Big Apple Rainstorm

When I woke up this morning I felt so tired I told A I could stay in bed until 5 – looking back that might have been the better idea!  We had a fun day but things weren’t quite working out for us.

I’m not gonna lie – the first thing I ate today was Ruffles potato chips, unphotographed, straight from the bag.  Then we headed up to the city to hit up the Big Apple Bbq.  On the way we stopped at Dizzy’s and got a lemonade to split.


There were TONS of people at the park, and live music. 


I had a few sips of A’s apple cider.


We had a good time people watching but discovered that there was NO chicken at the event, so my dreams of a pulled chicken sandwich were not going to happen.  A was not happy about being pushed (he had a questionable mole removed from his back this week and has stitches) so we decided to split.  No soon did we leave the park then it started to rain!

We ducked into the spot across the street and discovered a fresh juice bar.


I got carrot, spinach, and pineapple.   I thought this was delicious, maybe I can be a real blogger after all!  As we walked down the street we spotted Punch which looked fun,



so we went inside for the brunch menu.  They brought a basket of bread/muffins to the table,


and our meal came with drinks.


I got a Bloody Mary, and salmon eggs benedict with the sauce on the side.



I wasn’t really feeling this meal, I ended up only eating half of everything (incudling the drink and the hollandaise).  I was pretty hungry still as we hurried to the subway through the rain.  I ended up eating another serving of chips when I got home.


At least this time they weren’t straight from the bag!

We have low key plans for tonight (and know to bring our umbrellas!) so hopefully this evening will work out a little better!

What is your favorite bbq food?  I really liked pulled chicken sandwiches but feel like you can’t find them anywhere.


2 Responses to Big Apple Rainstorm

  1. verbalriot says:

    I LOVE pulled chicken or pork, but chicken is really hard to come by!

  2. Sarah says:

    emily, i love your purple shorts!

    sorry the bbq was only a semi-success. i would love to try a pulled chicken sandwich — i don’t think i’ve ever had one!

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