Drag Me

June 2, 2009

Sorry for my two day absense – my obsessive need to be near A has lead me to make some stupid (but fun!) decisions.  I’ve done a LOT so this with be a slightly less detailed account.  It’s been a great two days, but I’ll backtrack…..

Monday morning I ate a Cookie Dough Balance Bar for my train breakfast.


I try not to eat Balance Bars all the time because they do have 2.5 – 4grams of saturated fat, but they sure are good!

For lunch I packed a Fiji apple,


a TJ’s Nonfat Honey Greek Yogurt,


and 1serving of Doctor Kracker Fire Roasted Crisps.


The apple was super mealy so I only ate half but the crackers and the yogurt hit the spot.

After school I rushed around trying to get some program applications (I’m going to try to post about this on Thursday) filled out and faxed.  It was a lovely spring day and I was glad I dressed in season for school.


The picture is blurry but here is the flowery fabric –


I love this shirt, I got it and the same but in black from H&M last year.

With more rushing, I even managed to make it to the gym for a class.  1st I did 15minutes (2walk/13jog) on the treadmill to warm up.  I did 1.6miles.  Then I headed into a 30minute Abs and Stretching class .  Holey Moley, I couldn’t even finish all of the sets!

Next up, making dinner.  I did some snacking while cooked, I serving each of turkey pepperoni and salted peanuts.



It is also possible that I ate an ice-cream Snickers bar.




Dinner was very veggie,


baked tofu in a sea of roasted brussels sprouts with a small pile of coleslaw.  I had never eaten a brussels sprout before this year but now roasted they are one of my favs.


The tofu I drained, pressed, sliced, then drizzled with evoo and a sprinkle of dried mustard and paprika, baked for 25minutes at 475*.  My eyes were bigger than my stomach, I only ended up eating 2slices (1/3 of the package).


And finally was homemade cole slaw, recipe below.


All together.


The cole slaw was inspired by this sale item at the grocery store –


Cole Slaw Recipe

  • 4C shredded cabbage
  • 3T mayo
  • 3T apple cidar vinegar
  • 1t sugar
  • 1/2C raisins

Mix to combine and Done.  I’m sure this will be even better leftover.  I love raisins in cole slaw.

Somehow after dinner A convinced me to see a 10:15 showing of “Drag Me to Hell.”  Drag me to Hell is right – Worst.Movie.Ever.  Seriously, I don’t know if you guys remember the year in the ’90’s when 80 movies in a row were terrible (Godzilla, Breakdown, etc.) but this movie was worst than all of those movies combined!  Even scarier was what I ate during the movie (I always eat a ton during scary movies) – an entire container of pretzel bites with fake cheese and a box of cookie dough bites.  Seriously, I’m glad I don’t have pictures.  A calls me a goldfish, I actually made myself nausous.

This morning I was still feeling so gross from the movie-crapfest that my train breakfast didn’t get eaten until well into 2nd period!


Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Clif Bar.  This wasn’t bad, but it was my least favorite flavor in months.

Lunch was a total bust – it seemed like such a good idea at the time, but it just didn’t come together.


The idea was Pre-Smooshed PB & J Museli: Greek yogurt, oats, raspberries and peanuts.


Doesn’t that sound good?  Well, no, no it was not.  I took about 2 bites before I decided I’d rather be hungry.

I stayed after school to conference with some kids then rushed to the post office to main in an application.  A was my knight in shining armor today – it was pouring and he came and met me at the train with an umbrella.  Even better, he let me talk him into a meal at Sweet Melissa!

It was wet and chilly enough out for a hot drink so I took full advantage, Sugar and Spice Latte.


A caramel latte with nonfat milk and homemade cinnamon sugar marshmellows.

For eats I got the Tarragon Chicken Salad Sandwich.


It came with a green side salad,


was served on a crossaint and had green apples and golden raisins in it.


Delish.  Usually I don’t eat the bread on restaurant sandwiches (and I never eat crossaints) but today I ate the whole thing and it was delicious.

A and I hung out at home for a bit and then he said he was going for a run.  Well, my plan for June is to slowly get back into running shape doing intervals but I’m a crazy-face who misses my husband all day so I jumped up and said I’d go too!  We did some loops in Prospect Park and a few little loops in the Slope.  And get this – in 35minutes (I ran the exact time of my 35minute gym playlist on my i-pod, which was an exciting coindence) we did 4.4miles!  Not only did I know think I could run for 35minutes straight I never thought I could do more than 3miles this out of shape!  Other than a few quick stops for boob adjustment (holey heck I need new sports bras) we ran the entire time.  And my ankles/knees don’t even hurt yet (keeping my fingers crossed)!  I can not even describe to y’all how excited I am.

