Rolling, Rolling, What!?

Fred Durst lyrics aside, I’ve been on a roll this week with the productivity!  I’m pretty proud of today if I do say so myself.

I had no train breakfast (or lunch) today because A and I were going back to the doctors to get the blood tests we missed from last week.  It was interesting day of school – I did not teach a single class.  Exit projects for science and social studies are due tomorrow so every single period of 8th grade for the last 2 days has been devoted to finishing them.  It’s not that I mind helping with the projects, but isn’t the school sending the wrong message by instituting a mad rush?

I stayed after school to re-average grades for students who handed in make-up work today and then I met A at the doctor’s office.  Quick and painless.  I’m not afraid of needles, but I should be – I have really small veins and the last 3 times I got blood taken it involved 8+ sticks and a popped vein!  A went before me and was nice enough to save me his post-test leftovers.


He brought me about 1/4 of a Chipotle chicken burrito bowl.


I ate it on the walk home.

I didn’t even have time to sit when we got home because I had to make a quick turn around to make it to the gym by 6:15.  I did the best I could to approximate a meal by drinking a chocolate EAS on the walk.


60minutes of Virgin Yoga is just what I needed – I’m still sore from the class on Tuesday!  My balance is pitiful, even the first-times look more graceful than I do as I flop around like fish.

When I got home I hunkered down to work and finished my plans/materials for tomorrow, and 90% of next week, and 50% of the week after that!  The reason I had to do tomorrow is because I was informed that I will be teaching Social Studies for the next two days due to the upcoming state exam.

Dinner was quick and simple but delicious.


Yam Soba noodles + frozen organic asparagus = tasty meal for 2 x 2nights.


I topped my portion with a drizzle of evoo, a sprinkle of salt, and 1T toasted pine nuts.


Somehow after dinner I managed to convince A that a trip to the grocery store at 11pm as a good idea- so we went!  We got our groceries for next week.

Groceriers, grading, doctors appointment, plans, and the gym?  Sounds like a good day to me.

Are you afraid of needles?   I am not.  Which is probably how I ended up with 6piercings and a tattoo.


10 Responses to Rolling, Rolling, What!?

  1. Lindsay says:

    I have been reading your blog for a little while now and I really love all of the cool little restaurants that you and your husband try out… my mom, my aunt, and cousin are planning a trip to the city in the fall and I was wondering if there were any specific restaurants or locations that we must try out… please keep in mind that my aunt and cousin are from the UK and do not have the tastebuds for the spiciest food in the world but they are a bit of food snobs… they eat at the Ritz all the time!! :O

  2. Mom says:

    6 ??!! Oh, yeah…Nana let you get that extra one on your ear!

  3. MaryBe says:

    Don’t tease us….name the six!
    A friend of mine has so many piercings, I don’t know how she can walk (if you get what I mean!)

  4. verbalriot says:

    EXIT PROJECTS! I remember doing that in 8th grade! I did mine on Abraham Lincoln and I blew my teacher away ’cause I made this crazy ass poster board and knew more than she did. It was a proud moment of my junior high school career.

    I hate giving blood. I’m okay with needles, but not giving blood. I’m 21 and I’ve done it twice in my life, not by choice.

    See you in a few weeks! 🙂

  5. Mariposa says:

    i am scared of needles.. but have 8 tattoos.. i think if its for medical purposes i run the other way- but if the end result is something pretty- im all for it!

    • Emily says:

      Mariposa – I have a friend who is Massively afraid of needles, but she still managed to get her tounge pierced!

  6. sue says:

    shots dont freak me out but for some reason, i’m really afraid of piercings. i don’t even have my ears pierced!

  7. Sarah says:

    you had such a productive day … again!! you’ve had a lot of those lately 🙂 and i’m glad that the yoga is feeling good.

    i wouldn’t say i’m afraid of needles, yet having them poked in me makes me feel like i’m about to pass out. i’m fine as long as i’m lying down!

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