Numero Uno

June 20, 2009

I am in much better spirits ūüôā¬† We finally made some (basic) choices, which I will be sharing with readers by the end of this week.¬† Plus I saw Year One this afternoon which made me laugh.¬† Andthen I got to catch up with an old college friend.

J and I worked at the on-campus bar together at University of Miami.  She is in law school here in NY which means she is as busy as I am and we never see each other!  It is almost summer now so we managed a double date at South Street Seaport.  I was wicked thirsty on the train so I slammed a lemonade as soon as I reached the Seaport.


Then I met up with A, who had been out drinking with school friends, and finally we met up with J and her boyfriend.  Some of the restaurants at the Seaport are a bit iffy so we ended up at Unos.  I was pretty much stuffed still from movie popcorn so I made a light dinner choice.


Soup and salad.  Soup was vegetable РCarrots, celery, corn, beans, onions, spinach, red bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and zucchini in a low fat vegetarian broth (135calories).


And the salad was the Gorgonzola Walnut Side Salad – Mixed lettuces, tomato, red onion, cucumber, honey glazed walnuts, Gorgonzola, croutons and low fat blueberry pomegranate vinaigrette (280calories).


I ate about 2/3 of the soup and salad.¬† Even though I didn’t clean my plate I did manage to snag a few bites of A’s brownie sundae dessert.


Yums!¬† I frickin love living in NY so much – having the calories posted on the menus takes away all of my ordering anxiety.¬† There are times when I really don’t care between two options and the idea that one of them could potentially have 1,000 more calories when I don’t even prefer it freaks me out.

We got done with dinner around 10:30 and A and headed home because I need to be up early tomorrow for my 2nd foray into Physique57.  Sweet dreams all!

Does your town post nutritional stats?  What do you think about the practice? 

I am generally unsure about things that put an emphasis on calories.¬† The amount of young girls who are concerned about weight (and additionally engaging in unhealthy practices) is staggering.¬† If I hear some one commenting about calories when I am eating I feel deeply uncomfortable.¬† However, I strongly support posting nutritional stats.¬† While I have slight reservations that this practice may deprive some young girls typical childhood experiences (“A corn dog at a ball game with dad has how many calories?!¬† No thanks!”) I think that starting a dialogue is a good thing.¬† And on the flip side there are times when I am surprised by how low the number is, rather than high.¬† Just as it’s good for people to be aware of excess, I am glad people eating too little have the information in front of them rather than (over)estimating.

Additionally, (thankfully or sadly?) people who are too concerned about calorie counts are the minority in American society.¬† People complain about parents who don’t bother to have the sex talk with their children, what about the trans fat talk?¬† Or the calcium talk?¬† Or for my children, the why we don’t eat candy for breakfast and lunch talk.¬† Putting nutritional information right on the menu opens up a opportunity for communication.

Finally, as an informed adult I appreciate my ability to be armed with all of the facts when I make a food choice in NYC.  Even as someone who is concerned with health, cooks, reads articles, etc I am often surprised by how much I over/underestimate the calories in restaurant meals.  While it is not feasible to ask Mom and Pop spots to call in a team of analysts, chain restaurants are employing nutritionists anyways, why not make their knowledge public for the good of the consumer?


June 4, 2009

Sorry for the two day absence, work has been hard and I’ve been feeling really sad lately.¬† I feel like these last two years have really taken a lot out of me.¬† I don’t take care of myself and I’m still not successful at work.¬† I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t eat healthy enough, I don’t get to work out.¬† Plus my skin has been freaking out lately which doesn’t really help.¬† I don’t have any food pics but I can’t post quite this much negativity.¬† In spite of it all, I managed to make a list of the things (related to this experience) I am grateful for.

Reasons my 2 years at my school were a blessing

  1. I got to explore my undergrad degree, even if I never use it again
  2. I feel gangsta telling people I work in East New York
  3. for a small number of kids, I did have a huge impact.  There are students who I can genuinely see education/emotional/social growth in that I know I had a part of developing
  4. it gave me a chance to spend two years living in nyc
  5. even without regular gym time carrying my huge work bag has built up my arm strength to all time highs
  6. I realized while doing this job how passionate I am about getting proper nutrition education to low-income areas
  7. A and I will always know to appreciate the little things in life after this

What blessings have you found in struggles?

