Doubles and Debacles

I realize I’ve been away three days, but this post is a double because it will just cover the last two.  I’ve been super busy (and tired), but I’m sorry I’ve been a boring blogger.

Thursday morning I had the best train breakfast ever.


Boomi Bars (maple pecan) officially rock my socks!  This was crunchy is the most amazing way and the flavors, salty and sweet, were perfect.

For lunch I packed the 2nd serving of my Pimento Shmento Red Pepper Spread,


along with a serving of Doctor Kracker, a mini almond sample, and a small apple.


I also ate this SmartFood sample for dessert, tasty!


I had to stay late after school for a Smart Board training, and I didn’t get home until after 6.  Somehow I managed to make myself do schoolwork (I’ve been rocking it out this week) before A convinced me to get Thai food for dinner.  We just got a big $ refund from A’s grad school so it seemed like a good way to celebrate.

I went veggie-crazy for dinner.  I had steamed veggie dumplings,


and a carrot and cabbage spicy salad.


So good!  The dumplings were nice and chewy and the salad was like a super spicy (non-mayo-y) slaw.

After dinner we went to the grocery store (at 11:30pm!!!) to do our shopping for next week.  On the way home I rounded out my small dinner withmore veggies, this time the unhealthy kind!


The pizza place we are obsessed with makes the best fries.

For dessert I broke out a grocery store purchase (with a coupon from SWITP)


Jell-O Sugar Free Banana Fudge Supreme Pudding.  I had a cup with Oreos crunched in.


You can also visualize an extra 5 oreos, oops.

Friday morning had a bumpy start – my alarm on my cell phone didn’t work and I way overslept, I ended up throwing my cell phone and breaking it in half!  Yes, I do have a temper, but I was particularly angry because I’ve spent so much time this week doing work in advance for next week and I was so proud of myself for getting up early on a Friday.  I hated myself for the last 1.5years because I always oversleep and this week I’ve been actually getting up and then the alarm doesn’t work!?!

I was 15minutes late to work and I didn’t get to eat anything all day.  After school I came home to meet A to buy a new phone and then I finally got something to eat!  A was super excited about the Grand Canyon Dinner for some reason so we went there.


I ordered the New York Pannini – turkey, bacon, tomato, American cheese, and roasted onions with a side of Russian dressing.



I modified my order for turkey bacon and no butter on the bread.  It was pretty tasty.


A’s meal came with dessert so we split the blueberry pie.


I’ve never had canned pie filling before and I was pretty surprised at how sticky it was!

After dinner we walked home and I fell asleep, at 7o’clock!  I must have been exhausted because I was O-U-T out!  I woke up this morning and got started on work, which is why I am not talking about today until later.  I will however tell you a story…..

The Dumpling Debacle

Or as I am calling it, the Foie Gras Faux Pas.  As you guys know, I am semi-vegetarian.  I eat fowl and fish but haven’t eaten pork or red meat (mammal) since the summer before 8th grade.  As it is, I don’t eat a ton of fish and not all that much fowl, I eat a lot fake meats.  But I especially, do NOT eat duck, as they are my favorite creatures on Earth.  I ate duck at a fancy Chinese restaurant once when I was 13 and my aunt and uncle had taken me to NY for my birthday and I cried for days!

Now, you remember the fabulous chicken dumplings from the FoodBuzz event.  The beyond delicious ones I ate two of?  I found out towards the end of the event that they were in fact chicken FOIE GRAS dumplings!  I ate tortured duck?!?!  And loved it!  I would never seek out foie gras (it is so inhumane that even some full-blown meat eaters are againstit) but I have to say, I’m a little glad I tasted it accidentally.  I am such a foodie and there are a lot of big items I’ll never try because I stopped eating “meat” so young – oxtail, marrow, proscutio, etc.  Don’t think I’m a monster!

If you are semi/vegetarian/vegan – have you ever had any accidents?


5 Responses to Doubles and Debacles

  1. Sarah says:

    i’m glad you survived the smart board training! it would have been a shame to miss out on those veggie dumplings.

    i’m glad you got the foie gras incident off your chest!

  2. Sharon says:

    Delicious delicious, I totally love everything! And mmmm oreo cookies! I want some now! Licking the center is what I always do. 😛

  3. […] two years at this job has turned me into a barely function being (see exhibit 1million, my new phone) and I am celebrating of full week of being human.  1. I worked every day and have a work-free […]

  4. fitforfree says:

    Oh my gosh, I feel the same way about ducks!!! My friend ordered duck at a Chinese restaurant a few weeks ago and I almost cried –

    Yes, there have been accidents. In the vegan year, I’ve accidentally eaten buttered popcorn, a few sips of a non-soy latte, soy cheese and soy yogurt with casein (a milk derivative), canned veggie soup with “beef solids” hidden in the ingredient list . . . argh. It’s really hard to be a purist. Don’t beat yourself up!

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