And then it seemed totally normal to tint my hair…..with Kool Aide (oh yeah!).


I used 4C of h2o and three mini packets to dip my hair into.  The end result?


Pretty much zilch.  It’s a little bit darker and it smells fantastic!  In retrospect, when I did this as a teenager I had blonde highlights.  I’m glad I tried though.

Now it’s time for a sweet (smelling, literally) bed time.  I hope everyone’s week has started without a hitch.

Have you ever used food for beauty?  How’d it go?



May 29, 2009

Our alarm didn’t go off this morning again (didn’t I just buy a new phone because of this?!?!?!) and I knew there was no way I could get to work on time, so I didn’t!  I called in sick.  I have 6 days left in my bank and I know I won’t be coming back next year so I might was well use them.  I’d like to say I did something fun with my found time but what I did was much more necessary – catch up on sleep.  I called in at 7:30 and got back in bed until 3:30!

When I woke up, 1 full school day later, I breakfasted on what I had packed for lunch, museli.


TJ’s Nonfat Honey Greek Yogurt, 4figs, a few walnuts, and a chopped pear.


I mixed/stored it in a leftover salsa jar.


Very tasty.

I’m not sure what the plan for the rest of the day is I want to go to the gym and there are several movies we want to see.  I’ll let you know in the evening, Happy Friday all!

Marybe wanted me to share my piercings, so here it goes –

  • when I was 7 or 8 (mom?) all of my friends had there ears pierced so my mom finally caved and let me get mine too, which was fun because my best friend’s mom was a jewler so she did it for me
  • a few years later (13? I have no memory) I got a second hole on each ear
  • and when I was 15 my grandmother took me to get one more, on my left ear.  My parents said I couldn’t get another one so my grandmother said I could only get one!
  • my 6th piercing is my belly button – when I was 15 my parents said I could do it if I attended Saturday math tutoring; Thank God math tutoring was canceled 2weeks after I got the piercing done!
  • finally, my parents let me get a tattoo for my 17th birthday – I have a small star outline just below my left hip.  I didn’t realize at the time how common star tattoos are (I lived on an island, I was shocked when I got to college and saw that every girl at UM had a star tattoo!) but I’ve never regretted it for a moment, I love my tattoo.

What tattos or piercings do you have?

Rolling, Rolling, What!?

May 29, 2009

Fred Durst lyrics aside, I’ve been on a roll this week with the productivity!  I’m pretty proud of today if I do say so myself.

I had no train breakfast (or lunch) today because A and I were going back to the doctors to get the blood tests we missed from last week.  It was interesting day of school – I did not teach a single class.  Exit projects for science and social studies are due tomorrow so every single period of 8th grade for the last 2 days has been devoted to finishing them.  It’s not that I mind helping with the projects, but isn’t the school sending the wrong message by instituting a mad rush?

I stayed after school to re-average grades for students who handed in make-up work today and then I met A at the doctor’s office.  Quick and painless.  I’m not afraid of needles, but I should be – I have really small veins and the last 3 times I got blood taken it involved 8+ sticks and a popped vein!  A went before me and was nice enough to save me his post-test leftovers.


He brought me about 1/4 of a Chipotle chicken burrito bowl.


I ate it on the walk home.

I didn’t even have time to sit when we got home because I had to make a quick turn around to make it to the gym by 6:15.  I did the best I could to approximate a meal by drinking a chocolate EAS on the walk.


60minutes of Virgin Yoga is just what I needed – I’m still sore from the class on Tuesday!  My balance is pitiful, even the first-times look more graceful than I do as I flop around like fish.

When I got home I hunkered down to work and finished my plans/materials for tomorrow, and 90% of next week, and 50% of the week after that!  The reason I had to do tomorrow is because I was informed that I will be teaching Social Studies for the next two days due to the upcoming state exam.

Dinner was quick and simple but delicious.


Yam Soba noodles + frozen organic asparagus = tasty meal for 2 x 2nights.


I topped my portion with a drizzle of evoo, a sprinkle of salt, and 1T toasted pine nuts.


Somehow after dinner I managed to convince A that a trip to the grocery store at 11pm as a good idea- so we went!  We got our groceries for next week.

Groceriers, grading, doctors appointment, plans, and the gym?  Sounds like a good day to me.