Doubles and Debacles

May 16, 2009

I realize I’ve been away three days, but this post is a double because it will just cover the last two.¬† I’ve been super busy (and tired), but I’m sorry I’ve been a boring blogger.

Thursday morning I had the best train breakfast ever.


Boomi Bars (maple pecan) officially rock my socks!  This was crunchy is the most amazing way and the flavors, salty and sweet, were perfect.

For lunch I packed the 2nd serving of my Pimento Shmento Red Pepper Spread,


along with a serving of Doctor Kracker, a mini almond sample, and a small apple.


I also ate this SmartFood sample for dessert, tasty!


I had to stay late after school for a Smart Board training, and I didn’t get home until after 6.¬† Somehow I managed to make myself do schoolwork (I’ve been rocking it out this week) before A convinced me to get Thai food for dinner.¬† We just got a big $ refund from A’s grad school so it seemed like a good way to celebrate.

I went veggie-crazy for dinner.  I had steamed veggie dumplings,


and a carrot and cabbage spicy salad.


So good!  The dumplings were nice and chewy and the salad was like a super spicy (non-mayo-y) slaw.

After dinner we went to the grocery store (at 11:30pm!!!) to do our shopping for next week.  On the way home I rounded out my small dinner withmore veggies, this time the unhealthy kind!


The pizza place we are obsessed with makes the best fries.

For dessert I broke out a grocery store purchase (with a coupon from SWITP)


Jell-O Sugar Free Banana Fudge Supreme Pudding.  I had a cup with Oreos crunched in.


You can also visualize an extra 5 oreos, oops.

Friday morning had a bumpy start – my alarm on my cell phone didn’t work and I way overslept, I ended up throwing my cell phone and breaking it in half!¬† Yes, I do have a temper, but I was particularly angry because I’ve spent so much time this week doing work in advance for next week and I was so proud of myself for getting up early on a Friday.¬† I hated myself for the last 1.5years because I always oversleep and this week I’ve been actually getting up and then the alarm doesn’t work!?!

I was 15minutes late to work and I didn’t get to eat anything all day.¬† After school I came home to meet A to buy a new phone and then I finally got something to eat!¬† A was super excited about the Grand Canyon Dinner for some reason so we went there.


I ordered the New York Pannini – turkey, bacon, tomato, American cheese, and roasted onions with a side of Russian dressing.



I modified my order for turkey bacon and no butter on the bread.  It was pretty tasty.


A’s meal came with dessert so we split the blueberry pie.


I’ve never had canned pie filling before and I was pretty surprised at how sticky it was!

After dinner we walked home and I fell asleep, at 7o’clock!¬† I must have been exhausted because I was O-U-T out!¬† I woke up this morning and got started on work, which is why I am not talking about today until later.¬† I will however tell you a story…..

The Dumpling Debacle

Or as I am calling it, the Foie Gras Faux Pas.¬† As you guys know, I am semi-vegetarian.¬† I eat fowl and fish but haven’t eaten pork or red meat (mammal) since the summer before 8th grade.¬† As it is, I don’t eat a ton of fish and not all that much fowl, I eat a lot¬†fake meats.¬† But I especially, do NOT eat duck, as they are my favorite creatures on Earth.¬† I ate duck at a fancy Chinese restaurant once when I was 13 and my aunt and uncle had taken me to NY for my birthday and I cried for days!

Now, you remember the fabulous chicken dumplings¬†from the FoodBuzz event.¬† The beyond delicious ones I ate two of?¬† I found out towards the end of the event that they were in fact chicken FOIE GRAS dumplings!¬† I ate tortured duck?!?!¬† And loved it!¬† I would never seek out foie gras (it is so inhumane that even some full-blown meat eaters are againstit) but I have to say, I’m a little glad I tasted it accidentally.¬† I am such a foodie and there are a lot of big items I’ll never try because I stopped eating “meat” so young – oxtail, marrow, proscutio, etc.¬† Don’t think I’m a monster!

If you are semi/vegetarian/vegan – have you ever had any accidents?

The N-Word

May 8, 2009

We now return to your regularly scheduled programing!¬† I’ve been a flaky blogger this week; things have been a little crazy.¬† Tuesday – I had a half day pd and then stayed at school late calling parents (every single one I have a correct number for).¬† Wednesday – we went on an entire 8th grade field trip = shit show.¬† Thursday – we had a career day and at night A and I went out for ice-cream, x2.¬† By the way, the title is not to imply that my business has kept me from eating, in fact, I’m sort of glad to NOT post my meals from this week!

