…and if they don’t dance then they’re no friends of mine

May 19, 2009

This is my usual late night post but at least I am getting home from an activity rather than schoolwork!  My weird hunger has not died down yet and I am getting a little frustrated – boo!

This morning for train breakfast I tried another Boomi Bar, this time in Almond Protein Plus.


Tasty tasty!  But still not as good as the maple pecan one I had the other day, best.bar.ever!

For lunch I made a RaNdOm museli.


1/4C oats, plain So Delicious coconut milk yogurt, 1sliced plum, and a small handful of unsweetened dried blueberries.



As much as I enjoy all things coconut, I think coconut milk yogurt is not my favorite.  I always prefer the texture of Greek and this has a slightly odd aftertaste. I would eat it again, but not all the time.

I packed 1 serving of Doctor Kracker Cherry Seminola Crisps with my lunch.


My day went pretty well, a couple periods got eaten up by a school-wide test and my classes (and me!) were calmer than usual.  I left fairly quickly after school so I could get home in time to head out to Williamsburg to meet a friend.

While at home I met A for my walk.  I was so hungry I was unable to make healthy choices so I bought an everything bagel with jalopeno cheddar cream cheese.  I ate half on the walk home.


And then totally stuffed the other half in my face as soon as I got home!  For living in NY, it’s a little sad how rarely I ate fresh (or even un-fresh) bagels.  The cream cheese had the best kick!

For dinner I left A to fend for himself and headed to Williamsburgto meet up with one of my best friends from high school who lives in NY as well.  We don’t see each other as often as we would like because we are both so busy but it is always great to catch up.  I have been craving cashew chicken so we went to a Thai spot (whose name I am blanking on).  My pictures are terrible because it was a hipster spot with dim lighting 🙂


so so Bloody Mary


cashew chicken with a side of brown rice.  I loved that the rice portion here was actually reasonable.

We spent a long time talking and then I visited her apartment so I didn’t get home until after 10.  I bought this guava aloe on the way to her apartment.


It is time for bed.  Sweet dreams all!

What is your favorite Thai order?  I love cashew chicken but I am all about the noodles.  I went through a Pad Thai faze, but now I am into broad rice noodles with seitan.

Random BAM shots –




Long/Quick, Jumbo Shrimp

May 14, 2009

Hello there!  This could be a looooong post so I’m going to try to keep it brief as I recap the last 2days – I’ve been extra hungry so there’s been a lot of food! 🙂  I’m going to focus just on eats.

For yesterday’s [Tuesday] train breakfast I ate a almond sample and a Soy Joy Apple bar.


I actually got this free in the park after SWITP.  It was very very tasty but I was surprised to see so much dairy (butter, parmesan cheese?!) in a SOY bar.

For lunch I packed a small apple,


a Nacy’s Strawberry Yogurt,


and an Ooba.


All together.


I love mixing jam into yogurt so I liked the idea of Nancy’s yogurt.  It was good, but better in theory, it ended up being a little sweet.  I think that is because I’m usually mixing into Greek yogurt which has more of a tang.  Ooba rocked my socks!  Jenna posted about this a while back and I’ve been jealous for months – when I saw it in a store here I practically peed my pants!  It was every bit as good as imagined – sweet without beeing too sweet, perfectly fizzy.

I was starving and lunch didn’t even make a dent so I ended up getting a single serving of Cheez-Its and a Strawberry Rice Crispies Treat out of the vending machine.

After school I rushed to the train to head to Manhattan.  My exciting event was the FoodBuzz 1millionth post celebration at David Burke Townhouse.  I got there a little early so I made a few fun Manhattan stops.  I stopped in at Dylans and bought A a gift.


And I got a machta energy boost from Jamba Juice.


Then I headed over to the amazing, astonishing, fabulous, fantastic David Burke Townhouse.  I’m going to say in advance that my pictures (grainy and blury because of bad light) don’t even begin to do the food or decor justice.  The restraunt is modern American and the decorating is egg-cellent.




