Sunday, Sunny Sunday

June 14, 2009

Well, things have certainly gone much more smoothly since my last post!¬† It’s been a fabulous weekend and I still have a block of Sunday night left ūüôā

After my post yesterday A and I headed to the movies.  I packed some good snacks,



the rest of my TJ’s unsweetened dried pineapple and a baggie of green grapes, but also supplemented with movie candy,


Shockers.  The movie was good but not great РRyan Reynold and Sandra Bullock were amazing as usual but the storyline was pretty flat.

After the movie A and I knew we were a little hungry but couldn’t decide on what.¬† We had to pick up¬†Father’s¬†Day cards¬†so we stopped at Barnes and Nobel and¬†got small pb cookie dough ices along the way.


I gave half of mine to A and then we ended up wandering more than 2miles to Flatbrush!  By the time we made it to dinner at Mangowe were mega hungry!  I ordered steamed veggie dumplings as my appetizer.


These were wonderful, very chewy.¬† The veggies had a nice meaty taste and the sauce had a little kick to it.¬† I only at half because I was super excited about my meal – See U Noodles!¬† Broad rice noodles are my absolute favorite, which means you’ve seen them before which is good because I randomly have no picture.

We headed home after dinner and I’d like to say it was time for bed but for some reason it seemed appropriateto me to spend more than an hour watching Royal Pains on Hulu.

Late bedtime aside, I was more than ready to get up for my adventure this morning!  I packed up a bag and headed into Manhattan.  On the train I tried one of these Raw-Revolution bars for breakfast.


I did the chocolate coconut flavor Рdelish!  This was chewy and chocolatly and pretty much perfect.  I was full of energy when I reached my final destination.

Physique 57.¬† Months ago Melissagave a bunch of bloggers a free pass and I think I’m the last person to use it.¬† I did a 60minute beginner’s class, it was strength moves for the whole body using weights, a ballet bar, a beach ball, and a mat.¬† I was terrible, the instructor corrected my back like 8 times and I still don’t know how I was supposed to be.¬† And I loved it.¬† I booked a class for next Saturday before I even left.

After the class I stopped at Jamba before the subway to refuel.


This was a 16oz Peach Pleasure with a whey protein boost.¬† I wanted the protein boost but this flavor was not happening, I brought the 2nd half of it home for A.¬† I can’t wait ’till we move so I can buy a blender!

I had a busy but fun afternoon – painted my nails, ran some errands.¬† I had a $9 credit at Staples (from my teacher rewards card) that I obviously don’t need so I bought some nuts and candy there and then I headed to the grocery store to buy some goods for dinner tonight.¬† I was dying for¬†a snack by the time I got home so I ate the other half of my veggie dumplings from last night.


Then I had a romantic snack with A ‚̧.¬† We went to Union Market for fun the other day and got foccacia,


and this beauty –


Guinness Cheddar Cheese.  Yums!  A made me thin slices so it looked like more.


So good, you could really taste the beer!

We have a fun dinner planned tonight but first we are going on a walk to run some errands I forgot earlier, see ya later alligators!

What new fitness routes have you tried lately?¬† Did you enjoy them?¬† I am a new convert to Physique 57 and I’m actually trying something new tomorrow too!

Doubles and Debacles

May 16, 2009

I realize I’ve been away three days, but this post is a double because it will just cover the last two.¬† I’ve been super busy (and tired), but I’m sorry I’ve been a boring blogger.

Thursday morning I had the best train breakfast ever.


Boomi Bars (maple pecan) officially rock my socks!  This was crunchy is the most amazing way and the flavors, salty and sweet, were perfect.

For lunch I packed the 2nd serving of my Pimento Shmento Red Pepper Spread,


along with a serving of Doctor Kracker, a mini almond sample, and a small apple.


I also ate this SmartFood sample for dessert, tasty!


I had to stay late after school for a Smart Board training, and I didn’t get home until after 6.¬† Somehow I managed to make myself do schoolwork (I’ve been rocking it out this week) before A convinced me to get Thai food for dinner.¬† We just got a big $ refund from A’s grad school so it seemed like a good way to celebrate.

