Props to the Hubby

January 23, 2009

This was just not my week to get up early!  Thankfully it was Friday (we start school at 8:40 instead of 8) so I could be in bed at 7:10 and not be late.  Plus, eating on the train meant I dug out this Kashi bar.


Um, it has popcorn in it?!?!?!  Has there ever been anything made more for me?

I packed this for lunch,


but I ended up eating it all over the place.  My beloved popcorn bar didn’t quite fill me up (probably because I didn’t eat dinner yesterday) so I snacked on my Fuji apple during 1st period with my boys class.


I lined them up outside the room this morning and was basically like “cut the crap” and I actually had control/kids doing meaningful work for the first half the block, so that was nice.  I’m doing everything I can to make sure my students don’t go crazy this half of the year.  It’s frustrating, because I’m a good teacher forget that, I’m a great teacher, but the students at my school are so e.d. that unless you are a wonderful disciplinarian it doesn’t matter.

I stayed late after school to finish setting my room back up, it finally feels like “home” again. 🙂  A is the sweetest man on Earth so he actually trekked all the way out to East New York to pick me up!  On the way home I finally ate the other half of my lunch – cucumber slices and a Nonfat Think ‘n Creamy Yoplait.


When we got back to the Slope we made a quick grocery run so we wouldn’t have to leave the house again until tomorrow.  We are doing another theme night tonight; Cuban Night!  We mostly grabbed things for that at the store, we are trying not to spend a ton of money right now.  Stupidly, we thought it’d be a good idea to pay A’s tuition (he is getting his masters in education through tfa) in a lump sum and now we are pretty broke.  It will be hella nice to get reimbursed in a lump sum this summer though 🙂  Plus his sister is coming to visit next weekend and we will be going out on the town so it’s a good idea to save up anyways.

I snacked on a half serving of Kashi cheddar crackers and a Laughing Cow Lite while I caught up with some things online,


and now I’m sipping this cup of Candy Cane Lane while I play around.


We should be making dinner soon so I’ll be back with an exciting Cuban post later this evening!

I am currently listening to an old Sarah McLachlan cd, and it’s making me quite happy – do you like music a la Lillith Fair?


September 13, 2008

What a great (green) day it has been.  After my Pilate’s class I met up with my husband who was dying for some sushi.  I already had dinner planned for myself, so I got some veggie dumplings as an appetizer.

Alongside a glass of skim milk with chocolate no sugar added Carnation Instant Breakfast.

After walking A to the hospital (he volunteers as well) I stopped in at Barnes and Noble.  I’m not going to lie, there’s a reason I was an English major, this store is like crack to me!  I love love love books and magazines.  I came home with the October issues of Fitness, Women’s Health, and Rachael Ray.  I also bought Going Hungry; supposedly a modern look at anorexia.  Some of my favorite authors (Francesca Lia Block anyone?) contributed and I’m hoping this would be good for my classroom library.  There is absolutely no health taught at my school so any discussion I can spark is beneficial.

For dinner I went veggietastic – roasted veggies with a tomato, cucumber and goat cheese salad.

This salad is becoming one of my favorites (I went a little too crazy with the cheese today though, about 1/4 cup, it’s a serving size but I ended up with a lot leftover).

Roasted veggies are ridiculously easy to make –

  1. preheat your oven to a toasty 450degrees
  2. spray a foiled pan with cooking spray
  3. smallish chop any kind of veggie and place on the tray
  4. spray lightly with cooking spray (or drizzle with olive oil),  and sprinkle with salt and any seasoning that fits with the rest of your meal.
  5. cook 20-25minutes

Today I made zucchini, yellow squash, and brussels sprouts.  Pre-oven:

Don’t the brussels sprouts look like little lettuce heads?

And roasty goodness 25minutes later.

I’m watching “Becoming Jane” and doing some school work (go me!) while I wait for A to get home from volunteering.  Have a good night all!

Mixing It Up*

September 3, 2008

*I like this because it is like a double entendre (spelling?).  Its literal (gym) and sarcastic (3rd day of the same dinner).

I ended up eating dinner, doing work, and then going to the gym; so I switched my schedule all around.  I had, shocker, leftover thai fried rice for dinner.  A small serving, it was amazing but I’m pretty much done with it! 

BUT I added in a cucumber, tomato and blue cheese salad which was delish!

I had tons of schoolwork which put a big lag time between dinner and the gym so I snacked on this fruit leather on the walk there.  Very impressive Trader Joe!

At the gym I did 30minutes split equally among the elliptical, the treadmill and the stairstepper.  I didn’t get to do any strength training (the gym was literally closing around me) but it’s ok because I plan on skipping the gym tomorrow to do strength training at home.

I have an early morning, gotta crawl off to the shower.