Squats and Shots

I stayed home from school Thursday and Friday so today hardly felt like a Saturday but I enjoyed it all the same!  I’ve been having an enjoyably productive morning/afternoon and I’m feeling good.

My big plan for this morning was my second free session at Physique57.  A came up into the city with me to drop off some forms so it was nice to sit with him on the train.  I snacked on a Boomi Bar on the ride.


All of these flavors are good but Maple Pecan is by far the best.

I loved my Physique57class again!  I really enjoy strength classes that make you sweat without cardio.  You feel your entire body working during the hour but the instructors change up the exercise enough that it isn’t impossible.  I highly recommend that other NY’ers check this out – I might even pay to go to some classes this summer!

A met me after class to do some shots,


Machta Energy Shots that is!  Excuse the haggardness, I told you the class was difficult!


I did a double with soy milk.  I also ate 3 of A’s Popchips on the subway ride home.


After a shower and setting up my laundry (thanks Bear you are the greatest!) I got down to business.  I looked at programs and applications and have a long list of numbers to call on Monday.  I ordered some study guides for this summer.  And I finally set myself up at Todoist 🙂

We have some more errands to run and then a fun event (fingers crossed with the weather) for this evening.  See ya later aligators!

Do you ever go to smoothie stores?  I would prefer to make them at home but since our blender broke I have made the occasional Jamba stop and I can’t say I don’t enjoy it!  The key is to get things made with normal ingredients – ice, juice, fruit – and avoid anything made with ice-cream or a “base.”

2 Responses to Squats and Shots

  1. melissa says:

    glad you like P57! it doesn’t get much better than that!

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