I went veggie-crazy for dinner.  I had steamed veggie dumplings,


and a carrot and cabbage spicy salad.


So good!  The dumplings were nice and chewy and the salad was like a super spicy (non-mayo-y) slaw.

After dinner we went to the grocery store (at 11:30pm!!!) to do our shopping for next week.  On the way home I rounded out my small dinner withmore veggies, this time the unhealthy kind!


The pizza place we are obsessed with makes the best fries.

For dessert I broke out a grocery store purchase (with a coupon from SWITP)


Jell-O Sugar Free Banana Fudge Supreme Pudding.  I had a cup with Oreos crunched in.


You can also visualize an extra 5 oreos, oops.

Friday morning had a bumpy start – my alarm on my cell phone didn’t work and I way overslept, I ended up throwing my cell phone and breaking it in half!¬† Yes, I do have a temper, but I was particularly angry because I’ve spent so much time this week doing work in advance for next week and I was so proud of myself for getting up early on a Friday.¬† I hated myself for the last 1.5years because I always oversleep and this week I’ve been actually getting up and then the alarm doesn’t work!?!

I was 15minutes late to work and I didn’t get to eat anything all day.¬† After school I came home to meet A to buy a new phone and then I finally got something to eat!¬† A was super excited about the Grand Canyon Dinner for some reason so we went there.


I ordered the New York Pannini – turkey, bacon, tomato, American cheese, and roasted onions with a side of Russian dressing.



I modified my order for turkey bacon and no butter on the bread.  It was pretty tasty.


A’s meal came with dessert so we split the blueberry pie.


I’ve never had canned pie filling before and I was pretty surprised at how sticky it was!

After dinner we walked home and I fell asleep, at 7o’clock!¬† I must have been exhausted because I was O-U-T out!¬† I woke up this morning and got started on work, which is why I am not talking about today until later.¬† I will however tell you a story…..

The Dumpling Debacle

Or as I am calling it, the Foie Gras Faux Pas.¬† As you guys know, I am semi-vegetarian.¬† I eat fowl and fish but haven’t eaten pork or red meat (mammal) since the summer before 8th grade.¬† As it is, I don’t eat a ton of fish and not all that much fowl, I eat a lot¬†fake meats.¬† But I especially, do NOT eat duck, as they are my favorite creatures on Earth.¬† I ate duck at a fancy Chinese restaurant once when I was 13 and my aunt and uncle had taken me to NY for my birthday and I cried for days!

Now, you remember the fabulous chicken dumplings¬†from the FoodBuzz event.¬† The beyond delicious ones I ate two of?¬† I found out towards the end of the event that they were in fact chicken FOIE GRAS dumplings!¬† I ate tortured duck?!?!¬† And loved it!¬† I would never seek out foie gras (it is so inhumane that even some full-blown meat eaters are againstit) but I have to say, I’m a little glad I tasted it accidentally.¬† I am such a foodie and there are a lot of big items I’ll never try because I stopped eating “meat” so young – oxtail, marrow, proscutio, etc.¬† Don’t think I’m a monster!

If you are semi/vegetarian/vegan – have you ever had any accidents?

Long/Quick, Jumbo Shrimp

May 14, 2009

Hello there!¬† This could be a looooong post so I’m going to try to keep it brief as I recap the last 2days – I’ve been¬†extra hungry so there’s been a lot of food!¬†ūüôā¬† I’m going to focus just on eats.

For yesterday’s [Tuesday] train breakfast I ate a almond sample and a Soy Joy Apple bar.


I actually got this free in the park after SWITP.  It was very very tasty but I was surprised to see so much dairy (butter, parmesan cheese?!) in a SOY bar.

For lunch I packed a small apple,


a Nacy’s Strawberry Yogurt,


and an Ooba.


All together.