Are you afraid of needles?   I am not.  Which is probably how I ended up with 6piercings and a tattoo.

Back to Basics

May 26, 2009

After all of the indulging over the week (and the last week/month/year!) I was more than ready to get back to the basics today.  I’m often torn – I know I’m probably leaving nyc in July and I want to experience as much as possible, but at the same time this is my life and I’m getting tired of feeling out of shape and out of sorts.  Two of my best friends are coming to visit in 10days and I know we’ll be doing lots of eating and drinking so this is a good time to get myself resettled.

A and I could not get out of bed this “Monday” morning – we stayed in bed past 7!  I woke up at 6 and then proceeded to have a terrible nightmare while I snoozed.  My dream was so upsetting I actually felt out of it my whole way to school.  My Boomi Bar did snap me out of it a little though 🙂


I tried the Macademia Paradise today, even though this is my least favorite flavor of the three I tried so far it is still good!

For lunch I prepped a museli last night,


Nonfat plain Oikos Greek yogurt, 1/4C oatmeal, 1small banana, and some Nuts Online dried blackberries.  My parents bought me these berries as a gift so I’ve been trying to enjoy them but I’ve decided that they are inedible; they were so sour I had to eat around the parts of the mix that they touched.  It was still delish though.


I also packed a blood orange but I was so busy helping kids that I never got a chance to eat it, it is on my desk for tomorrow.

I stayed after school for about an hour helping kids and when I got downstairs I got the fun news that final grades are now due on Thursday.  Yes, that is Thursday as in all of my final grades are due 2 days from now.  Yes, that is Thursday as in we will be having a month of school in which the students will not be graded.  Fun stuff.

I was super hungry when I got home so I made the mother of all “snacks,” this thing had courses!  1st course – the last scrapings of the Smuckers Natural Honey Peanut Butter jar, about 1.5T total.


2nd course – sliced pear with walnuts and blue cheese crumbles.


This was very tasty – the only improvement could have been a little drizzle of fresh honey but unfortunately I’ve been out of that for months.


3rd/dessert course – strawberry chocolates and my vitamens.  The candies kind of look like carrots, which makes me smile.  But the picture will not load, which makes me not smile.

I did some stuff for school applications (I am hitting all sorts of walls!) and then A and I headed to the gym.  I went to a 60minute Pilates Mat Class that kicked my patootie.  No matter how busy life is the last 5weeks of school I am making a commitment to fitness, I never want to be this out of shape again.

We took a long walk home to pick up Emily crack, a.k.a. diet soda, and then got started on dinner.  I based my meal around this More Than Tofu Spicy Thai Tofu.


I baked my tofu for 30minutes at 475*.  A chopped yam joined tofu in the sauna, along with some purple asparagus.  Meanwhile, we heated some frozen collard greens in a pan uptop.  I seasoned my greens with maple syrup and red pepper flakes, then topped them with yam and tofu.


My bowl had half the tofu package and half of the medium yam – so tasty! 


I ate the roasted purple asparagus as my side.


And a tall glass of skim milk.


All together.


It was a pretty great dinner if I do say so myself!

I can’t really start grades until tomorrow because kids still are handing things in and I know tomorrow night is going to suck so tonight I’m going to shower and watch Adult Swim!  I hope everyone else had a pleasant start back to the work week.

How do you balance fun foods with real life?


May 17, 2009

This morning I woke up early to cash in my reward.  Why a reward, you ask?  Doing two years at this job has turned me into a barely function being (see exhibit 1million, my new phone) and I am celebrating of full week of being human.  1. I worked every day and have a work-free Sunday, plus I did extra.  2. I made it to the goshdarn gym!  I realize that 3times per week would make most bloggers panic but for me this year that is a frickin’ record!  I’ve had in my head all week that if I stuck to my plans I could do what I’ve been dreaming of for 1.5years – go to Blue Apron and buy everything I want.  Blue Apron is a foodie-tastic store in our ‘hood stocked with local stuff and fun goods from across the pond.

I shopped with Nate in mind, check out my spread:


As soon as we left the store I had one of A’s goodies,


maple candy.  And then A and I split one of my buys.


We still don’t know what this was, but it had pistachios in it and A thought it tasted like a Cow Tail.

Then we headed to fun activity # 2 – brunch at Dizzy’s!  There was a longish wait so they brought us scones outside, A and I split this one.


Once we got inside there were more goodies on the table –


I ate enough half a scone and half a muffin slathered with strawberry butter.

My meal also came with apple juice and peppermint tea; A drank most of them though.