There were a lot of people at the event – food buzz staff and bloggers – and I had some really great conversations.  I got a chance to hang out with Missy, Vani, Sarah, and Diana which was fun and I met Melanie for the first time.  I also spotted an instructor from SWITP and had a long conversation with her!

There were several bars around the restaurant and they had Prosecco (one of my favorites) and fabulous signature lychee martinis.  I had one of each.



In the back room tables of food were set up that blew my mind:








There was crab and tuna sushi, oysters, crab legs, HUGE prawns, lobster, and more.  Waiters were also walking around with trays of hot food.  Lobster was everywhere and the egg theme was continued in a truely impressive way.  Everything was basically bite-sized.  Here is what I ate:

crab leg, tuna sushi


prawn, chicken dumpling (I actually had one more unpictured dumpling too, ask me about the dumpling tomorrow, I have a story)


lobster scramble


lox, cracker, creme fresh


lobster flan


crab sushi


lobster dumpling


 chicken and shrimp sate


best crab cake ever


crab leg, tuna sushi


After dinner waiters came around with trays of amazing desserts.  Diana and I were laughing that no matter how full we were we would eat if something new came by (and I did!)  Here are my dessert eats, also all bite-sized:

apple tart


strawberry cheesecake pop


butterscotch panna cotta


chocolate cheesecake pop


donut thing – bombolini


grapefruit bar (I wanted to love this – gold dust! – but I actually spit this out!)


Also, instead of mints at the door they had peanut brittle!


The even was 5-7 but I actually didn’t leave until close to 7:20 – I had a great time, thank you so much FoodBuzz!

It took me a long time to get home and an even longer time to wait for A to get home from the city and I ended up being hungry before bedtime!  I was super classy and and this turkey cheddar Lunchable.


I also had Picnic bar (with peanuts and raisins!), my treat from Dylans.


This morning I ate my EAS sample bar for train breakfast.


And for lunch I packed the rest of the blackberries,


and this strawberry yogurt.


This True yogurt was vegan and very tasty, I loved the chunks of real strawberry!


After school my insane hunger continued so I had several snacks.  I started by making lunch for tomorrow out of this stuff.


*Note1, I bought Weight Watchers Mexican because it was on sale, my suggestion for the recipe is sharp cheddar.  Note2, I ate about 1/3C of cheese while I was cooking.


Pimento Shmento Spread, serves 2 (x’s amounds as needed)

  • 1/3 C small chopped roasted red pepper – about 1 pepper, I patted mine dry with papertowl
  • 2/3C shredded reduced fat cheddar
  • 2t plain nonfat yogurt

Stir gently to combine.


I ate one serving on a serving of Doctor Kracker Fire Roasted Crisps.


I microwaved it for 30seconds – ooooh, melty! – and ate with a small apple.


I also had a 1/2C serving of Kashi Heart to Heart Blueberry with unsweetened almond milk,


and a spoonful of pb (I told you I was hungry!)


Then I met A at the gym.  When I got there I really wasn’t feeling it, today left me in a really bad mood, but I am so glad that I stuck it out!  I did a 10minute run on the treadmilll.  Then 10minutes on the stairstepper at level 9; I didn’t love this, I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to be staying “up” or let the pedals go to the bottom.  Plus I couldn’t balance without holding on and I know that decreases your actual work out.  Next I did 20minutes of arms on the weight machines, and finished up with 10minutes of abs and stretching on the mat.

When I got home I ate 1serving of jalopeno poppers,


this dark chocolate flower from Godiva (from the Always Infinity event),


and finally this frozen pad thai.


In and of its self it was ok, but this was the worst frozen pad thai I’ve ever had.


Also today, I wrote my plans for next week!  I’m ready for bed.  Sorry for the long/quick post, love ya!