I love mixing jam into yogurt so I liked the idea of Nancy’s yogurt.¬† It was good, but better in theory, it ended up being a little sweet.¬† I think that is because I’m usually mixing into Greek yogurt which has more of a tang.¬† Ooba rocked my socks!¬† Jenna posted about this a while back and I’ve been jealous for months – when I saw it in a store here I practically peed my pants!¬† It was every bit as good as imagined – sweet without beeing too sweet, perfectly fizzy.

I was starving and lunch didn’t even make a dent so I ended up getting a single serving of Cheez-Its and a Strawberry Rice Crispies Treat out of the vending machine.

After school I rushed to the train to head to Manhattan.  My exciting event was the FoodBuzz 1millionth post celebration at David Burke Townhouse.  I got there a little early so I made a few fun Manhattan stops.  I stopped in at Dylans and bought A a gift.


And I got a machta energy boost from Jamba Juice.


Then I headed over to the amazing, astonishing, fabulous, fantastic David Burke Townhouse.¬† I’m going to say in advance that my pictures (grainy and blury because of bad light) don’t even begin to do the food or decor justice.¬† The restraunt is modern American and the decorating is egg-cellent.




There were a lot of people at the event Рfood buzz staff and bloggers Рand I had some really great conversations.  I got a chance to hang out with Missy, Vani, Sarah, and Diana which was fun and I met Melanie for the first time.  I also spotted an instructor from SWITP and had a long conversation with her!

There were several bars around the restaurant and they had Prosecco (one of my favorites) and fabulous signature lychee martinis.  I had one of each.



In the back room tables of food were set up that blew my mind:








There was crab and tuna sushi, oysters, crab legs, HUGE prawns, lobster, and more.  Waiters were also walking around with trays of hot food.  Lobster was everywhere and the egg theme was continued in a truely impressive way.  Everything was basically bite-sized.  Here is what I ate:

crab leg, tuna sushi


prawn, chicken dumpling (I actually had one more unpictured dumpling too, ask me about the dumpling tomorrow, I have a story)


lobster scramble


lox, cracker, creme fresh


lobster flan


crab sushi


lobster dumpling


 chicken and shrimp sate


best crab cake ever


crab leg, tuna sushi


After dinner waiters came around with trays of amazing desserts.  Diana and I were laughing that no matter how full we were we would eat if something new came by (and I did!)  Here are my dessert eats, also all bite-sized:

apple tart


strawberry cheesecake pop


butterscotch panna cotta


chocolate cheesecake pop


donut thing – bombolini


grapefruit bar (I wanted to love this – gold dust! – but I actually spit this out!)


Also, instead of mints at the door they had peanut brittle!


The even was 5-7 but I actually didn’t leave until close to 7:20 – I had a great time, thank you so much FoodBuzz!

It took me a long time to get home and an even longer time to wait for A to get home from the city and I ended up being hungry before bedtime!  I was super classy and and this turkey cheddar Lunchable.


I also had Picnic bar (with peanuts and raisins!), my treat from Dylans.


This morning I ate my EAS sample bar for train breakfast.


And for lunch I packed the rest of the blackberries,


and this strawberry yogurt.


This True yogurt was vegan and very tasty, I loved the chunks of real strawberry!


After school my insane hunger continued so I had several snacks.  I started by making lunch for tomorrow out of this stuff.


*Note1, I bought Weight Watchers Mexican because it was on sale, my suggestion for the recipe is sharp cheddar.  Note2, I ate about 1/3C of cheese while I was cooking.


Pimento Shmento Spread, serves 2 (x’s amounds as needed)

  • 1/3 C small chopped roasted red pepper – about 1 pepper, I patted mine dry with papertowl
  • 2/3C shredded reduced fat cheddar
  • 2t plain nonfat yogurt

Stir gently to combine.


I ate one serving on a serving of Doctor Kracker Fire Roasted Crisps.


I microwaved it for 30seconds – ooooh, melty! – and ate with a small apple.


I also had a 1/2C serving of Kashi Heart to Heart Blueberry with unsweetened almond milk,


and a spoonful of pb (I told you I was hungry!)