I ordered the Eggs Ben a Diz, Florentine Style poached eggs on a toasted jumbo English muffin with spinach and topped with ancho lime holandaizz sauce, served with home fries.


So tasty.  I ordered the sauce on the side and ate it deconstructed style – spinach first with a bit of sauce and then the eggs broken onto bread.


The portions were huge!  I ate all the spinach and eggs but left 90% of the potatoes and bread.


Full, we walked through Prospect Park and to the Brooklyn Art Museum, BAM.


We were pretty thirsty from the long walk so A and I stopped into the cafeteria and split a GUS – Grown Up Soda – Cola.


We had a great time, the museum had 5 floors so there was more to see than I expected.  On the way home we stopped in at Tea Lounge and saw that their seasonal flavor was Pina Colada Green Tea,


who could pass that up?


And from there we’ve enjoyed some trashy fun – bad tv and crappy food 🙂  I ate a salted French caramel,


and made an open-faced sandwich out of turkey pepperoni, reduced fat mozzarella, and oregano.


Served with Dirty Salt and Vinegar Chips.


I ate 4 of A’s whole grain chicken nuggets,


and then A and I split this bag of Walkers Roast Chicken Chips.


Yum, yum.

On the agenda for the evening?  More of the same – we have a comedy from Netflix and there is a big bowl of popcorn calling my name, night!

For Me?

April 27, 2009

In spite of the greatness that is a day off from my school, this morning got off to a rocky start.  I’ve been feeling sort of sad over the past week and when I overslept this morning I was feeling pretty down.  Example?  I ate half of this for breakfast:


But then, while I was wallowing, I got called downstairs to get this:


Which was filled with this:


I was feeling pretty lucky so I decided to end my pity party and get to work.  But first, I had to sample the new products!  Ferrero was kind enough to send me samples of each of their candy products, I felt it was my duty to eat one (or two, or actually three) of each flavor so I could review.


Ferrero Rocher is the original flavor.


Rocher chocolates are a tempting combination of creamy chocolate surrounding a whole hazelnut, within a delicate, crisp wafer…all enveloped in milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnuts.  I am a big hazelnut fan, so I always enjoy these.  This is a flavor I am familiar with, because it is husband’s favorite candy – because of this every member of his family sent him a box for every holiday in college and Rochers basically took over our dorm rooms for several years!

Ferrero Garden is the non-chocolate offering.


It is composed of a sweet almond; rich coconut cream; delicate, crisp wafer; and shredded coconut.  I thought this was pretty unbelievable.  I am a major coconut fan and this is hands down the best use of coconut in a candy bar I’ve ever experienced.

Ferrero Rondnoir is the dark chocolate offering.


Ferrero Rondnoir dark chocolates are a unique offering of a dark chocolate cream surrounding a “black pearl” of fine dark chocolate within a delicate, crisp wafer…topped with crunchy dark chocolate morsels.  I am a dark over milk chocolate fan so I thought this blew the Rocher out of the water!  This is my new favorite candy.  It was the perfect combo of textures and flavors (although I strongly tasted coffee notes and was surprised not to see it listed).

Thank you so much Ferrero, this made my day!

After boosting myself with a sugar high I got down to business – I’ve written my plans for the week and gathered all of my materials.  I had a doctor’s appointment in Manhattan at 5:20 so I worked until about 3.  Then I took a break for a snack.  I used one small sweet potato to make my favorite oven baked “fries.”



When I got outside I realized it was much warmer than I had anticipated so I traded in my jacket for this.


My appointment took forever – I had to wait for more than 40minutes!  I didn’t really mind though, because it gave me an excuse to sit and finish my new book.

By the time I left I was pretty hungry.  I stopped into Duane Reade for some things so I bought a snack for the train ride home.


100calorie bags of popchips might actually be the best thing since sliced bread (better, actually, because who really gets excited about sliced bread?).

When I got home A and I got down to business with one of my drugstore buys.


We have a really hard time remembering to take our vitamins so a daily pill storer (am for me and pm for A) is just what we needed.  I am taking a fish oil pill every day and a vitamin every day (alternating between a b-supplement, Flinestones chewables, and Centrum Complete).  Plan on this being a part of what I consume daily, at least for the next few weeks.

While I was uptown A cooked a Target box for dinner.



It tasted pretty good, but wasn’t very filling.  Plus, the sodium content is pretty intense, we probably won’t buy this again.  I washed my serving down with a virgin cocktail.


This was 1part POM, 1part Stirrings mojito mix, and 1part club soda.  All together.