SELF Workout in the Park

May 10, 2009

What a great spring day!  We had good weather, good work-outs, good eats.  I woke up around 7:30 and even though I wasn’t hungry yet I knew I wanted to eat before I left for the park.  I used this nonfat plain Greek Gods Greek Yogurt as my base.


Then I added 1/4C Kashi Blueberry and 1/2C fresh blackberries.


Mmmm.  The berries were a little sour so I added a small drizzle of maple syrup over the top.


Then I headed up to Central Park for SELF Workout in the Park.  The event started at 11 but registration opened at 9 so I aimed to get there a little before 10.  Standing in line was pretty brutal, there was no registration, you signed up for classes when the event opened.  I did, however, meet another girl who was there alone so we decided to spend the day together – we had a really great time and it was fun to meet a new friend.  I also worked out with Amelia and Melissa during the event!

They had the area split into three parts – the quiet zone, the rebounding zone, and the main stage.


You had to sign up for rebound and quiet classes (limit 1per person) but could wander to the main stage as you wished.  I ended up taking 4 20minute classes.

  1. Rock Bottom – I have always heard friends who went to other colleges rave about this class so I was really looking forward to it.  I did not, however, realize it was not a mat class – at least I gave the people behind me a good laugh!  My legs were on fire, there is no way I could have done a full 60minutes of this!
  2. Ballet Pilates – I loved this.  Pilates is my favorite workout and this was basically a regular class with more toe raises and squats mixed in.
  3. Beach Body – this was another cardio class but I managed to make it all the way through!  Lots and lots of squats.  The instructor had us do the motions of tricep/bicep reps without weights and by the end I was dying!
  4. Urban Rebounding – this class took place on mini trampolines!  The instructor had great energy which made it even more fun.  I appreciated that this was easy on my joints, however, the boobies and the bladder?  Not so much.  I felt like I was going to pee my pants halfway through, I should Not have chugged my water before this class.

All in all I had a really great time in all of the classes.  Even though I am super out of shape, I got in a great work out.  Seeing little snippets of things exposed me to some classes that I wouldn’t have thought I would be interested in.  I realized that I’m missing out on something not attending group cardio classes.

Throughout the day in between classes my new friend and I hit up the sample tables.  We hit them hard!  During the event I ate 1mini EAS sample,


and two of these truevia dipped strawberries.


In addition to hitting up the tables during the event, as we were walking around at closing people were giving us handfuls of products!  Check out my final haul –







I am pretty psyched about all of this!

At 3 when the event ended I walked 10blocks to meet A who had come up to the city to hang out.  Due to some train issues we took a long time to get home – we ended up having to walk from Atlantic Center!  By the time we got home I was pretty beat.  I was replenished in a hurry by this bad boy though.


I bought this young Thai coconut at Whole Foods and I’ve been excited about it all week.  I drank the water with a crazy straw,


and scraped out most of the flesh with a spoon.



I spent the late afternoon organizing somethings around the house and hanging out with A.  It was getting later and later and before it was time to shower I realized I had to have a snack.  I adore jalapeno poppers but you can never find them without cheddar cheese so when I spotted this the other day I knew I had to buy it.


I ate 4 poppers as my snack.


By the time I got out of the shower A said we had to order dinner, he was too hungry to wait for me to cook.  I took the opportunity to try out Dao Palate, a new all-vegan spot in Park Slope.  I ordered the General Tso’s Soy Protein.


I know this wasn’t the healthiest of choices but I didn’t get much to eat today so it’s ok.  The meal came with miso soup,


and brown rice.


I ate all of the broccoli, 3/4 of the “meat,” and just a few bites of the soup and the rice.

Tomorrow is a busy day, next week is an actual full week of school!  I’m hoping to get up early, but we’ll see.  Sleep tight!

Do you enjoy group cardio classes?

BSI – Strawberry entry

March 14, 2009

Hello, hello readers!  This post is filled with cuteness, but hopefully, the heart of a winner.  I haven’t gotten as much done today as I would like, but I took a 3hour nap with the bear and am feeling very refreshed.