Today was, again, crazy.¬† I stayed in bed to cuddle with A for as long as I could and then I headed off to school to set up.¬† I didn’t eat a train breakfast, I was way too deeply enthralled in my book.¬† This one of my favorites, I read it in 8th grade.

When I got to school I did some grading and organized for the day, plus snacked on this new Odwalla bar.


Delish!  The coffee flavor in here was divine!  Strangely, this flavor is not listed on the website.

I decided I will not be raising my voice any more this year; this meant I was calm but my kids were crazy.¬† I had a lesson I was really excited about and I was really sad to see it not work.¬† My literacy coach saw my face after the all boys class and pulled me into her office for a pep talk.¬† I’m doing my best to stay positive, but without consequences it is hard to keep my hopes up.

I didn’t eat lunch because I spent the entire period helping students with make-up work.

I did finally raise my voice when a (NOT African American) student said the n-word for the 20th+ time.¬† Our students curse constantly.¬† They also say the n-word at least twice a sentence.¬† If I’ve had no other influence, I’ve made such a big deal about language that at least most kids stop and apologize to me and try to control themselves in my room.¬† I’ve done several lessons on literature that talks about the n-word being hurtful.¬† I keep having to address it, but that’s life.¬† But today I LOST it.¬† I literally could not hear that word another time.¬† I flipped out and made a security guy from the hallway remove S* from my room.¬† So mad I was shaking I said to the class, “I understand you guys use that word just to mean person but half of my friends are black it is offensive and I do not come here to have nigger yelled in my face.”¬† I went back to my lesson and five minutes later K* raised his hand and said “Miss, can I ask a question?¬† What does that word mean?”¬† I ended up taking 10minutes and leading the class through the lineage of the n-word.¬† When I was done, a student was like “oh, that is bad,” and several kids nodded.¬† Are you kidding me that no one has taught these kids where the n-word comes from?¬† They were all curious and interested, how could they be 13-17 and not know this?¬† I am really glad that I had an opportunity to teach them, but why is this lesson coming so late?

After school I stayed to grade and put up my outside bulletin board and then called several parents.¬† As excited as I was to get home and get something for “lunch” I ended up not leaving until 5.¬† On the walk home I walked with a fellow teacher and stopped in at Tea Lounge for a mint tea, which made me happy.¬† I’m not sure what the deal is tonight, but a snack is in my very near future!¬† Be back soon.

How do you feel about the n-word?


I am attending Self in the Park tomorrow and I just realized that I’m going alone!¬† I bought the ticket as soon as they came out and kind of forget about it.¬† Is anyone going who wants to meet up with me?¬† I feel a little nervous navigating by myself.


April 28, 2009

Going back to school after a day of hooky went pretty smoothly.¬† I even managed to wake up on time this morning without too much pain ūüôā¬† I’ve been reading rave blog reviews of Balance Bars Cookie Dough so I tried one out for my train breakfast this morning.


My thoughts?¬† Holy frick this is the best thing ever!¬† I know I’ve raved about the Balance Honey Yogurt Peanut flavor before but this kicked that one’s butt!¬† This is still not something I would eat super regularly (4grams saturated fat) but if I’m ever craving cookie dough I know where to go.

I don’t have a photo, but for honesty’s sake I have to mention that when I went to the vending machine to buy a diet coke on my prep I totally got suckered in by a bag of Core Crazy Skittles.¬† Thoughts?¬† I drink too much diet coke AND eat too much candy!

For lunch I packed a bit more healthily – a medium apple,


1serving of Doctor Krackers Cherry Seminola,


and a Stonyfield Farms Pom Berry fatfree yogurt.


It’s a good thing lunch was good, because my mixed class was ca-razy this afternoon.¬† We had researchers from Stanford sitting in the back and while they were in the room I counted 20+ n-words, more than 40+ curse words, and at least 8incidences of violence.¬† Mind you, 90% of this was one student!¬† There was no security on the floor, and security wouldn’t come, so disrupt he did.

The nice thing about deciding to take a year off is that now I can be totally zen through these situations.¬† That is not to say, however, that I don’t have soul-crushing guilt about the fact that kids who come to my class to learn are often impacted by the kids I can’t control!!!

