Took the Cake

Happy Monday everybody!  Today was actually a really nice day of work.  My kids were well-behaved and we got more done than usual (although still not as much as I would like!).

I started my morning with an Apricot Almond KIND Bar, my fav.


A walked me to my train so I was in a big bliss cloud for most of the ride!

During lunch I was busy setting up my SmartBoard and I didn’t get a chance to eat anything 😦  We had a faculty meeting after school, but I did manage to snag my baggie of green grapes before I went to that.


After the meeting I stayed to clean up my room and call parents so I ended up not getting home until after 6:30!  I organized some things and cooked dinner while I waited for House to begin.  I ate this yogurt when I got home to make up for no lunch.


Wallabyis a brand of Australian organic yogurt.  Nonfat Strawberry Guava was pretty impressive, I love the look of the containers too.  I also ate at least two bites of A’s junk food (pizza and a cupcake).

For dinner I tried out this new preseasoned tofu from More Than Tofu, in peanut ginger.


I sliced it and baked it for 20minutes while I made a side using this stuff:


Heat over low heat in a small pan; 1can seasoned greens + 1/4C blue cheese crumbles + 1/4 unsweetened dried blueberries = Blue Blue Greens.


I ate the entire package of tofu! (360calories) 


It said that there were 4 (90cal) servings but that seemed a little skimpy to me, although half a package would work if you’re not super hungry.  I made a sauce for the side out of stir fry sauce, Chipolte Tabasco, rice vinegar, and honey pb.


Everything was hella yummy!


After House (amazing!) I headed to the gym; I’m proud of myself for making it two days in a row.  I did 15minutes on the elliptical at level 10 and 15minutes on the stepmill at level 7.  I ended with 5minutes of abs/stretching on the mats.  I had a great work out but the bonehead on the machine next to the mats would not stop grunting!  I get that you might struggle at the end of a set but if you are screaming straight through 10+minutes of weights you are doing something wrong!  Even worse was the fact that he kept yelling at himself, berating himself anytime he stopped.  I felt bad for him because it was clear he had some issues but please live out your body issues quietly 🙂

A met me for the walk home and we took a walk around the neighborhood for funsies.  I might have felt the need to go back to Tea Lounge to buy the gigantic Oreo cupcake I was drooling over earlier in the day.


I also might have scraped off all the frosting and thrown the cupcake away [carnage].


I am fully aware that a. this is wasteful and b. it pretty much undid any calories I burned at the gym, but damn it I like cupcakes!  Belly full, I’m off to take a quick shower and snuggle into bed, night!

How do you feel about grunters at the gym?  What is the thing that annoys you while working out?


7 Responses to Took the Cake

  1. Megan says:

    I do the exact opposite! I always throw away the frosting and eat the cupcake! That Oreo cupcake looks soooo good though! I love the actual Oreos in it! One thing that annoys me is when people will talk on their cell phones while working out! It’s a weird pet peeve, but I can’t stand it!

  2. 1) Agree. House was fantastic.
    2) Cupcake frosting is worth any workout
    3) WTG on 2 days at the gym!
    Have a great tuesday!

  3. Sweetie Pie says:

    CUPCAKE!! Holy smokes. That looks amazing. My workout is almost always a tool for off-setting my sweet tooth. 🙂

    Wallaby Dulce de Leche lowfat yogurt is my favorite flavored yogurt ever. Period. It is so good!! Plus, I like the wallaby on the container. Cute! I should try the strawberry guava for a bit of variety.

    I need to try that Kind bar too. You had a yummy day!

  4. Sarah says:

    i hate grunters at the gym, but i love blog posts that include “cake” in the title!

    i saw that tofu at the store and was so tempted to buy!

  5. Vani says:

    grunters are so annoying!

    I love love love chipotle tabasco and your tofu dipping sauce looks incredible!

  6. Danielle says:

    I hate grunters, there’s this one guy at my gym who grunts so much, he once threw a dumbbell at someone because they walked in front of the mirror he was watching himself in.

  7. carolinebee says:

    That tofu sounds good, and I don’t even like tofu! I really dislike groups of youngish frat guys that workout aka talk in large groups around machines ughhh!

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