Then I met A at the gym.¬† When I got there I really wasn’t feeling it, today left me in a really bad mood, but I am so glad that I stuck it out!¬† I did a 10minute run on the treadmilll.¬† Then 10minutes on the stairstepper at level 9; I didn’t love this, I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to be staying “up” or let the pedals go to the bottom.¬† Plus I couldn’t balance without holding on and I know that decreases your actual work out.¬† Next I did 20minutes of arms on the weight machines, and finished up with 10minutes of abs and stretching on the mat.

When I got home I ate 1serving of jalopeno poppers,


this dark chocolate flower from Godiva (from the Always Infinity event),


and finally this frozen pad thai.


In and of its self it was ok, but this was the worst frozen pad thai I’ve ever had.


Also today, I wrote my plans for next week!¬† I’m ready for bed.¬† Sorry for the long/quick post, love ya!


April 28, 2009

Going back to school after a day of hooky went pretty smoothly.¬† I even managed to wake up on time this morning without too much pain ūüôā¬† I’ve been reading rave blog reviews of Balance Bars Cookie Dough so I tried one out for my train breakfast this morning.


My thoughts?¬† Holy frick this is the best thing ever!¬† I know I’ve raved about the Balance Honey Yogurt Peanut flavor before but this kicked that one’s butt!¬† This is still not something I would eat super regularly (4grams saturated fat) but if I’m ever craving cookie dough I know where to go.

I don’t have a photo, but for honesty’s sake I have to mention that when I went to the vending machine to buy a diet coke on my prep I totally got suckered in by a bag of Core Crazy Skittles.¬† Thoughts?¬† I drink too much diet coke AND eat too much candy!

For lunch I packed a bit more healthily – a medium apple,


1serving of Doctor Krackers Cherry Seminola,


and a Stonyfield Farms Pom Berry fatfree yogurt.


It’s a good thing lunch was good, because my mixed class was ca-razy this afternoon.¬† We had researchers from Stanford sitting in the back and while they were in the room I counted 20+ n-words, more than 40+ curse words, and at least 8incidences of violence.¬† Mind you, 90% of this was one student!¬† There was no security on the floor, and security wouldn’t come, so disrupt he did.

The nice thing about deciding to take a year off is that now I can be totally zen through these situations.¬† That is not to say, however, that I don’t have soul-crushing guilt about the fact that kids who come to my class to learn are often impacted by the kids I can’t control!!!

I stayed a little bit after school to set up for tomorrow and call some parents (a student read a sex novel through 90minutes of poetry work and screamed at me when I asked her to put it away) and then I headed home.  A and I ran some quick errands in the gorgeous weather, but first I snacked on a serving of the Quakes Rice Snacks my aunt left at my house this weekend.



I like that a reasonable serving size was only 70calories, and the flavor was nice and cheesy, but I’ll take Popchips over these any day!

I also ate a small serving of baby carrots.


And it’s possible I felt the need to mash these Rochers into my Jelly Belly Butter Popcorn Pudding for a third snack.


I also did mass amounts of random noshing every time I entered the kitchen.  Amid all the eating I did manage to grade a test and get my materials together for tomorrow.

My food choices went even further downhill for dinner – grilled cheese sandwich with oven baked yam fries.


I used a medium yam for the oven fries and for my grilled cheese I did 2slices of ww bread, sharp cheddar, a little bit of fatfree mayo, and a big dollop of pickle relish.¬† I usually cook my grilleds in a dab of SmartBalance but apparently we are all out, so I used 1t evoo. (Actually, I prefer to make them in a toaster oven, but that appliance obviously isn’t going to reside in my studio-size kitchen.)


After dinner I took a walk with A to pick up the aformentioned missing SmartBalance.¬† It wasn’t the healthiest day.¬† In fact, the healthiest thing I’m going to do is head to bed now, good night!


What extras do you put on your grilled cheese sandwiches?

Have kids (or eat off the kids’ menu)?¬† Read this.

Has everyone seen the Flogg that Tina is giving away?  I need this!

