/not so healthy.  Edame and seaweed salads.


Asian chicken salad (I think this had broad rice noodles in it!).


Sesame tofu and a teeny serving of baked macaroni and cheese.


Everything was so good!  It was the perfect amount of food, but we couldn’t resist this downstairs:


Locally made gelato?!  I ordered a small dulce de leche topped with honey lavender.


A and I had a great time exploring Whole Foods – better produce, better variety, and better prices than the stores in our neighborhood!  We actually managed to show some self-restraint so we didn’t go too crazy, but I have some super fun products to show off over the next week!

The trains were crazy coming home too, so now it is basically time for bed.  I have a busy busy day tomorrow (especially because we want to go see the new X-Men movie!).  Sleep tight!

What is your favorite grocery store?

What is your favorite flavor of gelato? 


4 Responses to Whole Date

  1. What a great WF meal!! I usually end up with way too much of the curried tofu salad…
    Favorite grocery store: Woodman’s (its a local chain)
    Favorite gelato: chocolate!

  2. Sharon says:

    Oh my gosh, I want whole foods here in my area!!!!!!!!

  3. Allison says:

    that honey drop drink looks really tasty!

  4. sue says:

    That dress is adorable- love the ruffles! I plan out trips to Whole Foods in advance too!

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