After dinner A and I watched the best episode of House ever and I ate one serving of ColdStone Creations Jelly Bellys.


It was a great evening!  I am back to school as scheduled tomorrow so I’ve got to get to bed, sleep tight!

Did you watch House today?  What did you think?

Do you take any vitamens or supplements?

A Little Down, but Way Up

April 18, 2009

Howdy, Hola, Hello!  What a day it has been!  Before I describe the extreme awesomeness of today (get ready!), I’m going to discuss the not-so-awesomeness of yesterday.

I did nothingyesterday.  Zip, nada, zilch.  By 8 A managed to drag me out for a walk and an impromptu dinner but daylight hours were a wash.  From 9am-7pm I did no work, and worse had no fun.  For some reason I woke up with a headache and a bad mood that I couldn’t shake.  It was a beautiful day and A was dying to go outside all day and I just couldn’t make myself move.  I don’t mind procrastinating or not doing work (if you are a regular reader this is obvious!), but procrastinating and not having fun?  Not cool.  I didn’t even watch tv, and I would have loved to watch to tv.  I thought I was doing ok with school, and I am, and I’m doing ten bazillion times better than last year, but days like yesterday really make me think about how these two years of teaching have affected who I am.  I don’t know what I will end up doing next year (I don’t even know what state I’ll be living in until A hears back from grad programs), but I do know that I can’t go back to my school.  Does anyone else ever experience days like this?

On a happier, healthier note, today was fantabulous.  We had gorgeous spring weather and A and I took advantage by taking the mother of all walks through our ‘hood.  I love love love walks and we actually went so long today my feet started to hurt!  I’ll go back to the beginning and walk you through, hehe.

When we woke up we decided that there was no sense in even trying to work with the first day of 70+ weather outside our window.  We started by walking to the farmers’ market to look around.  We planned on eating breakfast at the market so we bought a goat cheese, basil, cranberry loaf thing.


We split most of this but did throw away most of the toppingless edges.  So good.

From the farmers’ market we walked 20+ blocks to the movie theatre.  We thoroughly enjoyed the spring flowers along the way.





After buying our tickets we actually did some more walking before the movie started.  Park Slopers have you explored the area around the park (13th-19thish)?  Very neat.  We saw “17 Again” and thought it was pretty great.  A is much more into chick flicks than I am and he loved it!  I mostly loved the serving of Soda Pop Jelly Bellys I packed.


From the movie we decided to go down the 7th Ave and then go home.  But then!  We are nerds, so when we spotted these chalked lines on the sidewalk we had to follow them.


After a long long long treck we came to this:


Lame.  Since our fruitless treasure hunt lead us to 5th Ave we decided to walk around there.  There are some wonderful looking places we hadn’t seen before, particularly a beer emporium we will be visiting soon!  After more walking A and I convinced ourselves it was necessary to go back to the Mexican place we went to dinner at yesterday for a late lunch.  Worth it!


Burrito Bar and Kitchen is un-frickin-believable!  So so so good, I almost can’t describe it.  1) Their drink menu features Cruzan rum.


2) They give you free chips with amazing salsa.


I didn’t eat many chips today, because my oh so healthy lunch choice was Chicken Nachos.


YUM!  I demolished this.  The flavors were amazing, but that didn’t stop me from adding plenty of chalulu.


Hands on our bellies, A and I were very happy when we got home. 

I would like to say that I was full, but I totally made a sundae an hour later!


This was a 1/2C So Delicious chocolate (coconut milk) ice-cream topped with 2t melted pb and 1t unsweetened shredded coconut.

I got in my missing tv time from yesterday while I ate my sundae, House rocks my socks.

Dinner tonight came in the mail yesterday, Buitoni Wild Mushroom Agnolotti ravioli.


Thanks Foodbuzz!

First we had salads.


This was a romaine base topped with lemon poppysead dressing, blue cheese crumbles, and dried raspberries.  The berries are from Nuts Online that my parents gave me in my Easter basket.


For the pasta we completely ignored the directions to boil and sauteed them in 1T Smart Balance instead.


So good!  I ended up basically eating my serving with my fingers (and enjoying them greatly).


For antioxidants we broke our a bottle of our favorite wine.


A poured me a small glass to enjoy with our dinner.


And now we are cuddling and watching our Netflix (Hot Shots Part Deux).  I (per usual) squandered all of my work time so I have a busy busy day tomorrow before we head back to school.  I wouldn’t have done things any differently!

When do you ignore directions?