I stayed a little bit after school to set up for tomorrow and call some parents (a student read a sex novel through 90minutes of poetry work and screamed at me when I asked her to put it away) and then I headed home.  A and I ran some quick errands in the gorgeous weather, but first I snacked on a serving of the Quakes Rice Snacks my aunt left at my house this weekend.



I like that a reasonable serving size was only 70calories, and the flavor was nice and cheesy, but I’ll take Popchips over these any day!

I also ate a small serving of baby carrots.


And it’s possible I felt the need to mash these Rochers into my Jelly Belly Butter Popcorn Pudding for a third snack.


I also did mass amounts of random noshing every time I entered the kitchen.  Amid all the eating I did manage to grade a test and get my materials together for tomorrow.

My food choices went even further downhill for dinner – grilled cheese sandwich with oven baked yam fries.


I used a medium yam for the oven fries and for my grilled cheese I did 2slices of ww bread, sharp cheddar, a little bit of fatfree mayo, and a big dollop of pickle relish.¬† I usually cook my grilleds in a dab of SmartBalance but apparently we are all out, so I used 1t evoo. (Actually, I prefer to make them in a toaster oven, but that appliance obviously isn’t going to reside in my studio-size kitchen.)


After dinner I took a walk with A to pick up the aformentioned missing SmartBalance.¬† It wasn’t the healthiest day.¬† In fact, the healthiest thing I’m going to do is head to bed now, good night!


What extras do you put on your grilled cheese sandwiches?

Have kids (or eat off the kids’ menu)?¬† Read this.

Has everyone seen the Flogg that Tina is giving away?  I need this!

A Story in Three Parts

March 23, 2009

First off, major love to whomever can tell me what book the title today comes from.¬† Because I have three major points today, and I’m too short on time to do a full recap, I’ve decided to divide this post into three parts.

Workin’ It Out

Today’s workout was abso-frickin-lutly fabulous!¬† I am so glad I tookthe time for myself to go to the gym.¬† I know this week will be gym light (I am going back to the doctor’s yet again tomorrow to deal with the stupid wart on my foot) but my goal for the rest of the year is to make it as much as possible.¬† I am such a happier (healthier!!) person when I am in shape.

Today I started with a 30minute Abs and Stretching Class at Crunch.¬† When class was over I hit up the treadmill for a 35minute interval session – I do 2minutes jogging/1minute walking.¬† For 35minutes I did 3.5miles and burned est. 300calories. I’m trying to build back into running while being cognisantof my bad joints, so you will be seeing a lot of intervals.¬† The 35minutes flew by with my fabulous gym mix:

  1. “I Will Follow You into the Dark” – Death Cab for Cutie
  2. “Rock Lobster” – The B52’s
  3. “O… Saya” – AR Rahman and MIA (Slumdog soundtrack)
  4. “Vitamen S” – Cham
  5. “Loose Lips” – Kimya Dawson
  6. “Crank That” – Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em
  7. “Get Loose” – The Salads
  8. “Heartless” – Kanye West
  9. “Stolen” – Dashboard Confessional
  10. “Paper Planes” – MIA


Today started normal but ended with Insane hunger.¬† I’m not sure why my hunger has been so wonky this year (starving or nauseous and hardly ever just normal) but in honor of upcoming bikini season (19days until vacation!) I think I will just be ignoring any craziness for a bit.


For train breakfast I ate a new bar that Melissa brought to brunch yesterday.


It was good.  I liked the taste and the chia seeds gave it a great chew texture.  My only complaint is that it was pretty sticky and I like to read while I eat on the train.


Lunch was a plethora of fruitiness.


Dannon Light & Fit Pineapple Coconut Yogurt.


I hate this brand of yogurt usually (I don’t tolerate fake sugar outside of my diet cokes) but the seasonal flavor looked intriguing.¬† It actually wasn’t bad, the chunks were downright delicious.

A minneola.


I brought and extra and gave it to kids working in my room at lunch, upon which I learned that about 1/2 of them did not know how to peel an orange!

And finally 1/4C unsweetened dried pineapple from TJ’s.



{Unphotographed = 1fun sized chocolate from a student + a disgustingly large handful of nuts}

A caramelapple bar spread with a bit of pb.