After my nap (and some school work!!!) I made myself a fiji apple with sunflower seed butter and some raisins.


I also might have eaten 3Triscuits and 1Newman’s O off of A’s lunch plate.

For my real lunch, I made my BSI entry.  This week’s contest is strawberry, hosted by Hey What’s For Dinner Mom? I’m a huge fan of the savory/sweet combo, so as soon as I read strawberries I knew I’d be doing something savory.  My final idea?  The Strawberry Club.

I started by taking the 1/2 block of firm tofu leftover from yesterday out of the freezer.  You could just drain and press your tofu, but I do think that the freeze helped the texture for a quick cook.  After preheating the oven to 450*, foil/spraying a baking sheet, and cutting my slightly defrosted tofu into 4 slices and giving them a quick sprinkle of salt, I was ready.  I slathered it was strawberry jelly (specifically the homemade jelly from my m-i-l).  Then I stuck it in the oven for 20minutes.  Once my beauties were out I placed them on some Ezequiel bread.


Then I topped them with a slice of veggie cheese and 2 slices of fakin’ bacon.


Finally I gave my sammie a quick nuke in the microwave to make the “cheese” all melty.


Perfection!  It had the perfect balance of flavors that I like, and was filling without being heavy.  I used “fake” bacon and cheese because of the vegan challenge, but this would be just as good with “real” bacon and cheese.

It’s almost 4, so I’ve got to run.  I would like to get my nails done (my fingers are so ugly right now I’m almost embarrassed to meet new people, straightening the bookshelves is not pretty work), and A and I are going to walk around the city a bit before I go to the blogger meet up.  See you for a fun-filled post this PM!

Do you like savory/sweet, or does the combo make you gag?  My favorite combo seems to be turkey bacon and maple syrup.  Which do you prefer, savory or sweet?


March 14, 2009

I was so tired last night that I flopped into bed without even a thought of blogging.  I’m feeling much more energized today, but I’ll get to that later.

Yesterday morning, I ate a Key Lime Larabar for my train breakfast.


Lunch was a yummy assortment:  coconut water with passion fruit,


four slices of fakin’ bacon,


and leftover roasted veggies.


I headed straight home from school, stopping to wander aimlessly around Barnes and Nobel.

For dinner I tried some new things as well, including these squash from Trader Joes.


This is where the real flopping began.  They are cute, and healthy, but sort of squishy and unpleasing.


I ate them, and I’ll eat the leftovers today, but I’m not happy about it.  I dipped them into some sweet and sour sauce but it didn’t really help.


The other item on the place is a tofu scramble with sliced baby portabellas.  You’ll notice I’m not giving a recipe.  Yeah.  I ate one bite and then passed my plate to A who inexplicably loved it.  They just felt too unhealthy, a much better choice of dinner was Newman’s Os 2×3,


and a big bowl of popcorn.


I topped the ‘corn with melted SmartBalance because I realized it was vegan and that was exciting.  I’m sure the future RD in me (hopefully, someday) should cringe at this dinner, but it made me really happy 🙂

Saturday morning got a much healthier start.  I put my name on a list for a free Pilates reformer demo a while ago and I finally got my e-mail this week.  So I started my morning with a 30minute private session.  The moves are very similar to floor work, but using the machine really made me focus on the alignment of my body.  I really enjoyed it and if I somehow come across some $$ I’m thinking of signing up for a few sessions.  I ended my workout with 5minutes of hills walking on the treadmill.

When I got home I made a tasty, tasty bowl of cereal.


1C PB Puffins with a few blackberries and small sliced plum.

I am (super excited about) going to the blogger meet up tonight so I’ve got a busy day ahead of me.  Hopefully I will be back here for lunch though, Happy Saturdaying!

Have you ever taken a Pilates class (mat OR reformer)?  If you’ve tried both, which did you prefer.

Am I Fakin’ Bacon???