The Best Kind of School Day…

April 22, 2009

…one where I’m not actually at school!¬† Whenever I used to dream of living in NY I pictured prowling Manhattan and drinking Starbucks on the way to work, so any pd that takes me out of East New York is good in my book!¬† The pd was a Read180 training and it took place at the Scholastic center, so that was fun.

This morning I got to head to work on the same train as A for the first time in two years ūüôā¬† I was so excited I was dancing around like a little kid for the first half of the ride.¬† I had to ride a few stops further than A and when I got off the logical breakfast spot was…..Starbucks!

I got a fruit and cheese plate for breakfast.



And coffee.


My favorite Starbucks order is grande iced Americano with room + skim milk I add on my own.  I am one of the few who enjoys the taste of Starbucks but today I thought it tasted burnt.  I ended up adding two packets of raw sugar before I left.  I ate all of my fruits and cheese (brie!) but left the crackers because they seemed odd that early in the morning.

The pd was pretty boring –¬†I don’t actually run a Read180 program! – but I did have fun talking to my coworker who came with me.¬† We were the bad kids, when we were supposed to be doing silent reading we chatted instead!¬† We both agreed that it is sad how exciting it was to have a work day where no one cursed at us!

For lunch I hit up the cafeteria inside the Scholastic building.


I did the salad bar, with a cookie bar and a cherry coke zero.  My salad was a spring lettuce base with some raw veggies and a dab of oil and vinegar.  I also plopped in a small blob of chicken salad.


I saved the cookie to eat during the second half of the pd.


The other amazing thing about pds is that they often let out early – I was home by three o’clock!¬† I took advantage of the “found time” by catching up on all the food blogs.¬†¬† I also made a snack because my lunch was pretty light.


The last small serving (this is a mini plate) of fried rice, spiffed up with some Chipolte Tabasco.

On the agenda for this evening?

  • tons, tons, tons of school work
  • making dinner
  • new episode of Scrubs!

My aunt and one of my cousins are coming to visit me this weekend so I have to do a lot of my “weekend work” in advance.¬† I realized during a freak out yesterday that I shouldn’t even attempt to go to the gym until next week.¬† On the note of being busy, I should go!¬† Be back this evening.

What is your standard order at coffee shops?

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You Ugli

March 29, 2009

The title is what our students say to each other (god forbid they use a verb).¬† The other day a (horrendous!) boy was apparently quite pissed that I asked him not to scream outside my door during my class so he told me “you ugly!”¬† My response?¬† Deadpan voice “I know.¬† And I cry about it every night, but right now I’m trying to suck up the pain so I can teach this class.”¬† Hehe, that is generally my response to any sort of random criticism thrown my way “I’ll cry about it later, but let’s get on with class now.”

Anyhoo, I started my morning off with an Ugli fruit today.  Actually, I started my morning off with a small handful of this stuff.


Then I attacked the ugli fruit.


Here it is naked.  It was still big, but the peel definitely added some of the heft.


A and I split it, we both thought it tasted like an orange.  I ate my half with a medium sliced banana.


I also ate 2 Brazil nuts.


Did you know that 1 Brazil nut contains more than 100% of your daily selenium needs?¬† I was reminded of this fact by a “House” episode a few months ago, so when I saw unsalted ones at the grocery store I had to buy them.

After doing some school work it was time for lunch.  A and I decided on meatloaf sandwiches.


I put a small serving of meatloaf on a slice of ww bread, spread the other slice with maple pumpkin butter, topped it with sharp cheddar and broiled the whole thing.


I got a coupon for Kraft Naturals the other day so that is what I used, this stuff has Great flavor!


After 5minutes, my sandwich was ready to go.


Super tasty!  I love the savory/sweet so pumpkin butter was the perfect addition to this.

A went out to do the laundry so I went with me and ran some errands around noon; we have some Easter surprises for our parents when we go home in two weeks!  I worked at a leisurely pace all morning which means I had to pick up the tempo by the afternoon.  I got all of my plans and materials finished (I am saving my posters for tomorrow) and hurried to Staples to make my copies.

After Staples I came home and ate a small salad.