I did a dinner in three parts to0.  We did three salads, three courses.

Course 1


A small salad of lettuce and shredded red cabbage topped with 15spritzs of Balsalmic Breeze dressing and a few banana chips.


Course 2

A serving of pasta salad.


A made this from a kit from Target.  It was only ok, we have two more varieties of kits in our pantry and we are not sure what to expect.


Course 3



Juicy Chicken Salad, serves 4

Places the following ingredients in a bowl and stir together gently.  You can eat right away or make a day in advance to allow flavors to combine.

*4 cooked chicken breasts, shredded
*6oz plain nonfat Greek yogurt
*1/2C pickle relish
*3/4C halved green grapes
*1t paprika


Vegan Challenge Reflections

(Sorry this is a day late)  I hope you all enjoyed the 2week vegan challenge.  I know that I did!  While I have decided NOT to be vegan for life I enjoyed the two weeks and definitely learned a few things.  I outlined a few off my final ideas below.

What I’m Keeping

  1. Variety!¬† During the challenge I really pushed myself to shake up my lunch rut and I’m glad I did.¬† Our dinners were fun too.¬† Even though there were a few flops (tofu scramble), some recipes have become new favorites (strawberry tofu club).
  2. Fake meat.¬† I knew I was a tofu fan, but I had no idea how enjoyable some of the other forms of vegan protein could be.¬† Fakin’ bacon rocked my socks, and the soy chorizo dish I made was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

What I’m Losing

  1. No ovo.¬† I like eggs, they are a healthy source of protein.¬† Plus they are in all of my favorite Thai dishes, life without authentic Pad Thai just isn’t worth it! ūüôā
  2. The dairy to soy conversions.¬† There are many soy products (tofu, soy pudding, edamame) that I greatly enjoy and plan on consuming for life.¬† However, withthe research still at a stall about the point at which soy becomes a cancer risk rather than help I don’t want to over-indulge.¬† I have a high risk of cancer anyway, my genes and I grew up in an intense sun area, which is part of why I am concerned with a healthy diet.¬† Since I enjoy regular dairy I do not want to consume an excess of soy simply to keep animal product off my cereal.
  3. …..more specifically, soy yogurt.¬† Besides the fact that it lacks the tangy flavor and high protein of Greek yogurt, soy yogurts were impossible for me to find without added sugar.¬† Consuming extra sugar to get a taste I find second rate seems silly.

What I’m Changing

As you guys know I am mostly vegetarian.¬† I don’t consume a ton of fish/foul and I haven’t eaten mammals since the summer before 8th grade.¬† Part of the reason for this (in addition to tastes and health) is that I am unable to make¬†peacewith the idea of eating a mammal.¬† Pigs are officially smarter than human babies.¬† While I don’t judge what anyone else eats, I am just not cool with that.¬† Besides a long long conversation about the treatment of animals breed for food.¬† I realize you could question why chickens/turkeys/fish are not worthy, honestly I’m not sure.¬† I feel ok about eating them though and it adds convenience to my life.

As far as animal products go, I do not have a moral issue with consuming them.  My issue lies in the treatment of the source of these foods Рcows and chickens raised for eggs and milk.  On a related note, I do not usually consume organic products (my budget will not allow it), although I try to when I can.  A and I discussed this during our challenge, and I realized I see a pretty big difference between pesticides on the outside of a peach and antibiotics that are fed to a cow before she produces milk.  Therefore, A and I have decided to consume dairy/meat less often so that we will be able to afford organic in these products.  We are also going to make a more conserted effort to buy only from companies that provide humane conditions for their farm animals.  I realize that many of my points of view are rationalizations that work only for me.  I am not here to tell anyone what to do, I just wanted to share my own reflections from the 2week challenge.

What are your thoughts on consuming animals/animal products?

What are your thoughts on organic products?

Bleck, Brunch, Bites

March 23, 2009

Finished!¬† Whenever I have a good day it’s also a full day, and my blog posts end up being not so full.¬† It’s late, but I knew it’d be late so I’ll do my best to give a recap of my lovely day.

I had a serious case of the all or nothings this morning.¬† I overslept, which wouldn’t be a big deal except that I’ve spent the last two days not working and am a little disappointed in myself.¬† That’s the rub with this job, you can always be doing more.¬† Anyway, I let my dissappointment cause me to laze around which caused me to run out of time for a run and then I was really disappointed.¬† Sometimes I spend so much time whining about what I have to do that I could actually do some of it in the time it takes to complain.