March 13, 2009

Question for my readers – Is it still considered “pigging out” if you are only eating vegan things?  Well, pigging out or tofuing up, my belly was kept very satisfied today!  It’s been a foodie lovefest over here at EatingChalk.

Things started very well with my train breakfast this morning.


These Bumble Bars are so frickin’ amazing!  This is another item I ate occasionally in college but have found too pricey as of late, however, I splurged yesterday while at the neighborhood “hippie store.”  The bars are vegan, organic, and gluten-free.  I had Mixed Nuts, which had sesame seeds as one of the first ingredients on the list.  OhMyGoodness they had the best sesame flavor.  I think this is an item I will have to splurge on more often.


I also had a piece of TJ’s fruit leather.

School was interesting, not really good or bad.  I have to toot my own horn (especially because I’ve been so terrible at my 30arm reps a day challenge) – I broke up a fight today in class and my boys class was super impressed at how strong I am.  Woot!

Without meaning to, I packed a lot of sweet components in today’s lunch, all wonderful though, be forewarned, more raving is coming!  I ate the little bit of leftver tofu from last night.


A TJ’s chocolate soymilk box.


1/2C of blackberries with two small plums.


And a Stoneyfield Farms ‘O Soy Chocolate Yogurt.


Um, WOW!  Wow, wow, wow, this yogurt was beyond fabulous.  I always say no wimpy yogurts can stack up to plain nonfat Greek but this was a contender tastewise; I love the combo of tangy with chocolate.  I wouldn’t eat this as often as Greek yogurt (even though it only had 160calories it had 22grams of sugar!) but it will be my go-to item when I want something sweet from now on.

I stayed after school to work on my TAN.  While I plugged away I ate a Chocolate Chip Cosmocrisp Jam Frakas Bar.


Again, holy crap this was good!  The flavor was deliciously honeyed (consequently, after checking I realized the bar contained honey and was Not vegan, I shouldn’t have made the assumption just because it was from Lara).

Once I got home I actually met up with A for a walk.  He found a patch of fresh cement that he carved our initials into so we had to go take a looksie.  We extended our walk to loop around the neighborhood.  During our travels we stopped in at ‘Snice, which I’ve been obsessed with since my blogger meet up.  A and I each got a Milk-less Shake.


He had cappuccino and I had malted – soooooo good!  Again, this is an item I would choose vegan over regular for; I don’t eat much fullfat dairy so milkshakes I can’t order with skim milk make me sort of sick.  (not that that stops me from eating them, something in my brain refuses to accept that I can’t eat certain foods.  When we were in college there was a TGIFridays near campus and we ate their regularly.  At the time I was having a lot of weird food allergies <I still really don’t know what the deal is but I know that Hawaiian fruit gummies and frozen pot pies make me very very sick> and after eating their pecan crusted chicken salad I threw up, a lot.  However, that salad was really really tasty.  So the next three times we went I ordered the same damn meal and threw up when I got home.  If A hadn’t seriously threatened to leave me I’d probably still be ordering it!)

Enjoying our shakes while we walked, we stopped in to the grocery store to buy to veggie cheddar cheese.


Check those nutritional stats.


I need to be honest though, we bought the cheese so I could make vegan bacon cheese fries (that’s right, say that dish a few times and try not to salivate).


I enjoyed the first batch of oven baked fries I made so much that the small potato in the pantry has been taunting me ever since.  I used one small potato to make the “fries” and topped it with 1 slice of veggie cheese and 1 slice of fakin bacon.



After doing a bit of school work it was time to make dinner (I realize I probably could have stopped eating, but dinner was actually started last night, and I’m a fatty).  This dish was inspired by a recipe from THE BINDER.


I have torn recipes out of magazines most of my life.  Since I’m nerdy as hell, I organized them into a binder, by category.  After a few years of being mocked, my mommy found me a binder made just for such a purpose, legitimizing my lameness.


