Fish and a Movie

It is obviously quite late so I will try to make this a quickie (hehe).  A and I had a good walk finish our errands.  I even took a shot of my tootsies because the fabulousness of the Chanel nail polish my mommy gave me needs to be shown.


When we got home we got down to dinner making.  My father and I have been talking about cooking fish (my parents’ new routine is fish every Sunday) and he generously offered to have A and me use his credit card to buy some.


Mahi Mahi is my favorite fish other than salmon.  We were hungry so we did things quickly.  First we did a three minute marinade,


2T mayo, juice from 1lime, and a big sprinkle of paprika.  Then A cooked it on the stove top for about 8 minutes, delish.


We also had oven roasted asparagus,


and sweet potato with Smart Balance Light.


All together.


It was a really nice meal – thanks dad!  I had a small glass of A’s beer too.



Our big after dinner plan was gelato that my girlfriends left but we had the fun discovery that our freezer had completely defrosted – woo who!  So we went to the movies instead 🙂  We saw The Hangover which 100% rocked my socks.  While we watched I had a regular sized Jr Mints (as in not movie biggie sized) that I bought at Staples today,


and 2 handfuls of caramel corn.


I like having small hands, my palm can’t physically hold more than a .5C serving.

And now it is totes time for bed – peace!


5 Responses to Fish and a Movie

  1. the fish looks great! i’ve never had mahi mahi before. sorry about your freezer- the joys of living in nyc 🙂 i’ve definitely had that happen to me on more than one occasion.

  2. Sarah says:

    yay for dads!!! so exciting that he subsidized your mahi mahi ($18, eeeeeek!). dinner looks so good!

    and your freezer defrosted??? was it a disaster? looks like you made up for the missing gelato beautifully, though!

    • Emily says:

      Sarah – it didn’t fully defrost (ex. we are keeping the meat that was in it) but the ice-cream products all seperated 😦

  3. CANNOT wait to see the Hangover! I am glad to hear it is actually funny and not a total lame-fest.

  4. Amelia says:

    Dinner looks great!

    The Hangover was hilarious! I actually went to the Big Apple BBQ Saturday and saw the movie after that. So good.

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