Way To Go Bear!

Two grand things happened today – A graduated with a Masters degree in Education (not that he’s not heading back to grad school next year or anything) and we each got a free day off work to attend the ceremony.  A’s family came in for the ceremony and we made quite an event of the day.

We sucked as much sleeping in time as possible out of the morning and ended up running around like headless chickens to run our errands – picking up dry cleaning and buying a belated Mothers Day present.  The in-laws got to town in time for lunch so we headed to an Italian spot in the Slope.


Everything was tasty tasty.  They brought yummy bread to the table with dipping oil.


The special thing about this spot is that the dipping oil has tomato paste in it.  I ate one piece with dip.


And then a half a piece.


My lunch special came with an appetizer so I got the fresh mozzarella,


and I ate a piece of my s-i-l’s bruschetta.


For my actual meal I got grilled salmon with veggies.


The sauce was a balsamic reduction and it was delicious.


The service was good but it was soooo slow.  The guy was super sweet and brought us complimentary pours of a Port dessert wine.


Then we headed up to the city for graduation.  Pace held it at Radio City Music Hall this year which was pretty sweet.


The ceremony was super-long.  Myself, and several others!, caught a few zzzzz’s at several points!  I snacked on a Cookies and Cream Luna Bar to keep myself awake.


The in-laws and I actually left the ceremony a little early to grab Starbucks for the ride back.  I got a Frappuccino Light Coffee with an extra shot of espresso.


Since I’m the best wife ever I also bought A a tuna sub from Subway.  I took a few blurry bites in the car.


Once back in the Slope we went to an Italian Cajun spot (Two Boots) for dinner.


I ordered a Super Cajun Bloody Mary Absolut Peppar with our homemade spicy tomato juice mix, in a 16oz mason jar, garnished with house pickled okra & a Tomolive.


I am all about the Bloody Marys lately.  I never drank them before this year but I have really been digging the spiciness.

The in-laws ordered nachos for the table so I had a small plate.


And a second small plate with jalopeno salsa.


My meal choice was the Big ‘Ol Cobb Salad blackened chicken, avocado, tomato, bacon & pepper jack cheese over greens with a creamy green onion dressing.


I ordered mine without bacon and with dressing on the side.


They basically gave me a platter!  It was super tasty though; I used a few splatters of dressing but mostly enjoyed it with the creaminess of the avocado.  I only about about 3/4 so I went Sarah-style and packed up the rest to go.


Then we said our goodbyes and headed home.  We think A’s sister and her husband might come visit us next weekend so we are pretty excited.

Now we are watching “Red, White, and Brown” and I am eating a bag of Walkers chips from last weekend.


Prawn Cocktail yuminess.  And bed 🙂

Where did you graduate from?  I haven’t earned my masters yet and I got my undergrad from University of Miami.

FYI – Pretty Green Girl is giving away some pretty sweet soy stuff.  And Melissa is offering a chance to do a three day clense with Blueprint.  And Diana is giving away a Vitatops treasure trove.

More BAM’ness –





12 Responses to Way To Go Bear!

  1. MELISSA says:

    Moz and Tom – my best friends!

  2. Sarah says:

    Yayyyyyyyyyy, A, congrats!

    that salmon with balsamic reductions looks SO good. and i’ve never been to 2 boots! but i’m so glad you were able to get two meals out of it 🙂

    my undergrad was from NYU, and my grads-to-be (iin one year) are from hunter and bank street … but you know that!

  3. verbalriot says:

    I love 2 boots! And congrats to A for graduating!

    I’m at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for my undergrad…and you know, I’ll probably go to Harvard for my Master’s or something 😉

  4. fitforfree says:

    I love 2 Boots! And it took me forever to figure out why it was called 2 Boots . . . embarrassing.

    We should plan another Brooklyn get-together soon! When are you done w/ school?

    • Emily says:

      fitforfree – I’m not done with school until the 27th of June! All the more reason I would be up for a fun get-together though (somewhere with liquor……). Sarah was telling me about an area with great Indian food that I am pretty curious about.

  5. Congratulations A!!! I did my undergrad at Boston College and well, I guess you know the status of what might be next…

  6. Mariposa says:

    congrats to your hubby for graduating!!

    do your in-laws drink out of mason jars??? my fam does! i think they are so fun!

    i have not graduated.. yet, im still holding out to finish school someday

  7. carolinebee says:

    Congrats A!!! That is so awesome- minus the longggg and boring ceremony 😀 I graduated from USC in Los Angeles, hopefully nursing school is in my future.

  8. biz319 says:

    Congrats to A!!! My sister just graduated from community college – a 2 year associates degree – and they had a full ceremony with commencement speakers and everything!

    After seeing your nachos – I am craving them! 😀

  9. MaryBe says:

    Love the pictures of you two and congrats to A! That is a lot of hard work!

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