Sorry for the two day absence, work has been hard and I’ve been feeling really sad lately.  I feel like these last two years have really taken a lot out of me.  I don’t take care of myself and I’m still not successful at work.  I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t eat healthy enough, I don’t get to work out.  Plus my skin has been freaking out lately which doesn’t really help.  I don’t have any food pics but I can’t post quite this much negativity.  In spite of it all, I managed to make a list of the things (related to this experience) I am grateful for.

Reasons my 2 years at my school were a blessing

  1. I got to explore my undergrad degree, even if I never use it again
  2. I feel gangsta telling people I work in East New York
  3. for a small number of kids, I did have a huge impact.  There are students who I can genuinely see education/emotional/social growth in that I know I had a part of developing
  4. it gave me a chance to spend two years living in nyc
  5. even without regular gym time carrying my huge work bag has built up my arm strength to all time highs
  6. I realized while doing this job how passionate I am about getting proper nutrition education to low-income areas
  7. A and I will always know to appreciate the little things in life after this

What blessings have you found in struggles?


3 Responses to Blessings

  1. Emily says:

    Hang in there, lady! I recently switched jobs and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My (old) boss and I had been really close, and she took it very personally. In the end though, I am so much happier in my new position, and things are working out.

    Thanks for reminding me to notice the happy! 🙂

    Have a great Friday!

  2. fitforfree says:

    Way to look at the positive. Those are all amazing things and I know you’ll do incredible things with your RD degree.

    Blessings I’ve found in my current job: it’s given me the time and energy to sort out some personal stuff and volunteer!

  3. Hangry Pants says:

    I think it’s awesome that you were able to find so many blessings in a bad situation. If I think back to my horrible lawyer experience, I am happy I did it all because I learned so much about myself and who I want to be!

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