It’s pretty and I greatly enjoy organizing my finds.  I actually also have a workout binder, and a “good ideas” binder, but I’ll discuss them more in a later post.

Dinner was inspired by the recipe binder but I put my own delicious spin on it.

Coco Loco Tofu, serves 2

  • 1package firm tofu, drained and pressed
  • 3/4C unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 3/4 of a can of unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1/2C rice vinegar
  1. Mix coconut milk and rice vinegar in a shallow tupperware.
  2. Take the prepared tofu and cut it into 6 slices (I did 7, but only because I’m clumsy).
  3. Place the tofu into the marinade and leave it for at least 2hours or over night.
  4. (After marination is done) Preheat the oven to 450*, and prep a baking sheet with foil and baking spray.
  5. Place the coconut flakes in a shallow bowl and drudge the tofu slices through.
  6. Lightly spray the slices with baking spray and cook for 25minutes.




I used the leftover coconut milk by stirring it into leftover rice before I reheated it.


And I also prepared some oven roasted veggies, brussels sprouts and colored cauliflower.


Oven roasted brussels sprouts are seriously my favorite food, I like them even better than broad rice noodles.

All together.


I realize I’ve said every item today was “the best thing ever” but this truly was.  If you are a tofu newbie I beg you to make this recipe so you too can become an addict.

This was a long post, so it’s time for me to hit the hay!  Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

What is your favorite way to eat veggies?  I think everything is better oven roasted.

Holy Soybean, Batman!

March 11, 2009

So so so so so much more relaxed feeling than when I last posted! I want to deeply thank my readers for putting up with my foul moods, as others have said – Teaching in NYC sucks the soul. But, I’ve had good eats, my classes went well, and I’ve been productive, so I’m feeling fine!

To back it up, I actually did NOT go straight to bed last night, but actually stayed up to finish some stuff for school. While I worked I drank a glass of chocolate soymilk.


I woke up this morning feeling tired but accomplished. From there I ate a Pistachio Larabar on the train.


We had the 2nd day of the math state exams today, which means I spent my morning proctoring in silence. The tests should have eliminated most of my schedule today, but due to coverages I ended up teaching all of my classes. Thankfully the kids were pretty calm. In general they seem to expect to do nothing the rest of the day after a test, because they are “tired,” but my students are just coming to expect that I’m going to do a lesson no matter what.

For lunch I knew I had to eat black bean burger leftovers (since I didn’t eat dinner last night), so I decided to make this the star of the show –


I broke 2 patties into dipable pieces and paired them with some tasty hot pepper peach preserves.


Yum! I also packed a yummy fruit salad.


Backstage {1Fuji apple, 1minneola, 1small banana, 1/2C blackberries}. I mixed the chopped fruit (only half the minneola though – it was a slippy little devil and it bounded across the floor when I attempted to peel it) with 1T maple syrup and 1t sesame seeds for a yummy salad.


As soon as I got the room back to normal (non-testing) conditions I left school in a hurry. One my way home I stopped in at a hippie-dippy store in my neighborhood and got very very excited purchasing vegan goods. I am majorly looking forward to unveiling some of these products! Starting with,


barbeque tofu! I ate this as an afterschool snack and it was Ah-maze-ing!


<I attempted to put a photo here 6times, and it’s making me cry, which is silly>

This had the great bbq tofu texture everyone always raves about, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t fried because the whole thing had 370calories and it was a generous serving. Does anyone have an idea how places are acheiving the great chewy tofu texture????

Now I’ve got to hurry off to do some laundry. I know I said I was a stress-free zone this week (i.e. nixing the gym until Saturday), but I find not having clean bras for work to be more stressful than doing the laundry! I have to admit though, I usually don’t do the laundry, A does mine for me! And he does the dishes!!! Who else thinks it’s lucky I’m such a good cook?!  See you later for dinner!

What ridiculously sweet thing(s) does your honey do for you?

Who thinks I need to win this granola?