Frustration and hurry aside, I did manage to grab a quick but tasty pre-brunch breakfast.  My mommy gave me a gift-certificate to Stonewall Kitchen for Christmas and I finally used it the other day, leading to this package in the mail.


I am excited about all the products, you’ll see them all soon, but none more than these two.


So today I made myself a slice of toast and topped it with Maple Pumpkin Butter.


Yum!  I am superexcited to try this in oats.

At noon I headed into the city for the Blogger Meet-Up Brunch!  We met at Counter.  Let me say now, I am not even going to discuss this restaurant experience.  I am sure other bloggers will do that for me.  I will Not be going back.  Service aside, re/meeting all of the bloggers was wonderful!  All of the ladies, and Mark! were so friendly and fun.  I even got more swag.


For my meal I got poached eggs with hashbrowns, ww toast, and a side salad.


I devored the eggs (which were hard-boiled, not poached like I ordered) and the hash’ but left the overdressed salad on the plate.¬† I also finished the toast, that little blob of pink stuff was strawberry butter, and it was the highlight of the meal!

After brunch a group of us headed to the F train and on the way I stopped at Sugar for gelato.  I know that it is still winter, but I had gelato there over the summer and it was just too good.


I had panna cotta and cookies and cream and they did not disappoint – I practically licked the bowl clean!


When we got back in the Slope Sarah, Vani, and I actually hit up Hanco’s.¬† Vani had never tried bubble tea before but hopefully we made her a convert.¬† Since I had bubble tea yesterday I celebrated my non-vegan status by ordering an Egg Yolk Soda.


I still have no idea what the hell this is.  The menu warns that the yolk is raw but says nothing else, and Google turned up nothing.  Sarah thought it tasted like an egg-cream (there was a tangy seltzer taste to it) and A said it tasted like egg nog.  You could definiatly taste the yolk in it, and it was sweet.  I drank half and then brought the rest home to A.

Truth time – when I got home I ate the cookies Sarah gave me so fast I didn’t even take a picture ūüôā

When I got home I managed to get together most of my materials and plans in time to make to the walk to Staples before 7pm closing.  In spite of our worry about work stuff, A and I decided to celebrate the end of a great weekend by going out to dinner!  The last three days of hanging out with A have been really wonderful, I love spending time with him so much!

We went to Stone Park Cafe for dinner.  We had been once for brunch and loved it and this experience was even better.  I split a Pennichuck Backdraft Chocolate Porter with A and it was delicious.


Kind of like Guiness but without the aftertaste.

Look at how cute the bread-basket is!


I ate one piece, with butter.


For dinner I ordered off of the Market Menu.


My first course was the salad.


There were tomatos, green beans, and butter beans in a lemony dressing.¬† I loved the inclusion of butter beans, I’ve never seen them in a restaurant before.¬† I ate a 1/3 of this and gave the rest to A.

For dinner I ordered the salmon.


So good!¬† The pasta was homemade and had the best bite.¬† I did not like the fennel, but salmon is one of my favorite restaurant orders, it’s strange how little I’ve had it since I started the blog.

For dessert I chose the Panna Cotta in a citrus compote.


Holy yum!¬† A and I could not get over how good this was!¬† This was actually the first time I’ve had panna cotta (gelato doesn’t really count), but I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I first heard it described.¬† The compote was amazing too, it tasted just like a strawberry lemonade slushie!

On the walk home from dinner I stopped in at Starbucks to do my grading.¬† I have to check my grades with my principal on Thursday (we now have to have approval to fail anyone, and unfortunatly I’m failing a lot of people) so I want to be sure things are in order.¬† My students have until Wednesday to do make-up work so I know this week will be crazy.¬† I drank a nonfat iced latte while I worked.


A met me for the walk home – I don’t know why the heck he was so nice to me this weekend! – and I got back to work on planning.¬† I am officially planned and set up for the week but I am waiting to do my posters tomorrow.¬† As soon as I hit publish it is time for bed!

What is your favorite thing you did this weekend? My favorite part of the weekend was all the time I got to spend walking around with A!

What was the best food you consumed this weekend?  Panna Cotta, 100%

Coming Tomorrow – Post Vegan Reflections