This was romaine and shredded red cabbage topped with a little bit of unsweetened dried blueberries, pine nuts, and fat free poppy seed dressing.

Then I headed to the gym – I am getting back into the swing of running and I love it!¬† Sadly my bunion feels a little bit funny, but I am hoping it’s my shoes.¬† I’m going to do other forms of exercise for a few days then run again in a different pair.¬† The gym was near closing time when I got there so I had to cut my treadmill intervals (2minute jog/1minute walk) to 25minutes.¬† I still managed to do 2.75miles so I left feeling pretty happy.

I had to go to the drug store to buy something to bring my mom after the gym.  I knew I had to eat more meatloaf leftovers for dinner so I did some brainstorming during my run, and came home with these.


I’ll explain them in a minute.¬† On the way home from the drugstore it started to hail on me!¬† I was wearing just a hoodie because the weather had been so nice all day and I was not happy!¬† I sprinted a few blocks and then thankfully A saved me with an umbrella because my foot was really starting to hurt.

I have to take a quick minute to mention what a hero A was today.¬† I truely don’t know how I got so lucky with my husband.¬† He is always sweet but today was above and beyond.¬† Not only did he wash my laundry, he folded and put them all away!¬† Then he walked with me to Staples, saved me with an umbrella, and sat in our teeny bathroom to chat with me during my shower because I was cold and frustrated.¬† He is truely the best guy for me on Earth.

Then I got down and dirty with my other great love, in the kitchen, popcorn!


No one guessed buttered popcorn as my Jelly Belly pudding flavor but that’s what I bought.¬† It was good, but I almost wish it was saltier.

Mushy stuff over.  Want to know what I made with Doritos and meatloaf?


Nachos!  I topped them with corn, sharp cheddar, and a dollop of medium salsa.


So tasty, I love homemade nachos!

I actually have the chance to be in bed before 10:30pm, a miracle for me.¬† I’m going to grab my book and hit the sack!

Do you do homemade nachos?¬† What “bar foods” do you make at home?

BSI – Strawberry entry

March 14, 2009

Hello, hello readers!¬† This post is filled with cuteness, but hopefully, the heart of a winner.¬† I haven’t gotten as much done today as I would like, but I took a 3hour nap with the bear and am feeling very refreshed.

After my nap (and some school work!!!) I made myself a fiji apple with sunflower seed butter and some raisins.


I also might have eaten 3Triscuits and 1Newman’s O off of A’s lunch plate.

For my real lunch, I made my BSI entry.¬† This week’s contest is strawberry, hosted by Hey What’s For Dinner Mom?¬†I’m a huge fan of the savory/sweet combo, so as soon as I read strawberries I knew I’d be doing something savory.¬† My final idea?¬† The Strawberry Club.

I started by taking the 1/2 block of firm tofu leftover from yesterday out of the freezer.  You could just drain and press your tofu, but I do think that the freeze helped the texture for a quick cook.  After preheating the oven to 450*, foil/spraying a baking sheet, and cutting my slightly defrosted tofu into 4 slices and giving them a quick sprinkle of salt, I was ready.  I slathered it was strawberry jelly (specifically the homemade jelly from my m-i-l).  Then I stuck it in the oven for 20minutes.  Once my beauties were out I placed them on some Ezequiel bread.


Then I topped them with a slice of veggie cheese and 2 slices of fakin’ bacon.


Finally I gave my sammie a quick nuke in the microwave to make the “cheese” all melty.


Perfection!¬† It had the perfect balance of flavors that I like, and was filling without being heavy.¬† I used “fake” bacon and cheese because of the vegan challenge, but this would be just as good with “real” bacon and cheese.

It’s almost 4, so I’ve got to run.¬† I would like to get my nails done (my fingers are so ugly right now I’m almost embarrassed to meet new people, straightening the bookshelves is not pretty work), and A and I are going to walk around the city a bit before I go to the blogger meet up.¬† See you for a fun-filled post this PM!

Do you like savory/sweet, or does the combo make you gag?  My favorite combo seems to be turkey bacon and maple syrup.  Which do you prefer, savory or sweet?