This morning I woke up early to cash in my reward.  Why a reward, you ask?  Doing two years at this job has turned me into a barely function being (see exhibit 1million, my new phone) and I am celebrating of full week of being human.  1. I worked every day and have a work-free Sunday, plus I did extra.  2. I made it to the goshdarn gym!  I realize that 3times per week would make most bloggers panic but for me this year that is a frickin’ record!  I’ve had in my head all week that if I stuck to my plans I could do what I’ve been dreaming of for 1.5years – go to Blue Apron and buy everything I want.  Blue Apron is a foodie-tastic store in our ‘hood stocked with local stuff and fun goods from across the pond.

I shopped with Nate in mind, check out my spread:


As soon as we left the store I had one of A’s goodies,


maple candy.  And then A and I split one of my buys.


We still don’t know what this was, but it had pistachios in it and A thought it tasted like a Cow Tail.

Then we headed to fun activity # 2 – brunch at Dizzy’s!  There was a longish wait so they brought us scones outside, A and I split this one.


Once we got inside there were more goodies on the table –


I ate enough half a scone and half a muffin slathered with strawberry butter.

My meal also came with apple juice and peppermint tea; A drank most of them though.


I ordered the Eggs Ben a Diz, Florentine Style poached eggs on a toasted jumbo English muffin with spinach and topped with ancho lime holandaizz sauce, served with home fries.


So tasty.  I ordered the sauce on the side and ate it deconstructed style – spinach first with a bit of sauce and then the eggs broken onto bread.


The portions were huge!  I ate all the spinach and eggs but left 90% of the potatoes and bread.


Full, we walked through Prospect Park and to the Brooklyn Art Museum, BAM.


We were pretty thirsty from the long walk so A and I stopped into the cafeteria and split a GUS – Grown Up Soda – Cola.


We had a great time, the museum had 5 floors so there was more to see than I expected.  On the way home we stopped in at Tea Lounge and saw that their seasonal flavor was Pina Colada Green Tea,


who could pass that up?


And from there we’ve enjoyed some trashy fun – bad tv and crappy food 🙂  I ate a salted French caramel,


and made an open-faced sandwich out of turkey pepperoni, reduced fat mozzarella, and oregano.


Served with Dirty Salt and Vinegar Chips.


I ate 4 of A’s whole grain chicken nuggets,


and then A and I split this bag of Walkers Roast Chicken Chips.


Yum, yum.

On the agenda for the evening?  More of the same – we have a comedy from Netflix and there is a big bowl of popcorn calling my name, night!


8 Responses to BAM!

  1. Melissa says:

    what a fun day! Brunch looks great! and whole grain nuggets? who knew?

  2. Sarah says:

    so cool that you used blue apron as your motivation! that is actually a brilliant idea, hmmmm …

    and, despite 4 years in this neighborhood, i’ve never eaten at dizzy’s! but now that i see you got free scones and strawberry butter, i may have to change that.

    • Emily says:

      Sarah! Actually, YOU were the topic of conversation at brunch! I was telling husband about your blog and we decided that we are going to start trying to take home more of our leftovers (and things like the leftover strawberry butter!).

  3. Sharon says:

    Walkers? I have never heard of those before, but hahaha, the flavors are awesome! Reminds me of Asian potato chips! 😛

  4. sue says:

    ooh that store sounds fun! glad you rewarded yourself after all that hard work!

  5. Allison says:

    you always find the coolest stuff 🙂

  6. ellie says:

    Walkers chips are great! (they have all kinds of weird flavours now like squirrel and chilli/chocolate!)

    So cool that they brought out food to people in line!

    Happy Monday 🙂

  7. Danielle says:

    Those flavored chips sound outta control! Hope you enjoy them!

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