Woot Woot!

Note 1 – My Thursday no-show post was the result of a doctor’s appointment for A and I and an impromptu trip to see the new Terminator movie.  I’ve never really seen the other Terminators but I thought this was pretty great – the actor who played Marcus Wright was a hot hot hottie.

Note 2 – A definite emilyism is that I (too) often go “woot woot” sarcastically to express displeasure at something.  I almost never get to do a for reals woot.  The title is legit though, I made it through the week!  Late night machine movies left me behind schedule but somehow I managed to pull myself out of bed at 5am this morning to prepare for my day.  I wrote my plans, made my materials, made posters, and even took a steamy shower.

For train breakfast I made a to-go cup of skim milk with No Sugar Added Carnation Instant Breakfast.


This was my first no sugar CIB and I much preferred it, I could drink this regularly.  I had a Boomi Bar in my bag for the train as well but I ended up seated across from one of my students and for some reason I felt really awkward eating.  I couldn’t eat the bar at school (and I didn’t pack lunch) because A and I planned on getting 8hour-fast-required blood tests after school.  Unfortunately we mixed up the times, but fortunately A let me know before I got there so I didn’t have to make an unnecessary trip.

When I got home I was pretty hungry so I cozied up to the salad leftovers from graduation dinner.


I used the dressing this time since (duh) it was less fresh.


2days later and still delicious!  This was a bigger meal than it looks, I found a pocket of cheese and chicken towards the bottom, score!

I traded the gym for hangout time with A but I did manage to do 70reps of different arm exercises with my 5lb weights.

Then A and I headed out to do our weekly grocery shopping, we made it exciting by going to Trader Joes!  We stopped on the way to the subway for a drink, I was parched.  The “better stuff” Snapple commercials have been catching my eye so I tried a Diet Lime Green Tea.


While this was much better than old diet Snapples used to be it still had that sicky fake sugar aftertaste.

Once we got to Brooklyn Heights we trekked the blocks down to look out at the ocean.



And then filled our bags (and my heart) with joy and we Joe’d it up and got our groceries.  When we got home with our riches I had some pb.


And then promptly passed out at 9:30!  Which is why I’m doing this pm post in the am.  The am post will come later, hope everyone had a great night!

What is your favorite grocery store?  I like Whole Foods best, but Trader Joes is a close second.  And honestly, Publix in FL kind of rocks my socks.


2 Responses to Woot Woot!

  1. Sarah says:

    congrats on getting through another week!(and on getting sneaky with your arm exercises, woooooot!)

    stop & shop will always have a place in my heart 🙂

  2. MaryBe says:

    Love the picture of the water, and the one of you two. Wegman’s is a great store in the Buffalo/Rochester area, and I love the Big M in Alexandria Bay NY.
    When my daughter lived in NYC, we’d go shopping and have it delivered. *Heaven* And I loved how the store aisles were really narrow but HIGH lol!

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